When we provide services to you related to your shareholdings in a company which we refer to in this privacy policy as the Relevant Company , we will share your personal information as follows:.

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To register the appliance for the Manufacturer's Warranty please complete the tick box and click "Next". If you do not wish to register the warranty leave the tick box blank. If you are notifying Gas Work please select the appliance manufacturer from the drop down list below.

If you are notifying Electrical, Plumbing or Ventilation Work please select the location of where the work was undertaken from the drop down list below. If you have selected "Other Manufacturer" previously or the model is not listed, enter the model of the appliance into the "Other" field below. If you have selected "Other Manufacturer" previously or the model is not listed, enter the model number of the appliance into the "Other" field below.

Please provide details of the work which was undertaken and you do this by any of the following options:. The Gas Council number can be found on the appliance and in the manufacturer instruction manual. Computershare Content and Services differ from country to country.

The Content or Service you have requested does not exist for. Computershare will match all Computershare employee payroll donations. Should you wish to continue with any actions within your Computershare account, please click on corresponding tab above. If you have a query regarding your Tax Certification, you can contact Computershare directly using the details found on our Contact Us page. The Computershare Group offers integrated services to companies, investor, employees and other financial institutions by combining the experience and expertise of five industry leaders — Computershare, EquiServe, Transcentive, Georgeson Shareholder and Pepper.

Computershare was founded in in Australia; its worldwide headquarters are in Melbourne. It has offices around the world - in 20 countries on 6 continents. As always, if you have any questions, please contact your account manager. Our commitment to providing excellent service to our corporate customers and to their shareholders and plan participants is unparalleled in the industry.

Computershare has grown rapidly around the globe and across North America through the successful acquisition and integration of strong, established companies. Client Focus We drew on a dedicated team of employees from our offices around the world to work on the integration of the EquiServe business into Computershare. The team, all of whom have extensive experience integrating previously acquired companies, is leading and supporting the smooth integration of corporate, back-office and systems functions.

This enables our employees to remain fully focused on and dedicated to serving our clients, without being distracted by integration activities. Philosophy Through the integration process, we will glean best practices from both organizations to create a great combined organization. Our commitment is to continue to deliver first-class service to our clients and their shareholders and employees.

Technology Leadership Our technology staff—more than strong worldwide—builds and maintains our proprietary recordkeeping system, which services 70 million shareholder accounts across our organization. If you have any questions about the acquisition or the transition process please view our frequently asked questions page by clicking here.

The table below outlines what documents each company has elected to send electronically. Please note that if any of these are not available electronically when the communication is due then it will be sent to you by mail. If you are a shareholder in any of the following companies and would like to register for eTree, click on the company's name to go directly to the registration page for that company. Click here for our Products and Services Guide. If you would like your Computershare Representative to contact you regarding any service select "Follow Up".

Click here for to view our Products and Services Guide. Click here to view eGuide pdf. You can also send them an email to let them know that there is a file available for them to view. Your file is now available for viewing. If you want to upload another file, select ' Add another file ' below.

Depending on the category that you select, you may be prompted for further supplementary information. Cassie Duncan Melbourne Participants: Jill Finch, Jennifer Nelson, Haran Nagendran, Cassie Duncan The four participants from the Melbourne office, decided that a wine tasting evening would be a perfect way to welcome in the festive season and raise money for the Laos Cycling Challenge.

After making the decision to host a wine tasting evening, a local wine retailer was approached, Get Wines Direct, and having hosted numerous fundraising events previously they were more than happy to host a wine tasting evening at Computershare.

Because the selected wines were cleanskins, it was decided that labels would be printed to promote Change a Life. In the weeks leading up to the event there was a lot to do; we labeled nearly 1, bottles, which was quite a task! With all the preparations in order the night went off without a hitch. Just after 5pm, people started filling the room.

There were about 80 people in attendance throughout the evening, all coming together in support of a great cause while also enjoying a friendly catch-up outside of work hours. Some great nibbles, dry whites and even dryer jokes from Matt Willis! A great way to end a day at Yarra Falls. Ben Wolrige from Perth utilised his contacts through the family business to generate most of his funds, with long-term customers and suppliers happy to help when they heard about the cause.

For those of you who have never been to Australia and are unaccustomed to their unique culture then here's a little secret, they are crazy about sport, namely Australian rules football, or Aussie rules! This is a game unique to Australia that originated in Melbourne. The game is played between two teams of 18 players on cricket ovals, the aim being to kick an oval-shaped ball through goal posts to score points. Spectacular high marks or "speccies", tackles and fast fluid play make this game a fantastic spectators sport.

When ten tickets to the grand final became available, it seemed only appropriate to auction them off for Change a Life. Once again proving that people will pay almost anything to see live music or sport, especially when they know the money is going to help those people who truly need it. Please email changealife computershare. Forty plus clients were in attendance at the golf tournament this year in Toronto. Golfers arrived close to noon for a BBQ lunch and then off to play a scramble format golf game.

Following the golf tournament there were drinks and a casual BBQ dinner of steak and salmon. Feedback from clients regarding the day was very positive. Featuring over tried-and-true recipes, the cookbook contains everything from soup to nuts. With many of the recipes being old family favourites, passed down for generations, the book has taken on an ethnic and international flair.

Just a small sampling of these recipes include: Once the spiral-bound cookbooks were printed and delivered, sales efforts took off feverishly at all United States and Canadian offices. Employees were anxious to buy extra copies of the book for their friends and family members. As Chris Morris wrote in the cookbook introduction, "Food has the power to unite people, sustain communities and demonstrate our care for others less fortunate.

Helped by colleagues in the Pepper Munich office, I ran three bazaars, two Glühwein hot mulled wine evenings and one raffle to generate funds and holiday cheer! When I signed up for this event, I recognised a significant challenge; an extreme physical test and an ambitious fundraising goal on top of the demands of my position here as Manager of Creative Services. One morning they greeted every employee with a smile, a flyer and an explanation of my Laos ride.

They even gave me a great events team — headed by the indispensable Sandra Pfeiffer — to help me raise funds. In early December as the Munich Christmas markets opened, we hosted our own Glühwein evening in our office courtyard. With iPods, a digital camera and gift certificates to win, Pepper partygoers bought plenty of tickets. When the Laos Cycle Challenge first came up, I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference; to use one of my great passions, cycling, to make a personal contribution to Computershare's Change a Life initiative.

It was a chance to join hands with colleagues from across the world and, as one team, make a significant financial contribution to a good cause. I was really pleased, but not surprised, when five other South Africans volunteered. Computershare people here are always ready to rise to a challenge, particularly when their efforts will benefit others. Stan Lorge, our CEO, organised fundraising activities like a military campaign. He drafted in the leadership team to approach their suppliers most of whom were not slow to come to the party.

Within a few days we had pledges, both cash and in-kind, for more than half the amount, and a little friendly persuasion helped to keep the contributions flowing.

Internally, we settled on a "month of casual" for November. Within the business, departments organised their own activities, one of which was a weekly raffle for a Friday afternoon off. By popular demand, December also became a casual month and within a short time we had reached our target. The addition of our fourth participant, Allan Botes, saw another flurry of fund raising activity.

Again our suppliers and staff came to the party and Stan donated a prize of four days at Sun City for a raffle, entries for which are still coming in. What at first glance seemed to be an almost insurmountable task, raising such a large amount of money, with some ingenuity and hard work, turned out to be, if not a walk in the park, then a cycle through it!

Stuart Todd, a keen cyclist and UK participant in the Laos Cycling Challenge, paints a colourful picture of his ultimate endurance fundraiser: Friday 17th November, leaving the Bristol office at 5: I awoke at 4am to a complete deluge - truly torrential rain - and was more tempted by the prospect of returning to bed than by my unappetising breakfast of pasta and an energy drink.

I was soaked within minutes of leaving my front door, although that was the least of my worries, and further problems soon ensued - from a problematic bike pump and flooding roads, to adverse wind conditions and three wretched punctures! Nevertheless, I managed to retain my sense of humour through it all more or less , aided by text messages from friends back home.

