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It does not matter what kind of card you use.

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Let you begin your journey in Alber at extremely fast! Now you can increase your stat points in increments of 10 instead of one at a time. Kill Heartbroken Brides to get awesome items, tokens and boxes. There's also bosses this time! The Best Couple Screenshots Event: Take your partner somewhere nice, and don't forget to bring your camera!

Confess your Feelings Event: Did you always wanted to confess to someone? Now is the perfect occassion! Snowed Juno decorated for Christmas: Christmas has arrived to Eternia, celebrate with us on this decorated Juno map.

Login and loading screens are now Christmas themed: Make sure you have the music turned on in your game options, and enjoy: We activated this event again for a limited time! Artifact Hunter Special Double Event: Starting today and until day 31, we will have double event activated in our server!

That is 10 full days of double event! Double Event Christmas Event: Christmas Event is in game! Kill snowmans and get amazing items, complete quests and win costumes, decorate the tree to receive gifts, and enjoy exclusive event prizes! Christmas Event Christmas Wishes Event: Ask for something special you want to receive this Christmas! If you are lucky, and your wish is accepted, Santa will deliver it to you!

Win cash sharing pictures of your character in a Christmas Costume! From now on, when an event boss respawns, a message will appear in your screen to let you know! Remember that we also have a map with locations you can find on the event thread. Multiple accounts can share the same reader.

Appear like a merchant. While Square indicates it accepts Visa gift cards, there are mixed reports that Square will reject a Visa gift card if it believes you are using the service once to transfer a balance. In order to avoid this, you need to convince Square that you are a regular merchant or find a friend that is an established merchant to make the transfer for you. There is no guarantee this will work, but it will increase the likelihood of success.

You can skip this part and try to make the gift card transfer following the steps in the next part. Just be aware that it may fail. Open the Square app and enter an amount for a transaction. This is a transaction that you create and pay with your own funds or credit card. You are not actually buying or selling anything.

This creates a transaction record in Square before trying to transfer the Visa gift card balance. It is recommended that you enter an amount in Square that is not too large since it charges a transaction fee. You will get this money back in the bank account that is linked to Square, it is not disappearing. Input the credit card information for the charge. You are not using the Visa gift card yet, so choose another card for this transaction. It does not matter what kind of card you use.

Conduct a few more small transactions with your own funds. This will make you appear more like a merchant and also serve as a test ahead of a the larger balance transfer. Check your bank account linked to Square. The transactions you have made are credited to your bank account within two business days. Square will charge transaction fees, so the amount transferred into your bank account will be the amounts you entered less the fees.

Charge the gift card balance on Square. The gift card will be authorized, the card's balance will fall to zero, and the funds will be deposited by Square into your bank account within one business day. If Square does not allow the transfer, you will see a note that it is against their policy to transfer a Visa gift card balance.

They will still charge the 3. Check your bank account for the money. It should take just one business day for the money to show up in your account. Allow an extra day if you made the charge later in the day, some banks also take time to process it.

The transaction could show up as a pending deposit and may not have immediate availability. Check your bank's policies online or with your branch. A bank's stated policy is typically the worst case scenario for your fund availability. It is often faster than the stated time frames. Check the Visa gift card balance. The Visa gift card should have a zero balance if you successfully transferred the funds. However, if Square rejected the transaction, you will need to check the balance and make sure the fund were returned to the Visa gift card.

Call the number on the back of the Visa gift card and check the balance. If there is a website listed on the back of the gift card, you can go there and check the balance online. Check your bank account to see if the money was deposited.

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. Like most other types of gift cards, you cannot extracted money from a Visa gift card. Not Helpful 4 Helpful 1. What is the phone number for the visa gift card accounts? Answer this question Flag as When will my money be available for withdrawal from my bank?