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Notice: Although this Canadian online stock brokerage review/comparison is dated back to Dec , the information below is updated regularly. As an update and side note, almost all discount brokerages are very competitive with low trading fees (under $10/trade). In addition to trading fees, keep.

Although MT5 is marketed as far more advanced, in reality, you just benefit from more charting systems and in-depth analytical tools. CreditDonkey does not include all companies or all offers that may be available in the marketplace. Part of vast online brokerage TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim enables you to trade forex, stocks, futures, and options all from one account. Recognia is even tied in to automate the identification of technical patterns.

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MetaTrader is a trading platform that facilitates live access to global trading markets. It is most commonly used for online trading in the forex, futures, and CFD markets.

Cards in your feed include a summary of market average returns, account balances, positions, and watch lists summaries both incorporate real-time quotes and recent news , alongside a variety of topical news feeds, including retirement, the US economy, international markets, sector news, and more.

Fidelity mobile account dashboard. The different cards can be hidden if desired and news feeds can be personalized, although currently the background images cannot be changed.

It is clear Fidelity is thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo, which is great. When the feed originally launched in , it felt very 1. From the feed, you can tap over to view a detailed market summary screen that includes a variety of well-designed visuals not found elsewhere. Curated top news is displayed next, which I found to be superior to some of the large financial news sites because of their relevant content and absence of ads. Fidelity mobile markets overview.

As you scroll down through the remainder of the market summary screen, unique, insightful modules just keep on appearing. Fidelity mobile customer activity. Other highlights of the mobile app include note-taking functionality, which syncs with its Notebook tool on the main site, and Active Trader Pro.

Fidelity mobile screener ETFs. While Fidelity thrives in its offering of research on mobile, it struggles in the active trader department, specifically charting. Charting was clean and included after-hours charts, which was nice; however, there were only seven indicators available, which is well below the industry average of Regardless of the progress, Fidelity has extensive room for expansion.

Fidelity mobile stock chart. There is no ladder trading available or unique ways to preset order parameters and quickly tap to buy or sell. While active traders may be left wanting more, for the majority, Fidelity delivers. In fact, the custom feed and market summary experiences helped Fidelity win our award, No. In , like , Fidelity leads the industry, placing first for the category Ease of Use.

This includes everything from opening a new account to viewing positions, placing trades, conducting portfolio analysis, research, education, and much more in between. In the area of education, Fidelity does a good job of breaking up content, sorting by experience level, category, and content type.

Articles, videos, webinars, infographics, and courses are available to customers. Courses organize articles and videos into a step-by-step roadmap and track your progress so you can easily leave and come back later without forgetting your place. One tip for newcomers: Even with an impressive offering of articles, videos, and webinars for investment-related topics, Fidelity really stands out with its retirement education. Over the years, I have compiled an entire folder of bookmarked Fidelity Viewpoint articles on money-related topics, including retirement and personal finance in general.

And while they can be difficult to find on the website, Fidelity offers a variety of tools to give you a proper diagnosis: By completing a plan profile think name, age, income, marital status, working status, expected retirement age, estimated retirement expenses, expected social security, etc.

The more data you enter, the more accurate the analysis. Financial Checkup, which was a new addition in , guides you through a series of questions to ultimately provide you with a 1 — score of your financial well-being.

Where Retirement Score focuses on raw data analysis, Financial Checkup is more methodical and high level, focusing instead on budgeting habits, debt, savings, and your general financial confidence.

Ultimately, the tool provides a summary of your results with suggestions for improvement alongside links to additional educational materials. Fidelity money financial snapshot. While there is always room for growth by adding more content, improving tools, and the like, Fidelity leads by example, especially on the topic of retirement.

Fidelity offers checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards and debit cards, but no home mortgages. Fidelity Investments defines value for investors across the full spectrum of the investment community. Overall, thanks to its low costs and diverse offering, Fidelity Investments defines value for investors across the full spectrum of the investment community. What impresses me most about Fidelity is its drive to continue innovation and push forward across all its products to provide the best possible customer experience.