I was delighted to learn that one guy in the office had started sponsoring me by the puncture! Inevitably, my poor phone later succumbed to the weather and drowned. Bike repairs and time spent waiting on replacement parts from my trusty support car go Dad! We have spread the word to our colleagues and friends about the purpose of our trip and have received a terrific response from everyone.

Casual days were organised in various sites across the United States including New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Chicago where associates were permitted to wear jeans and sneakers if a donation was made. In local sites, raffles were held with prizes including jewellery, DVDs, books, gift certificates, sporting event tickets, and a beautiful handmade quilt. Because the items were donated, all of the proceeds went directly to the cause. In Shelton, a Cocktail party was held which included appetisers, drinks, and music for a donation on entry.

General donations were made on our website http: Our colleagues across the country have supported our efforts and risen to the fundraising challenge with us. Special thanks to the people who offered their assistance in so many ways.

We look forward to sharing our stories and pictures when we return. As a Computershare employee, regular payroll donations are the most effective way of ensuring a steady flow of funds to Change a Life. Volunteering a contribution is easy to set up and in most cases is tax deductible, and all contributions are matched by Computershare.

Click on I want to donate to find out how to set up your one-off or monthly donation. Alternatively, if you would like to host an event in aid of Change a Life, your efforts will be fully supported by Computershare.

Events such as quiz nights, cake stalls, jewellery stalls, book sales, fun runs and auctions are always an effective way of generating funds, and a great way of uniting people in support of the cause. If you or anyone you know is interested in hosting an event on behalf of Change a Life then please follow these simple steps:. The sunny and warm weather presented ideal conditions for the hundreds of spectators who came to watch the race, and the Computershare team all completed the entire 10 kilometres, spurred on by the worthy cause for which they were running.

Ali Perry of Computershare Plans was one of the team who completed the race:. Welcome to the photo gallery. Here you will find the latest photos direct from the field, just click on one of the links below.

We want to make your online experience satisfying and safe. Our aim is to safeguard the privacy and security of your personal information whilst providing a personalised service that meets your individual preference and needs. At all times we will comply with the prevailing laws and regulations governing confidentiality data protection and security of information.

This privacy policy explains how we use your personal information. It also explains your rights over your personal information, and how you can exercise them. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or how we use your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer by writing to: In this policy the words we , us and our always mean Computershare Investor Services Plc.

When we say personal information, we mean any information that is about you or which can help identify you. We may collect your personal information in a number of ways. You may provide personal information to us directly or we may collect your personal information from third parties.

Information you provide to us You may provide personal information to us when you contact us. This could be by email, letter, phone, or when you submit personal information online. Depending on the reason you are contacting us, the personal information we collect may include your name, date of birth, nationality, national ID reference, tax self-certification, contact details such as residential address, correspondence address, email address , employment details and bank account details.

Other information we collect We may also receive your personal information from other companies. If you request that we liaise with a private broker in respect of your shares we may receive personal information from the broker. The private broker's privacy policy should inform you what personal information they may send to us.

If you contact us via social media we may collect available details from your social media account. When you visit our websites or open emails from us, we collect information about your website use and email viewing so we can improve our services.

For more information about how we collect this information please see our Cookie Policy. You may also provide personal information to us about other individuals, such as joint holders of securities. If you do this, you must confirm the other person agrees you may share their personal information with us and that we may use it in accordance with this privacy policy.

Depending on the services we provide, we may also use your personal information for the following purposes:. We share your personal information with other companies in a number of ways. This section provides details of the type of companies with which we may share your personal information and for what purposes.

We may share your personal information with other companies to help us deliver services as follows:. Where we share your personal information with other companies to provide services to you, we ensure they have adequate safeguards to protect your personal information. When we provide services to you related to your shareholdings in a company which we refer to in this privacy policy as the Relevant Company , we will share your personal information as follows:. We keep your personal information for as long as we need to for the purposes for which it was collected or if longer for any period for which we are required to keep personal information to comply with our legal and regulatory requirements.

We may administer accounts and provide you with some services through another member of the Computershare group, or another company which is based in a country where data protection laws and standards differ from those in your home jurisdiction, including India, Australia, and the United States.

