Evaluation of minimum animal welfare conditions in national standards and farm certification schemes for pig fattening.

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Ruth Pendavingh October 24, Janet DeSimone October 22, Eric Levesque October 21, Karin Lannon October 14, Mariam Traore September 25, Absolutely magnificent concert hall.

Christina Zajac September 25, James Sattler September 18, Peter Meigs September 18, WinJing Chin September 15, Reyer Ottow September 14, Robert Sparrow August 20, David Gibelli August 14, Karen Ryan August 12, Beautiful Hall, Gorgeous building, wonderful acoustics, even an elegant lift. Sharon Machold August 03, Michelle Sanders August 03, Theresa Lauterbach July 31, Wai Man Tang July 31, Elisa Lanfranchi July 16, Nikita Logachev July 14, Vann Adrian-Hage July 10, Beautiful venue with great acoustics!

It was a pleasure. Pam Savell June 27, Kar Kit Mak June 26, Sound in the middle of hall was good. Corrine Wilkinson June 26, Shih Ming Chang June 25, The resonance of the the instrument is quite good.

Cheryl Athayde June 22, Renee Corley June 15, Teresa Benedetti May 21, John Warren May 13, A very historic and beautiful venue. Larry Burton April 22, A perfect location for the wonderful musical program.

Andrey Timoshin April 22, Martgin Dyckman April 21, The seats aren't terribly comfortable but the acoustics are excellent. Dorothy Lynch April 21, John Warren April 21, A very beautiful concert hall with great accoustics.

Samantha Greenwood April 19, Avigdor Blankenfeld April 18, Kelly Kim April 18, David Driesen April 14, Ka Wan Cheung April 13, Daniela Tortella April 12, Boaretto Anna April 11, Helen Mc Naull April 07, Smetana Hall is beautiful and grand venue - a real feel of elegance from another era. Isabelle Decarniere March 29, Michael Perre March 29, John Baker March 29, Alan Coady February 14, Werner Schieweg February 13, Alexandre Pouget January 15, Michel Flauto January 07, Alexandra Vancea January 05, Naoki Tomioka January 03, Patrick D'Arcy January 02, Ales Michalek January 01, Thomas Schellhammer January 01, Thea could the hall are simply amazing.

Cyril Cuda December 31, Municipal House is ideal as it is a must see on its own. La salle est imposante, les fresques belles. Jean Rochon December 25, Stephen Howell December 23, Beautiful venue, shame about the poor comfort seats. Kristen O'loughlin December 13, Jeffrey Chambers December 04, Luca Bobbio November 06, Jacopo Martinez November 02, Claire Dixon October 28, Mustafa Kutsal Ay October 24, Deliece Blanchard October 15, Norbert Schulte October 11, Loved being in the Main hall so majestic.

Rodney Wetherell October 06, I did find my seat a little hard. Cleber Paiva de Souza September 25, Robert Turner September 12, Dianne Petersen September 10, Sumie Tsuge September 10, Elise A Sehulster August 23, George Fodor August 22, Koichiro Hioki August 20, Rafael Valverde August 12, It was odd that someone in the orchestra brought 2 bags on the stage.

Daniel Engman July 19, Beautiful building and a nice hall for string music. Supportive policies for the development of the food economy; regional trade policies; European — Africa policies and trade impacts European agricultural policy: Impact and governance of WTO and other trade agreements; quantitative analysis of agricultural income policies; EU dairy policy Dairy sector research: Analysis of different dairy production systems DFG-financed ;contractsand competition in the dairy processing sector; market impacts resulting from interaction between farm structural change and dairy processing DFG-financed ;animal welfare International food trade: Differences in food regulations across countries; measurement of trade costs and trade impacts of non-tariff measures; impacts of animal diseases on trade flows; agri- investments and impacts on food security; process standards in SPS agreement.

International trade rules for food safety and food quality. Handbook on Agricultural and Food Policies ed. Entry deterring effects of contractual relations in the dairy processing sector. Bio-based and Applied Economics 5 1: Faria de Nunes, R.

Regulatory differences in the approval of GMOs: Extent and development over time. World Trade Review 15 1: Empirical evidence on the trade impact of asynchronous regulatory approval of new GMO events.

Food Policy 53 5: Does the EU green box distort markets? Bio-based and Applied Economics 3 1: Food Economics 9 4: Animal welfare in public and private standards and on-farm compliance. German Journal of Agricultural Economics 62 3: The World Economy 35 8: Evaluation of minimum animal welfare conditions in national standards and farm certification schemes for pig fattening.

Applied Economics 42 8: Regulatory policies in meat trade: Is there evidence for least trade-distorting sanitary regulations? American Journal of Agricultural Economics 91 5: Agricultural Economics 36 2: German Journal of Agricultural Economics Agrarwirtschaft 56 3: Economia Agraria y Recursos Naturales 6: The regulation of food safety in EU trade agreements: Strategies for regulatory cooperation.

Agri-investment trends in selected vulnerable countries— will they contribute to reduce food insecurity? Challenges in agricultural trade between EU and Africa. Förderung der Ernährungssouveränität oder Agrar-Kolonialismus? Ein Blick auf die landwirtschaftliche Transformation in Afrika. Herausforderungen und nachhaltige Wege.

Beyond CAP to consider external dimensions for development. The future of the CAP — Considering effects for developing countries. Die globale Dimension der Gemeinsamen Agrarpolitik: