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Arch Linuxのpacmanでパッケージ管理 Arch Linuxのパッケージ管理はpacmanで行う。他のLinuxディストリビューションでは使われてい.

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Disk cloning is the process of making an image of a partition or of an entire hard drive. This can be useful for copying the drive to other computers and for backup and recovery purposes. ddrescue is a tool designed for cloning and recovering data. It copies data from one file or block device (hard.

Just start from scratch pretend you just opened the Pogoplug box. You can't partition a disk that is in use. Having trouble with the Pogoplug reinstallation. I go through the steps totally and am getting tripped up at what the hbplug. In the file I have it as You have attached a hard drive that your Pogoplug device does not recognize. Please click here to contact customer support. The error message is a big hint. I have followed your BT Sync, but it doesnt work at "systemctl start btsync", it said "Job for btsync.

See 'systemctl status btsync. Thanks for letting me know. The issue is with BTSync itself, not the service file. See this thread - http: FYI - I updated the btsync. No such file or directory.

See system logs and 'systemctl status btsync. No such file or directory Active: Sounds like you didn't download the service file as instructed. HTTP request sent, awaiting response I downloaded it, but it won't start. Sorry, not sure what's going on with your setup. Something definitely isn't right. This will allow you to avoid any boot up issues related to multiple USB drives attached. Totally understandable if you didn't want to though. Great tutorial by the way. I needed to reference several other sources to tackle a few other quirks I had with configuring my setup, but yours was an article that I kept open as a reference throughout the process.

My goal is to keep the tutorial as simple as possible. I did not want to coverage linux disk partitioning. Saying that, if you want to use a single HD, all you need to do is partition it correctly - create a small 4GB partition for the rootfs and another partition for the rest of your data and adjust the mount and fstab entry appropriately.

Sorry I can not provide a step by step. Followed your instructions very carefully. And the NAS drive connection also dissappears from the laptop. I am guessing this is to do with a conflict between the two USB drives during boot up time. VERY awesome and mega tutorial: I had the same issue starting Avahi daemon, as Dirk Figge.

I followed the log and it pointed to having nss-mdns being necessary so I installed that. Then I Read I had to restart dbus daemon after systemctl restart dbus. This fixed it, and avahi works. Thanks again for great info! A reboot would also fix the issue. However, I'll go ahead and add a line to restart dbus. Hi Qui thanks for replies! Ah I did not notice the volume part, also reading it again Easier in the morning! I see I missed about compiling own shairport.

Also the issue of AirFoil is fixed I think looking at: I have a couple of these setup now. I run debian with vamp, logitech media server, and squeezlite player. I'm in the process of getting wifi working, and going to experiment with a different mac address to see if I can get LMS to view it as a real squeezeplayer. I was looking at the pics above and was thinking some Velcro tape or double sided tape would look much cleaner than the zip-ties.

I've been thinking of giving Debian a try. Maybe even port the tutorial over. Since Arch Linux is a rolling release, its hard to keep the tutorial up to date. Regarding the zipties, yes a few other people commented on them. I've seen switched over to 3M double sided form tape, which is crazy strong. I managed to get my wifi dongle working in debian. It has a realtek RTL chipset, I used realtek firmware.

I was also able to change the mac address of both the ethernet and wifi adapters to reflect a slim devices squeezeplayer. This allows me to stream pandora without a subscription. Before I had to sync with my real squeeze player to stream pandora. Now I can play a different Pandora station from each player if so desired.

The Ethernet mac change was easy just added hwaddress ether XX eth0 to the same interfaces file. To my surprise this worked, I say to my surprise because I must have tried other ways to change the wireless MAC add.

How exactly do you do that? Can you provide me some more details? I'm assuming it was designed specifically for this reason. I'm running debian on mine so I'm not sure if there will be any difference compared to arch or not, but this is what worked for me.

If you just want to change the mac address of the Ethernet adapter you can skip installing macchanger. If you aren't connected via wifi you can ignore everything under "wireless settings" This file describes the network interfaces available on your system and how to activate them.

The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback The LAN network interface auto eth0 iface eth0 inet dhcp hwaddress ether XX wireless settings pre-up macchanger -m XX wlan0 allow-hotplug wlan0 iface wlan0 inet static address XX replace XX with anything else The magic line for the wireless is: XX wlan0 again replace the XX's Be sure to hit ctrl x and save your changes. Reboot and your device should reflect the new mac address' and Pandora will work just like a normal squeezeplayer, the device will even show up like an official squeezebox on the mysqueezebox.

Remember to verify the devices new IP address in your routers configuration. I think that's about it, let me know how it works out on arch Linux.

Brent, thanks for the detail explanation. Is it a plugin? Yes just add the plugin to LMS and sign into your pandora account. I think you can also add it through mysqueezebox. One thing I've recently noticed is that I have full access to pandora controls, stations, etc through LMS web interface BUT if I use my android remotes it will give me an error message that this device is already registered on someone else's account. After some research I found this message doesn't actually mean what it says, but is a result either mysqueezebox.

