1920 Half Dollar Value

History of the Peace Silver Dollar. In America was celebrating the recent end to World War I and Farran Zerbe, historian of the American Numismatic Association, presented a paper entitled,

If the metal prices drop you will still have a coin that a numismatic would want to buy. What is the value of a US 20 dollar silver certificate? Pictured to the right is a gem uncirculated silver dollar. While we wholeheartedly try to give honest price estimates there are many factors besides appearance, metal content, and rarity that help make up the coins overall value. Please check your bill again andpost a new, separate question with its exact … date.

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Morgan silver dollar value has risen with the price of silver, currently $ each. Using grading images, accurately judge condition and often it is worth more.

If the coin has any rubbing the surface becomes dull. Light even wear limited to just the high points of the design is typical of a Walking Liberty half dollar in "extremely fine" condition. Folds and lines in Liberty's gown are clearly visible with slight loss of detail down the center. The sun and its rays still retain the roundness to their design, although wear is noticeable.

Your coin is bold, very pleasing, well detailed and at the high end of half dollar value. As the Walking Liberty half circulates a thin unbroken line with complete loss of detail develops extending from Liberty's head to her foot above the date. Such a coin is in "fine" condition. Recognizable are the branches in her arm, and folds in her gown, there is still a depth to Liberty's figure.

Once a highly detailed Liberty with a flowing gown is now just a distinctly flat outline. It is no longer clear Liberty is holding many branches. Her head, torso and leg are all one smooth and flat area. Most collectors replace coins in this condition with finer examples, leaving these at the low end of half dollar value.

Return to Coin Values Discovery Old coins retain a strong collector following. Walking Liberty halves are an example highlighing the value of silver in old coins. Additiionally, within each series are rare date and mintmark combinations with even greater demand. Revisit your box of old coins, today's value charts show a steady increase. Many of these old half dollars are worth premiums above their silver coin values. After you check date and mintmarks, next compare your coins to the grading images and determine their condition.

A small difference in preservation does have an effect on value. Half Dollar Value Covering all Series Many rare and valuable coins are found throughout the entire history of silver half dollars.

Spanning through the 's discover how much these rare silver coins are worth. The Franklin series of half dollars, Barber, Seated Liberty and the early Bust half dollars are listed by date with values.

Silver Walking Liberty half dollars are in demand by dealers. These old coins are very liquid in the coin collecting market. There are always buyers interested in purchasing your coins. Receive the highest price by separating the collectable from the bullion priced pieces. For more info see the Sell Silver Coins article. Coin Images Courtesy DavidLawrence. Answer There were no U.

Please check your coin again and post a new question. What is the value of a silver eagle dollar? This question comes up fairly often and is a common misunderstanding. What you almost certainly have is a HALF dollar check the back!!

Those half dollar coins are called Walking Liberty halves and they don't contain 1 oz of silver. They were ordinary circulation coins meant for spending. There's more information at the Related Question. What is the value of a 's Susan B. Don't assume that every woman on a US coin is Susan B. She was only depicted on copper-nickel dollars minted in and Your coin has an image of Miss Liber … ty, as in "Statue of If it's large 38 mm in diameter it could be one of two coins: If so, post a new question with the coin's exact date and which type it is.

It varies upon Date, mint mark and much on condition, See link for a good starting place. Value of a silver dollar? They didn't mint US silver dollars. What is the value of a US 20 dollar silver certificate? Please check your bill again and post a new, separate question. What is the value of a A US 1 dollar silver certificate? Please check again and post a new question. The US didn't print any silver certificates with that date.

What is the value of a US Peace silver dollar? No silver dollars were minted in , and the first Peace dollars were struck in December