For a broker with over 18 million customers competing against other powerhouse brands, Fidelity understands there is no time to take the foot off the gas pedal. In , Fidelity is our top-rated broker, unseating the champion, TD Ameritrade. For our Stock Broker Review we assessed, rated, and ranked 13 different online brokers over a period of six months. In total, we conducted customer service tests, collected 3, data points, and produced over 40, words of research.

He has placed over 1, stock, options, forex, and crypto trades since If you believe any data listed above is inaccurate, please contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.

For options orders, an options regulatory fee per contract may apply. This is a desktop trading platform for serious stock, ETF, options, futures and forex traders. The TD Ameritrade Portfolios app is for managed portfolio clients to monitor their investments. ETF and mutual fund short-term trading fees: TD Ameritrade covers all of the bases and does it very well. But you get a lot for your money, including free access to an impressive list of services including portfolio-building guidance, hands-on investing courses, high-quality research, trading tools and a wide selection of commission-free ETFs and no-transaction-fee mutual funds.

See our best online brokers for stock trading. NerdWallet adheres to strict standards of editorial integrity to help you make decisions with confidence. If you look to the left of the magnifying glasses, you will see the three charting options.

To customise your trading, right click on the chart window and you will be given a number of options. You can then automatically open trades at pre-determined sizes. All of these basic functions can also be carried out in the MetaTrader 4 portable mobile and tablet offerings. You can save chart groups. This allows you to choose how charts and different windows are arranged. You can then save any number of profiles. In addition, you will find a few default profiles are included in the list.

Another useful feature is the crosshair mode. This can be used for identifying specific time and price values, for example, when searching for a recent high or low.

To access this feature, click the middle mouse button. You will then be able to move the crosshair over any price bar, or any part of a price bar. The respective time and price values will then be easily identifiable. As MetaTrader 4 guides will highlight, trendiness drawn on charts allow you to identify areas of support and resistance. To draw one quickly, click and drag to define the trendline, then release the mouse button.

If you want to change the trendline, double-click and then do the following:. The MetaTrader 5 download is the latest version of the trading platform available.

It is a multi-asset platform offering a number of trading tools and services. So, you can trade the traditional forex, futures, stocks, and CFDs. There are also capabilities for trading cryptocurrencies and binary options. The key features of the platform have been explained below. Once you have your MetaTrader 5 online login details, you can start exploring their fundamental analysis tools. These include access to financial news and an economic calendar. Both can be used to predict future price shifts in instruments on the MT5 platform.

On top of that, you will have access to a number of economic indicators and breaking news reports from international news outlets. Those concerned about compatibility will be pleasantly surprised. Most MetaTrader 5 brokers will provide direct download links. However, if not, head over to the official website and you will find guidance on how to go about installing the software.

As with the old version, MetaTrader 5 comes with zero costs. In fact, all you need is an internet connection and you can use the MetaTrader 5 Web Platform. You can analyse quotes, execute trades, and access previous trade history.

In addition to flexibility, security is a high priority. All transmitted information is encrypted, and the web platform supports additional protection via the use of two-factor authentication. The mobile application can be used to compliment your desktop-based platform or to directly trade from.

You can do all of the following:. This enables you to send trade orders directly from a price chart, or from the Market Depth window. MetaTrader 5 expert advisors enable automated trading using robots.

These sophisticated algorithms will analyse the market and execute trades when pre-determined criteria have been met. This feature uses MQL5 to develop, debug, test, and optimise trading bots. You can also find MetaTrader 5 expert advisor tutorials in the form of training videos from numerous brokers.

New day traders can use the MQL5 Wizard to get set up with automated trading. This assistant can help build a straightforward robot. As with the MT4 platform, you can purchase indicators from the Market. Alternatively, head to Code Base where there are free downloads. It works by running the strategy against historical price data, automatically executing trades in line with its algorithm.