If you are in Europe this means we may send your personal information to countries outside the European Economic Area. Where we send your personal information to another country, we will always ensure adequate measures are in place to safeguard it and to ensure you can exercise your rights effectively. If you would like more information about transfers to other countries and the ways in which we protect your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer by emailing dataprotection computershare.

Accessing your information You may ask for a copy of the personal information we hold about you by writing to us at your nearest office. There may be a small charge for this service. Correcting your information We try to ensure all of your personal information is accurate. If you find any inaccuracies or if your details change, please notify us promptly and we will correct them. Erasing or restricting use of your information You may ask us to erase or restrict use of your personal information.

If you do, we will comply with your request unless there is a legal reason for us not to for example, if a law says we must retain records of share dealing for a fixed period and to do so we must retain your personal information, or if it is necessary for us to retain the personal information for the purpose of performing a contract with a share issuer.

Withdrawing consent Where the legal basis for us processing your personal information is that you have given your consent to that processing, you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you do so we will stop processing your personal data promptly. Marketing preferences Where you have provided consent for us to provide you with marketing information, you can change your preferences in relation to marketing at any time by contacting us at marketingpreferences computershare.

Complaints If you have any complaints about the way we use your personal information please contact our Data Protection Officer who will try to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve any issue, you have the right to complain to the data protection authority in your country. If you need more information about how to contact your local data protection authority please let us know by contacting our Data Protection Officer.

This Statement only applies to this website and does not apply to any websites from which you may have linked to this website or to any website to which you may link from this website.

The Dirty price should be used when calculating the actual value of a holding. For Index-Linked Gilts, an indexation factor will also need to be factored into any valuation.

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Submission has failed, please try again later or contact us. Resend Email Confirmation Error We are unable to re-send the email confirmation. Please contact the Investor Centre Help Desk on helpdeskphonenumber for assistance.

Send Email Confirmation Error We are unable to send the email confirmation. Possible reasons for this could be:. The Computershare Group is a world leader in providing a suite of professional services to orgnisations in local and international markets, including listed, private and government entities, as well as public and not-for-profit institutions.

Alamo Specializes in print, mail, tabulation and proxy solicitation services to the mutual fund industry in North America www. Axion Print High-speed laser printing and intelligent mailing services for German speaking markets.

Emagine A German based consultancy with more than ten years market experience that specializes in the preparation, execution and post processing of Annual General Meetings. The client base comprises of some of the largest public listed companies in Germany and many middle-sized companies in Germany and in Switzerland. Flag An integrated communication consultancy focussing on employee communications for FTSE and companies.

Also a leading supplier of Corporate Social Responsibility consulting. Georgeson Georgeson Shareholder offers companies and mutual funds a completely seamless connection to their shareholders.

We are the world's premier securityholder communications organisation, providing listed companies, trusts and funds with quality corporate governance and security holder management and communications programs.

These include security holder proxy solicitation, information help lines, security holder opinion research and unmarketable parcel programs. Karvy Consultants With access to millions of Indian shareholders, in addition to companies, banks, financial institutions and regulatory agencies, Karvy has evolved as a veritable link between industry, finance and people. An ISO company, Karvy's commitment to quality and retail reach has made it an integrated financial services company.

Pepper Technologies Everything we do - from technical services to creative communications - is ultimately intended to accomplish one thing: Our deep expertise in every phase of relationship management means we are uniquely positioned to create highly customised, end-to-end solutions for our clients. Whether you want to enhance your relationships with employees, shareholders, customers, or all three, we can make it happen with an innovative blend of technology, creativity and marketing savvy.

Proxitalia The largest proxy solicitor in Italy and Spain, currently working on the restructure of the Argentine debt - the largest debt restructure deal in the history of the world.

Transcentive The leading provider of employee compensation management solutions in North America. Whether you choose to administer your plan in-house, outsource it completely, or need something that falls in between -- like expertise to meet the increasing demands of today's financial reporting -- our experts will craft a solution for your unique situation. We call it "rightsourcing" because we deliver the right solution for today's evolving employee compensation plans.

