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The game is free to play but does require a download which will work on either Windows or Mac. Splotter Games show all. The game launched back in and has grown rapidly in that time to tens of million registered accounts and millions of items in its virtual catalogue mos

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 · Unterstütze mich und kaufe günstig Games über den Link: Second Life© Linden Lab Offizielle Seite:

Bellica 3rd Generation show all. Bounding Fire Productions show all. Canons En Carton show all. Canvas Temple Publishing show all. Cmon coolminiornot Inc show all. The Card Game Star Trek: Tng Q Continuum Star Wars: Sith Rising Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Misc. Card Accessories Star Wars: Battle Of Naboo Star Trek: Columbia Games show all Victory: Consim Press show all.

Advanced Squad Leader critical Hit. Dan Verssen Games dvg show all Warfighter. Decipher Inc show all. Dg Associates show all Battlecards. Excalibre Games show all. Fantasy Flight Games show all. Fresno Gaming Association fga show all. Friendly Fire show all.

Gale Force Nine show all. Games Workshop show all. Gibson Games show all. Hexasim show all Eagles Of France. High Flying Dice Games show all. Kansas City Asl show all. Khyber Pass Games show all. L2 Design Group show all. Last Stand Games show all. Le Franc Tireur 3rd Party Asl show all. Little Bighorn Games show all. Lone Canuck Publishing show all.

Mayfair Games show all. Metagaming Concepts show all. Microgame Design Group mdg show all. Minden Games show all Panzerschreck Magazine. Miscellaneous Family Games show all. Moments In History show all. Multi-man Publications show all Special Ops: New England Simulations show all.

Nova Games show all. Nuts Publishing show all. Operational Studies Group osg show all. Peoples Wargames show all. Phalanx Games show all. Plastic Soldier Company show all. Pratzen Editions show all. Quarterdeck Games show all. Queen Games show all. Ragnar Brothers show all. Revolution Games show all. Onverse is game that features a huge 3D world for you to explore. The customisation options are nearly endless and will have you playing for hours on end.

The game is free to play but does require a download which will work on either Windows or Mac. The feature list for Onverse is almost as end Active Worlds or AW for short is a long standing virtual world that is available on Windows. AW has been online since trading hands and companies many times during the years to eventually establish itself as a leader in the genre. The inspiration for the game was to create a 3D version o Mabinogi allows you to create your own anime life in an experience that is simply overflowing with content, features and options.

Watch your character grow in game as you explore the world of Erinn through quests, community engagement and an endless number of opportunities. Customise your own avatar and an apartment while hanging out with countless people in the great social locations. Starting with the creation of your Twinity is a virtual world that allows you to explore 3D environments.

The game started its open beta in late and originally focused on recreating real world cities with the likes of Berlin, London, New York and Singapore. In the game players take control of their own Twinizens and are abl GoJiyo blends social networking with a virtual universe. Back by a large and dedicated community the game creates a great experience. GoJiyo lets you do all the activities that you can on other websites and includes the ability to create your own personalised avatar, meet new people, visit stra Smeet is a great social experience that can be played within your browser but still manages to deliver nice 3D graphics.

The game launched back in in Germany and has slowly expanded into other regions, now covering multiple languages. The game is very similar to other games in the genre co SocioTown is a free to play massively multiplayer online experience that can be played within your browser.

If you want a social orientated experience that you can start playing in less than a minute with no setup then you might be interested in what SocioTown has to offer. The game has been de The game has you exploring a variety of areas in the game world and communicating with others as you deck out your character in a variety of clothing options.

On top of the standard social features players can al Launching back in the game has seen steady success in that time selling millions of copies through the Steam platform. Popular modes include those that support role playing, c Velvet Sundown plays out as a free social role playing game set out on the waters of a fictitious Caribbean location. With a luxury yacht and 11 base characters to play as Velvet Sundown is a game of role playing where each player has their own agenda to achieve.

The game offers multiple scenar The virtual world was founded by John Amolde, Beth Reischl and David Daeschler who each have their own alter ego in the virtual environment There offers a virtual 3D experience and launched back in making it one of the longest online virtual worlds still available today.