Battle Pet Tamer Guide: Locations, Quests, and Rewards

Northern Stranglethorn [46, Upon receiving a pet, a small sound will be heard. Askeladden after The Fremennik Trials. Highlights from the Story and Lore Blizzard Livestream. You obtain the first of these quests from your battle pet trainer located in either Stormwind City or Orgrimmar , when your pet reaches level 3.

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Defeating all of the tamers in Kalimdor will earn the [ Taming Kalimdor ] achievement. Defeating all of the tamers in Outland will earn the [ Taming Outland ] achievement. Defeating all of the tamers in Northrend will earn the [ Taming Northrend ] achievement. Defeating all of the tamers in Cataclysm content will earn the [ Taming Cataclysm ] achievement. Defeating all of the tamers in Pandaria will earn the [ Taming Pandaria ] achievement.

Defeating all of these tamers in Pandaria will earn the [ Pandaren Spirit Tamer ] achievement. Defeating all of these tamers in Draenor will earn the [ Taming Draenor ] achievement.

Pet Tamers apply a trainer multiplier for pet XP earnt by defeating them. The exact multiplier varies between trainers. Pet Battle System List of companions. Retrieved from " https: Pet tamers Pet Battle System.

Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View View source History. Warcraft World of Warcraft Warcraft universe Interface customization. This page was last edited on 12 July , at World of Warcraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard or its licensors. This site is a part of Curse, Inc. About Wowpedia Disclaimers Mobile view. These interactions do not involve bestiality. Sex — this can include role play or it may be entirely non-sexual.

If play is mentioned, the purpose and activities will depend on what type of animal is being assumed. For example puppy play would usually involve being playful, instinctive and mischievous. Kitten play is less serious and enables the pet to retain some independence and may even allow retaliation against being tamed as part of the play. Clothing — the Owner may stipulate dress requirements for the pet.

Some may even require temporary body adjustment using bondage tying arms to forearms and thighs to calves. Puppies can be made to wear a collar and leash, hoods and mitts. Public exhibitionism — any contract should discuss whether public participation of animal role play is required. Some couples love to appear in conventions, fairs and kink festivals to show off their lifestyle.

Alternatively, you can just leave all this up to the Master to make decisions about your public appearances. Think about what the pet desires and needs from the Owner and include them as potential rewards. Restraint of pets is more geared toward role play, scenes and methods of punishment. This can be specifically detailed in a contract.

Finances and possessions — some pet BDSM relationships take the transformation to a more literal level by relinquishing the pet of all rights and possessions.