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REGULATION PRO. To subscribe to Regulation Pro, email us at Refusal of an Adjournment Upheld. by Julie Maciura January 3, Discipline tribunals often struggle when a practitioner requests an adjournment to obtain legal counsel.

You can take it to the bank and collect interest on the fact that Edna will sell our current house and find a new one Continue Reading. Jaguar Land Rover sales 6 lakh vehicles in FY The assets above the line are undervalued because for a given amount of risk beta , they yield a higher return. For example, X could be U. The security market line can be regarded as representing a single-factor model of the asset price, where beta is exposure to changes in value of the market.

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SML Isuzu Ltd. (SMLI) is a trusted and reliable commercial vehicle manufacturer since It has over 33 Years of experience in producing Light & Medium commercial vehicles to .

Our experts panel will help you to get you those life-changing stocks, tomorrow's bluechips today. The current market capitalisation stands at Rs Its Registered office is at Village Asron, Distt. Verify your Moneycontrol account. Have you invested in these stocks? You can track them better in your Portfolio.

Keep me signed in Forgot Password? Track SML Isuzu on the go with the money control app. Sign in to post a message. Remember me Keep me signed in. Don't have an account yet? Action in SML Isuzu. May 23, Aug 08, Read Investor view Thank you for voting. Top Trading Ideas 8 January Expect normal course of sales from October onwards: That major client will be back , Also that we are increasing sales without them. I can see this SP re-rating fast and hard to where it should be.

Redmoor essay results due soon and I think this is our year to move to the next level , top scenario we are generating 20 million dollars from cobre and Leigh creek by the Back end of the year. In the board we trust!! Cash generative minimal dilution. Can only go one way over years with a board heavily aligned to us with a big holding. Could JP have news on the environmental permit applied for by the main client?

If that has been granted then that would show progress as they could then build their new processing plant. Such progress should give confidence to the SP for the eventual restarting of the main client. A timescale for the build of their new plant would further increase confidence. As it is all leading to the main client restarting. What I would want to see as part of the RNS is an update on the latest position regarding our major client and any contingency plans for the contract post 31 March , however unrealistic that wish may be!

DVH - can you see the results making any difference to the SP? Surprised, A logically sound, articulate analysis of why the consistent selling over the past year has not triggered an RNS on reduced holdings; and, of course, why patience to hold shares over the next few months in this rare phenomenon of a self-funded, profitable AIM company will be not only a hugely profitable short-term gain, but also a medium-and long-term one.

Sing have been 'resilient' since April, they will change at some point and go 'long' Do you really beleive these are sellers? Where do you understand all this stock is coming from to sell? Oh and what a surprise Minutes after I type this, we see a 1m and k sell.

Something does not make sense in all this. There is something extremely odd about this apparenty never endling seller that has been going on for nearly 12 months. All the more odd that we have never seen a holdings RNS so what exactly is going on here? This is an all too come theme amongst AIM stocks and people never question it believing this is perfectly normal trading behaviour.

Given the enormous volumes can we say that this is normal trading behaviour? Of course what we really want is confirmation that our major client is to recommence deliveries from April!! According to my calculations, subject to challenge, there remains , tonnes of contracted magnetite sales consumed at a minimum of 4, tonnes per month or 48, tonnes each year.

I suppose we are all looking for some reassurance of what is going to happen post April when the current revision to the contract expires.