Your Guide to the Online MBA

The extent to which alumni rate the online delivery of live teaching sessions, other teaching materials and online exams. 6. The extent to which alumni rate the interaction between students, teamwork and the availability of faculty.

Of course, there are several independent MBA rankings lists that might help you. Excerpts of Wharton course descriptions are as follows:. The table HTML is available in source form to allow you to style and format it yourself. There, you can discover everything you need to know to compare online MBAs in your state, including the available concentration options. On successful completion of your MBA programme, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus.


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Department stores do not come under the purview of this program. To ensure you receive the support you need from your tutor, we cap our class sizes at 20 students. Assessment for the online modules of the MBA is based on a combination of exams, synchronous attendance sessions, written coursework, discussion contributions and reflective journal entries considering the key learning outcomes and their applicability to the student.

In order to successfully complete the MBA, students are required to undertake hours of synchronous attendance. Your course tutor will make the requirements and assessments of each module clear to you before you start.

We also have a policy of ensuring that work submitted by students is authentic. As well as the fact that all work is frequently assessed, we use a well-established electronic monitoring system to check for plagiarism. On successful completion of your MBA programme, you will be invited to attend a graduation ceremony at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus.

We are dedicated to improving employability amongst our graduates, and our MBA programme is particularly focused towards career improvement and development.

This course gives you the opportunity to improve your career prospects and leadership potential with a mix of industry-specific and transferable workplace skills. An MBA qualification is an excellent investment in your future, providing you with the fundamental business and management skills necessary to be able to manage and lead in the dynamic environments of the modern business world. In order to satisfy the Academic Entry Route requirements for our MBA programme you must have the following qualifications as a minimum:.

Therefore, if you do not meet the minimum academic standards above, you may still be eligible to enrol via our Work Experience Entry Route. If you are a non-standard applicant which is typically an applicant who possesses an undergraduate degree below a 2: You will also be required to write an essay words outlining a range of business situations which you have experienced and identifying what you have learnt from them.

Your application will be considered on an individual basis taking into account your motivation for doing the course, prior work experience and other relevant qualifications that demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the programme. If you have paid an initial deposit up front, you will receive a full refund.

Scholarship applications are assessed on a merit basis. You will be asked to write a statement of in support of your scholarship application and we will be looking for evidence of:. MSc Business with Marketing. MSc Business with Human Resources. MSc Business with Finance. MBA Developed with the academically-rigorous team at Essex Business School, our world-class MBA is an advanced qualification designed for students with an entrepreneurial spirit who wish to innovate in a disruptive business world.

MBA Mode of study: February Tuition fee: Call Taught by: Kaplan Open Learning Apply now. My student advisor, Marie, replies promptly, is always able to assist me and offers support in my studies. My hope is that my MBA will help with career advancement and open doors to opportunities with potential employers in the future. Learning through an online programme provided me with the flexibility I needed to manage my work and family life. In the course, we will explore how firms can better organize their operations so that they more effectively align their supply with the demand for their products and services.

This is a fixed core statistics course 1. The course will begin with a focus on the basic elements of exploratory data analysis, probability theory and statistic inference. With this as a foundation, it will proceed to explore the use of the key statistical methodology known as regression analysis for solving business problems, such as the prediction of future sales and the response of the market to price changes.

Together, both courses total 1. Description excerpt for MGEC An online course equivalent is as follows:.

This is a compulsory no waivers fixed core course in Communications worth 0cu no credit. Requirement options are as follows:. These requirement categories are represented by the course entries numbered , below. Note that some requirements are compulsory, as indicated in each requirement entry below. Any remaining credits can be fulfilled from any of the above non-compulsory requirements with a few exceptions , for a total of 5.

Obviously, for a self-study program, you do not need to be as rigid. This requirement can be fulfilled from one of three courses: Financial and Managerial Accounting. ACCT is worth 0. Each covers different aspects of basic accounting principles.

Select one to suit your interests. Excerpts of Wharton course descriptions are as follows:. Wharton has two Finance course requirements. This one is for Corporate Finance, the other, in 10, is for Macroeconomics. Accelerated Corporate Finance 0.

Introduction to Corporate Finance 0. Wharton course descriptions are as follows:. This is the second Finance requirement for an MBA.