20 Useful CSS Graph and Chart Tutorials and Techniques

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Just by using a proper HTML markup and CSS styling you will be able to provide the component with the axis, grid, and all other essential elements.

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The history of computer development is often referred to in reference to the different generations of computing devices. A generation refers to the state of improvement in the development of a product. This term is also used in the different advancements of computer technology. With each new generation, the circuitry has gotten smaller and more.

The important feature of the CSS chart or graph is that it allows the users to easily download by reducing the bandwidth requirements of the HTML page. There are numerous techniques involved which would create a style in the CSS3 graphs and charts. In any web industry, a good and an excellent presentation of the data plays a major role in making the customers to understand the contents of your analysis.

The professionalism should reflect in the data presentation and the viewers should be able to grasp the contents quicker. With the CSS3 charts or graphs, it is quite possible to present a decent data which could be quite descriptive and simple. Always remember, it is quite essential to establish a dynamic web chart so that the numerical data variables are quite easy to alter or could be updated at any time. Earlier, many web designers use flash to display their content on the web page, but presently, the graphic designers have started using the CSS graphs and charts, javascripts and php.

It is highly interactive and beautiful when you create a pure CSS3 chart or graph. Though there are numerous methods to display your numerical data, one of the most professional and the easiest ways to visualize your data is with the CSS. But in case you want your graphical representation to be displayed with fancy features, you could avail the Flash or the Java Script.

The CSS based charts or graphs are quite simple to create and generate static harts and we could also style them according to our requirements. Depending on the customization and the level of flexibility you have, the price ranges vary drastically.

Although the tutorial is targeted at advanced audience that not only have basic knowledge of jQuery and CSS but also can boast of some experience, yet if you are eager to spend a couple of extra hours then you will be able to get to the bottom of the presented technique. The more so, the tutorial demonstrates how to put into practice Flot plugin and achieve outstanding results.

It lightens up winners. Thus, the first place was taken by Sean Oh, who created an intuitive interface for composing colorful charts. If you prefer written instructions, then continue reading. Arrange the data in the following way: Enter main category names in the first column, subcategory names in the second column and the figure for each subcategory in the third column in the format shown below.

For the purpose of this tutorial, suppose you have sales figures for different products of an online store for a month. Select the data and on the Insert tab of the ribbon, in the Charts group, click on the Insert Bar Chart button and in the opened menu, click on the first option, which is Clustered Bar , among the 2-D Bar charts. If some subcategory labels are missing, increase the height of the chart until it shows all subcategory labels.

Add data labels to the chart by checking the Data Labels option in the Chart Elements menu. Finally, to make the chart more readable, add some blank space between the categories in the chart, give different colors to the bars of each category and change the outline colors of the chart area, the vertical axis and the bars and the text color of the chart to black.

The created chart is a multi-category bar chart. You can create a multi-category column chart the same way. You can convert the already created multi-category bar chart into a multi-category column chart as well.

You can convert a multi-category chart into an ordinary chart without main category labels as well. To convert it back into a multi-category chart, simply check the Multi-level Category Labels option again. Which multi-category chart do you prefer — multi-category bar chart or multi-category column chart and why? Stay up the great work! You realize, lots of people are looking round for this information, you could help them greatly.

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This is so useful as I am not a native english speaker and a writer. Thank you and keep up the good work! One more column giving a couple of examples of the actual verbs would make this chart invaluable. This is a great timeline chart thank you for making it!!!! My students like it very much. Can I collect some more printable grammar charts from your blog spot? Your email address will not be published. Timelines for teaching verb tenses are great.

Am I glad I did! And, seriously, do give timelines a try.