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Level and position detection sensors in food applications.

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Here are a few common uses for capacitive sensors:. Capacitive sensor design is highly driven by application. Most of Rechner's capacitive sensor designs have been driven by an application first mindset.

These sensors can detect the presence of objects through non-conductive containers such as cardboard boxes, and plastic or glass vessels. While some applications benefit from the sensor being in direct contact with the material you wish to detect like in level applications it is not always necessary.

Analog versions of capacitive proximity switches also exist. These sensors will not just turn ON or OFF when a specific amount of material is in front of the sensor but will give you a continuously changing reading as more material is moved in front of the sensor or as an object gets closer to the sensor.

Users can install these sensors for quality control or for measuring the height of a material. They can also be used for multiple different products while eliminating the need to readjust the sensor for different materials. The most common method of implementing this is by creating different profiles for different products in a computerized system like a PLC.

Unlike capacitive proximity sensors, probe style level sensors are designed specifically to be in direct contact with the target material. Once the level in your container has reached a specified height, the sensor will switch and provide an electrical signal that can be used to control your equipment or sound an alarm.

Level applications often have more than one level detection requirement i. Applications for these sensors are diverse, ranging from small vessels where the height of the material only changes by a fraction of an inch - up to large filling hoppers more than 6 feet tall. As a company we strive to deliver better products. With that in mind, we have released the very first BlueTooth capacitive sensor for level control in industrial automation.

With the provided android app you can remotely monitor your sensor to ensure it is adjusted correctly and that it is functioning properly from a remote location.

Easily check the status of your sensor. The provided android app let's you monitor the ON and OFF switching points, the hysteresis, and the material buildup on the sensor in real time. Click here for more information or click here for the specification sheet. Rechner Sensors will be exhibiting at 3 trade show in ! See of a list of our shows by location and date by clicking here.

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