Initially it worked with all my remotes so I'm not sure what happened. A work around I found is to add pandora stations as either favorites or playlists, I can then use my android remote without issues, this method works just fine for me. Let me know if you have any issues and I'll see if I can help out.

One thing to more directly answer your question. Pandora is a plugin for LMS, but the actual playing will come from squeezelite on the pogoplugs, not from the server. You probably know that, just wanted to clarify. Thanks for the reply.

I'm pretty happy with the purchase so far. I had to compile my own Shairport as they fixed the Airfoil 2 weeks ago! I know have added Time Machine and NEtatalk capability, adding a suer for that. So from this guide: I don't understand archilinux enough on the drives I got a free copy of Airfoil thank you Rogue Amoeba! What a awesome little app!

I'll update the precompile version of shairport in this tutorial soon. I've not tested or used Time Machine I got rid of my macbook air a year or two back. I spent a week on it but no luck. Somehow the Squeezebox server cannot finish scanning the library it has some 13, files. So I renamed the music folder, created another one, and moved some files to the folder. Now the server finished the scan.

But the squeezebox touch screen doesn't show the elapsed time on the progress bar. The funny thing is if I play directly from the server, the elapsed time will be shown on the computer screen. And more importantly, no sound output. Tried to plug a thumb drive directly into the squeezebox and it played fine. So the squeezebox should be in working order. So do you have any suggestion what might have happened? The first one I may be able to compromise but definitely have to solve the second issue.

Sorry, I'm far from an expert with regards to Squeezebox server. You should check on the squeezebox forums for help. Actually I already googled some of them but couldn't find the answer. Hence I tried to see whether you ran into similar problem. This might be a stupid question, but I don't need to install the "SqueezeLite player", right? Silly question, why install kirkwood kernel? Far from silly, actually a great question. To be honest, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to answer.

From what I understand the new linux kernel has more features and drivers. You'll probably get a better answer on the arch linux forum or a generic linux forum. Do you know if there are other limiting factors that might be affecting my performance? You didn't mention if you're using wireless or wired connection. Smaller files will transfer slower.

My assumption is you're on a wireless connection. Otherwise I'm not sure what your issue is. The pogoplug is wired into the router. My laptop is wireless. I tried an iso and m4v file. Is 9 mbps the expected speed for a wireless router with a listed capacity of mbps Linksys E? Since I primarily intend to use it via wireless, not hitting the 25 range might not even matter much. Thanks for your help! Also it's not clear if you are talking bits versus bytes.

Thank you for your response. Turns out my router doesn't support gigabit ethernet. This makes sense now. Once again thank you for answering and great job with the tutorial, it was very helpful! Your results are about right. I believe 18MBps is the theoretical limit for single direction transfer speed, you also have to account for overhead, noise, distance.

You can try changing channels and such if you're in noisy environment. Qui, Thanks for assembling this tutorial. I am one of the unlucky who recv'd pogo p Although not supported by archlinux - any other ideas what to do them? Sorry, I'm not going to be much help as I don't own a P Does a 4 TB drive work with two partitions? If not, then why not?

If my USB sticks are not botting then what other options do I have? You should be able to. Send me your 4TB drive and I'll test it for you. Hey Qui, Sorry for the noob questions in advanced, but I do not want to do something wrong and screw everything up. So I have a pogoplug v4 and was thinking of installing archlinux, but I am so new to doing this.

So bare with me, after I install archlinux and everything goes as planned, will I have to ssh into pogoplug one more time in order for my pc to look at my files on my network? Will I have to add more instructions in ssh to turn the pogoplug into samba and my windows pc can see all my files on my 1TB hard drive? I hope you understand what I am saying, I am so sorry for asking such dumb questions I just want to learn how to do this never did this before, but I have ssh into my apple tv before to install xbmc onto it.

That is why I want to learn how to turn my pogoplug as like a samba server. So thanks in advance if you can help me, if not I am doomed!!!! Nah just kidding, but help I understand ur tutorials most of it, just some terms i do not understand sorry. I need networking for dummies for me lol.

Once you have arch Linux you will need to follow the guide in his blog for installing and setting up samba. It's all pretty straight forward and instructions for setting up samba on Linux can be found allover the internet if you need additional help. Once you have Linux on the pogoplug it's not much different than any other computer running Linux from command. All the same packages and instructions will apply.

You will need to ssh into the pogoplug every time you add packages since command line is the only way to access it. You will probably ssh into the device several times as your testing and configuring samba alone. Hope that helps -Brent.

Thanks Brent, for the quick reply and helping me, would you recommend anyone to do this types of command to the pogoplug or this is only for advanced people to try out?