The portfolio calculator and all share price information contained in this website is a guide only. IRtrack is the single solution for intelligent identification, analysis and communication with new and existing institutional shareholders. By combining a complete contact relationship management tool with the full range of institutional ownership information, IRtrack allows you to manage and evaluate your investor relations efforts.

Furthermore, as every industry and investor relations program is different, IRtrack offers you simple customizable solutions, to best meet your needs. IR Analytics is the single solution for effective and efficient identification, analysis, management and communication with new and existing institutional shareholders.

By combining a complete contact relationship management tool with the full range of market institutional ownership information, IR Analytics delivers it all—straight to your desktop. And because every industry and investor relations program is different, IR Analytics offers you simple customizable solutions, to best meet your needs.

Logging-in to IRtrack 1. Enter your Username and Password. Single session per login-name is supported. Ownership Reports Menu Within the Ownership drop-down menu: Customised Ownership Reports Within an ownership report: Charting Reports For easy to view reports with graphical representations of your shareholder base, select from the following reports: Click "Add New" 3. Select "Customise" to choose a different peer list. Also customise additional fields such as Location, Style, and Value Owned 4.

Also customise additional fields such as Location, Style, and Value Owned. Enter search details or select "Customize Report" to add additional search criteria 3. Click "Run Report" to initiate search 4. To display additional data fields for the search results, select "Customise Report" 5. Select fields to be displayed and click "Run Report" 6. Results may be sorted by clicking on column headings 7. Too many or not enough results?

Further refine the search terms by selecting "Edit Search" IRtrack support will assist in optimising your search using the appropriate customised criteria. Working with Search Results Drill-down, or perform an action on search results by selecting a single or group of contacts and selecting the "Action" button Email communications will be recorded against the contact history in IRtrack. Using Contact Lists Use Contact lists whenever you expect to re-use a group of contacts, e.

To create a new contact list: Perform an individual search 2. Select the required contacts 3. Save the list with a relevant title. To use the list in future: Select the required contact list 7. Click Action and choose a command. To search for events: Select or type in the search criteria you wish to perform the search by 3. Click "Search" to perform the search. Investor Communications To send an email to an individual contact or a group of contacts: Author the email using the full HTML formatting buttons, including adding a signature and disclaimer.

Schedule the date and time the Email should be delivered 4. Click Send Post delivery a full reports detailing the recipients and delivery status can be accessed through the Communication History Report. To download data from PRN files, right-click the icon under the 'View' column, choose 'Save Target As' and download the data to a specified location on your computer.

PRN files can be imported as Fixed Width using your desired software i. If you do not have a current installation click here to download the software. Either there are no reports available at this time, or you are currently not a subscriber to the Analytics Service.

Your selected company has changed. Please close this window and relaunch from the tool menu within Issuer Online. Please close this window and re-login to Issuer Online and select the link from the left-hand menu.

Please contact your Computershare representative directly for all queries or questions you may have. This section will be further developed to enable you to type in search terms and will also provide you with guidance for all of the new and existing functions on Issuer Online.

Whilst this is being created, please feel free to use our online Support and Feedback section. You are not authorised to view this page. For more information, please contact your Computershare representative.

Reports over 4MB are not available for download. Should you require assistance, please email the Helpdesk or contact your Client Relationship Manager. Like a notice board, this section of Issuer Online will be used to announce and store important messages for you. This page will include many types of information to help with your register management.

This section of Issuer Online will enhance your existing communication with your Relationship Manager via phone or email. Proxy Watch enables easy monitoring of your proxy voting figures during the run-up to your company meeting. Individual voter information can be obtained online and reports can be downloaded for inclusion in your documents. Information is refreshed overnight and twice daily to ensure your data is up to date and relevant. Direct voting gives securityholders full control of their vote by enabling them to return their vote via online, postal mail or facsimile channels, rather than appointing a proxy.

You are not currently enabled for this tool. For additional information on Direct Voting please contact your Computershare representative. We are in the process of transforming our Proxy Watch functionality within Issuer Online which will be available soon.

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