Điện thoại Nokia 7 plus

For the 7 Plus Nokia has opted for a 6-inch IPS display with 1,x2,px resolution for pixel density of ppi. Aspect ratio is and the corners.

We have already published our review of the phone and it is one of the best mid-range devices you can buy today. In Nokia 7 Plus, the bothie photo capture has two modes. Answered by 87fedfec 9 months ago. Please try your search again later.

Cool Nokia 7 Plus Features and Tricks

The Nokia 7 Plus is a fairly significant upgrade over the vanilla Nokia 7 and is the first phone in the rebooted brand’s portfolio that sports an elongated aspect ratio display.

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Android SIM card slots: Yes people viewed together people compared together. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro. Please write your question as a complete sentence while asking a new question. Write Your Question as a complete sentence, then press Ask a Question. Answered by Janardan Lalit 28 days ago. Answered by Jaspal Sehgal 28 days ago. Answered by 87fedfec 9 months ago.

Answered by Kuber Puri 7 months ago. The dual cameras offer a great experience while capturing photos and shooting videos. The device is equipped with a powerful configuration and also has a strong screen protection to avoid it from scratches. Asus Zenfone 5 Answered by dbe32fa3dcf3 8 months ago.

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Xiaomi Redmi 6A Rs 5, Add to compare. Samsung Galaxy J8 Rs 15, Add to compare. Comments Loading Facebook user comments After you add your face data to the device, you will be able to unlock your device using your face.

Do remember that face unlock on Android phones including the Nokia 7 Plus is not as secure as the one on iPhone X as it just utilizes the smartphone camera. One of the best features about Nokia 7 Plus is what the company is calling spatial audio recording.

Technical nomenclature aside, the feature comes in really handy when shooting video or recording audio as the Nokia 7 Plus packs three high-quality microphones which can capture audio clearly, irrespective of the surrounding.

So whether you are in a noisy environment or are a bit far away from your phone, your Nokia 7 Plus will be able to record your voice clearly. Most of the unique and interesting features that Nokia 7 Plus brings to the table has to do with its cameras.

My favorite feature of Nokia 7 Plus camera is the Pro Mode which allows me to easily control ISO, white balance, focus, and the shutter speed of the camera. Accessing pro mode is easy too, just tap on the hamburger menu in the camera app and then tap on the Pro mode to access it. One of the unique features of Nokia 7 Plus camera is the Live Bokeh mode which allows users to see how exactly their shots will look with bokeh effect even before they click the picture.

That means you can make necessary adjustments to your shots to get them exactly how you want them. Another camera feature that is exclusive to Nokia phones is what the company calls a Bothie photo capture which utilizes both the front and the back camera to capture a photo. The idea here is that if you have a friend sitting or standing in front of you, you can use the bothie capture to capture both your and his photo in a single shot.

In Nokia 7 Plus, the bothie photo capture has two modes. The first is the normal bothie mode which divides the camera frame into two equal halves. The second is the picture-in-picture mode which captures the shot as if you were on a video call with someone. Although bothie is not something which you are going to use on a regular basis, it will certainly come in handy in certain situations. Since we have the Chinese Nokia 7 Plus model, we cannot show you the full process, however, we can show you how you can access the Live feature.

Now, tap on the Live button marked in the picture above. As you can see, our camera app is showing Weibo as the only option. The Indian model will show Twitter, Facebook and any other social media channels which the app supports.

To go live, tap on the social media icon and then log-in with your information. Charging speed then tapers off, and a full charge is reached at just over 2 hours. There's a single loudspeaker on the Nokia 7 plus, a bottom-firing one. It's not a record breaker in loudness by any stretch and it falls in the Good category in our test - there are two notches above it.

It's clean and it's got decent punch in the low end, so not all is lost. The Nokia 7 Plus didn't cover itself in fame in the first part of our audio quality test.

Its abnormally high intermodulation distortion and poor signal-to-noise ratio mean you won't be enjoying the best quality when you hook it up to an active external amplifier. Volume was nicely high, but not enough to offset the quality issues.

Headphones fixed both outstanding issues, but caused a few of their own - the stereo crosstalk rose a moderate amount and a tiny bit of intermodulation distortion crept in, while the loudness went from high to just above average. All in all a decent performance with headphones, but hardly one fit to please the most demanding audiophiles. You can learn more about the tested parameters and the whole testing process here.

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