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Additionally, the present invention is not described with reference to any particular programming language. The timing for the inverse transformation is similar but reversed.

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Renowned for smooth and refined colour mixing and excellent build quality, the new ArcPar Outdoor, Divine 72 and Divine products will be prominent on the booth, while a number of Ambiane fixtures are integrated into the high-impact Robe booth design. As always the Robe Bar will be a hub for networking, doing business and engaging in social interaction, and naturally there will be a Happy Hour for the first three days of the show with famous Czech beers, plenty of hospitality and great vibes!

With super-bright and sharp parallel beams, excellent gobo projection, precise movement, smooth CMY colour mixing and dimming plus a multitude of beam splitting, wash and shaping effects, the MegaPointe has already been a universal success for Robe since its launch in September.

The design provides a brilliant, crystal clear, razor-edged beam, adjustable via the zoom from a tight, punchy 1. Static and rotating glass gobos can be used to produce precision in-air effects or outstanding projected images with a high-contrast flat field. Building on the advanced technology of the popular Spiider, Tarrantula is designed for multiple environments, from concerts to car shows … and everything in between, and particularly for large venues and spaces!

It is powered by 36 x 30W and one 60W high powered LED chips, providing a jaw-dropping 20, lumens of output! The LEDWash inspired Beam Shaper accessory creates a traditional oval beam that can be indexed for precision coverage of the stage or performance area. Driven by the 60W RGBW multichip, this creates sharp, speed-controlled spikes of light that can be rotated in either direction. Intense, fully saturated colours plus a fantastic range of subtle pastel tones with ultra-smooth transitions are possible due to the integrated bit LED dimming system.

The various RoboSpot system technologies have already proved popular for Robe, and the concept was launched to offer designers and show directors an adaptable range of remote follow spotting options. The RoboSpot System — which includes base station, cameras and motion cameras - allows the remote control of selected moving head luminaires as follow spots. The RoboSpot BaseStation features a The operator has full control of the fixture when using the BaseStation via ergonomic handles, with two programmable faders for extra effects - such as dimmer and iris.

Extra controls are available via the BaseStation touch screen display together with four programmable jog wheels and 10 additional button settings for a truly customizable experience. The high quality camera automatically adjusts for low light, has a wide zoom range and provides an excellent view for the follow-spot operator located at the BaseStation.

The camera is sensitive to low light conditions - down to 0. Video signals are instantly communicated to the RoboSpot BaseStation via a high-speed Ethernet cat5 cable. An example will illustrate this point: Zug m circuit, path, track; closed curve onRiemann surface ; drawing of a ball ; phys. Eikonalgleichung f eiconal equation, dieE. Users of this dictionary are invited to communicate their commentsand suggestions to the author in care of the publisher.

Abelian asymptotic behavior;Abelsches Integral: Achs ensum m e f sum of the axesAchs ensymmetrie f axial symmetryachsens ymm etris ch a axially symmet-ricalAchsenverhaltnis n axial ratioAchs en wink el m angle between axes,angle of ordination, axial angleach t eight; eighthAcht f figure eightAcht eck n octagonAchtel n eighth partAchtelellipsoid n octant of an ellip-soidAcht elflach n ogdohedronachtelflachig a ogdohedralAchtelflachner m ogdohedronAchtelkugel f octant of a sphereAchtelmeile f furlonga ch tens adv in the eighth place,eighthlyA chter m figure eightAchterkurve f figure eightachtfach a eightfoldachtfaltig a eightfoldAch tflach n octahedronachtflachig a octahedralA chtfi ach ner m octahedronachtmal e ight timesachtmalig a eight timesachtseitig a eight-sidedachtzahlig a octupleach tzehn eighteena ch tzig eightyachtzigs t eightiethAdabsurdumfuhrung f reductio adabsurdumAddend m addendaddieren vt, vi add.

Flachen m it durchweg neg ativerKrummung: Euler's multiplier, integrating fac-tor; Eul ersche Z ahl: Euler number,secant number; Eulersches Integral: Galoisian or normal extension;Galoissches Polynom: Galoisianor normal polynomialGalois-Feld n Galois fieldG amma n Greek letter gamma T,y G am mafunktion f gamma function39G amm as trahl m gamma rayGamm as trahlung f gamma radiationGang m turn of helix, screw Ganghohe f pitch of helix, screw Gangpolkegel m polhode coneGangpolkurve f polhode curveganz a entire, whole, ganze Funktion: G enauigkeit f accuracy, exactness,precisionG enauigkeitsbestimmung f determina-tion of accuracyGenauigkeitsgrad n degree of accuracy,degree of precisionGenauigkeitsgrenze f limit of accu-racy, limit of precisionGenauigkeitsmass n measure of accu-racyG enauigkeitsschwelle f lower limit ofprecisiongeneigt a inclined, slopinggeneralisieren vt generalizeG ener alizierung f generalizationGener alnenner m least or lowest com-mon denominatorgenerell a generalgenerisch a genericG eodasie f geodesyGeodate f geodesicgeodatisch a geodesic, geodeticGeodynamik f geodynamics.

G eogr aphie f geographygeographisch a geographicG eoid n geoidGeoisotherme f geoisothermgeoma gnetisch a geomagneticG eomagnetis mus m geomagnetismG eomechanik f geomechanicsGeometer m geometer, geometricianG eometrie f geometrygeometrisch a geometricgeometrisch-anschaulich a geometricvisualgeometrisch -optisch a geometric op-ticalgeometrisieren vt geometrizeG eometrisierung f geometrizationGeometrographie f geometrographyGeophysik f geophysicsgeophysikalisch a geophysicalGeophysiker m geophysicistgeordnet a ordered, arrangedgeothermisch a geothermalgeozentrisch a geocentricgepaart a pairedgerade a straight line ; even number Gerade f straight lineG eradenflache f basal pinacoid intetragonal and hexagonal systems of crystals Geradenfiihrung f straight line guide.

Geschwindigkeitsstufe f velocitystageGeschwindigkeitsvektor m veloc-ity vectorGesch windigkeits verlust m lossof speed or velocityGes chwindigkeits verteilung f dis-tribution of velocity or speedG es etz n lawgesetzlich a lawful, regularGesetzlichkeit f conformity withla w ; regul aritygesetzmassig a lawful, regularGesetzma ssigkeit f conformitywith law; regularityGesichtkreis m horizonG esich tspunkt m station point ofp erspective G es ichts winkel m visual angle;aspectGesimsflache f surface-mou lure,molding surf aceGestalt f form, shapegestaltlos a shapeless, amorphousG estal tver anderung f change ofshape or formGestange n rod system, linkageGestirn n star; stellar bodygestreckt a stretched, flat, straightges trichelt a dashed, brokengesucht a requiredG etriebe n linkageGewicht n weightG ewichtseinheit f unit of weightGewichtssumme fj sum of the weightsG e w i nn m gainGewinnanspruch m claim to win-ningsgewinnen vt gain, obtain, produce; vi an Geschwindigkeit g.: Kreise and Geraden sind Grenzfalleder logarithmisch en Spirale: Kugel mit p Henkeln: Hilbert space,or space H; Hilbertsches Integral: