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Where other providers use either a long- or short-term liquidity measure to assess the eligibility of stocks for their indexes, MSCI uses both, recognizing the differences in liquidity between developed and emerging markets and enhancing the investability and replicability of our indexes. MSCI puts strong emphasis on investability and replicability of its indexes through the use of size and liquidity screens. Contact an MSCI representative. Our research suggests that global equity mandates, together with dedicated emerging market mandates and small-cap mandates, may be emerging as the "new classic" structure for implementing equity allocation.

In this bulletin, we examine the effects of an alternative global index weighting scheme that weights countries in a regional index by their GDP. How do you see the world?

Covers more than 1, securities across large and mid-cap size segments and across style and sector segments in 23 developed markets. Covers more than 4, securities across large, mid and small-cap size segments and across style and sector segments in 23 developed markets.

Covers a comprehensive set of approximately 6, securities and includes large, mid, small and micro-cap size segments for all 23 developed markets countries. Consistent, broad representation of the performance of developed equity markets worldwide, without home bias. Performance measurement and attribution: Respected industry benchmark for global equity mandates without emerging markets equity exposure, with regional, sector and other subsets available for more targeted investment mandates. Intra-day ETF pricing data provided by.

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