I do not want to try and I am going to get stumped or even brick my pogoplug device. I will try to do it, but if I don't succeed try, try again I will get it to work. I've tested both with my Pogoplug V4 and have no boot up issues. Wow I did it very good instructions on how to do this. Thank you Qui, and Brent for giving me the courage and wisdom in my time of need, nah just kidding, but really thanks a lot, there is no way I could of done this searching everywhere on how to do this type of stuff.

I have 2 more questions, first is on the top I have a usb flash drive and a 1TB seagate portable drives and I would like to know how would I add another hard drive to the pogoplug?

I would have to remove the usb flash drive? Let me know what is my next step on how to add another 1TB hard drive to the pogoplug please thank you.

Second question do I need to format my 1 TB hard drive? Or just leave it default? I have added arch linux and samba to the usb and portable hard drive just to let u know and the speed I am transferring is about 5 MB I have a pretty good isp, but maybe I needed to format my 1TB hard drive I dont know what I am doing wrong I just hoping I can get faster media transfers 5 MB is a little slow I want your 23 MB speed lol. Please I hope you understand what I am saying, I am just learning, and would like to learn more so please let me know and thank you so much.

Yes you should format the drive as ext3. Please read my other comments regarding network speeds. Hi; Nice tutorial you describe here, very helpful in configuring the mos common use uno do in a device like the pogoplug. Fro the post I understand you use Apple devices, I got some windows computers that I would like to backup to my pogoplug and the better choice I have found is to use CrashPlan as backup solution form my PC.

I have try to install CrashPlan to my pogoplug but haven't been successful so far java errors trying to start the setup , any help will be appreciated.

Sorry, can't provide you any help with crash plan not something I use. For Windows backup, Windows Home Server has some really mic backup features. Otherwise, just use the built in Windows backup pointed at a samba share hosted by the Pogoplug isn't a bad option.

First let me thank you, this post has been extremely helpful. I have a Pogoplug up and running as a NAS, working perfectly! I have a laptop drive being used as an OS drive, and a 3. One question - would you happen to have instructions on how to get the storage drive to spin down after X amount of time?

Sorry this is not something I'm familiar with or care about. Some good discussion on the topic here - http: Want to take a small gamble? Ebay is another good source for the Pogoplug E Check the bottom of the Pogoplug to confirm Model number. Ignore the Model number listed on the box. Don't get fooled by the USB 3. This will avoid some potential boot up issues. Wireless will be slower.

Using NTFS partition will also affect performance don't use it. Note that these instructions are only applicable to 2TB drives or less. If you have a 3TB drive, you need to use gdisk to setup a hybrid MBR, which is not covered in this tutorial. This will create a MB swap file. You can now turn the swap file on using: LMS has a perl version dependency. This means your media need to be natively supported by your Plex Client e. Plex Media Server Build Instructions.

Now open up your web browser and go to http: This part is YMMV. Not all printers will work. Click the "Add Printer" Button.

USB attached printers should be auto detected untested. For the Brother wireless printer, the Connection address I'm using is "socket: Check the "Share This Printer" checkbox. Basically you are selecting the drivers to use. Set your Default Options. Print a test page. Printing a test page needs to work. If not, you can not continue. Try different drivers or a different printer if you're having a problem with printing a test page.

Requires AirPrint Server Cups configuration above. Follow instructions to claim printer. This is a simple and effective way to backup your phone's camera stream. Bug in Chrome, no longer allow you to view stream.

Use Firefox or VLC. A little hack to get motion to detect webcam correctly. BitTorrent Sync is a free utility that uses the bittorrent protocol to keep folders in sync across devices. Enable sonarr service on reboot and start. Mongoose Simple Web Server https: Access Web Server http: So saying that, try the following:. This isn't truly reverting your Pogoplug back to stock. What it will do is allow you to disconnect your USB flash drive from your Pogoplug and have it boot up to the default Pogoplug OS and connect to the my.

During the uBoot installation, the script asks whether to disable pogoplug service, and the default answer is y Would you like to disable the pogoplug services? This is not going to be an exhaustive troubleshooting guide, but I did want to point out some things I've learned and experienced that may help you. On my iPhone, I use a free app call iNet.

Use a high quality name brand USB drive if possible. If you experience boot up issues, try a different USB flash drive or hard drive. I've noted the USB drives that I've had success with above. Try the following, it may help and typically it shouldn't hurt. You'll need to reset via a Serial console. That's it for now. Please leave a comment if this is helpful or if you run into any issues. They are the ones that made this possible.

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Hello, Thanks for that suggestion, however am little sceptic if i will not have both of them running after I stop this running service. I have people above me whom I have to answer if anything goes wrong How about not killing the current snmp process and enableing the service? Then do a ps -ef grep snmp Then show us what you have.

After enabling the service please try to do an SNMPwalk to that host from a different machine. Let me know what you get. Originally Posted by rcmrulzz. All times are GMT The time now is Not a Forum Member?

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