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Min Price No Min. Max Price No Max. Army on June 13, , and was sent to France as an intelligence officer on the staff of General Pershing. Seeking more active service, he was assigned to an artillery school.

By June 17, , McCormick became a lieutenant colonel , and by September 5, , was promoted to a full colonel in the field artillery. He took part in the capture of Cantigny hence his later naming his farm estate near Wheaton, Illinois , and in the battles of Soissons , Saint-Mihiel , and the second phase of the Argonne.

His service ended on December 31, , though he remained a part of the Officers Reserve Corps from October 8, , to September 30, Cited for prompt action in battle, he received the Distinguished Service Medal , and was later always referred to as "Colonel McCormick. McCormick returned from the war and took control of the Tribune in the s. Given the lack of schools of journalism in the midwestern United States at the time, McCormick and Patterson sponsored a school named for their grandfather, the Joseph Medill School of Journalism.

It was announced by Walter Dill Scott in November , and began classes in As publisher of the Tribune , McCormick was involved in a number of legal disputes regarding freedom of the press that were handled by McCormick's longtime lawyer Weymouth Kirkland.

The most famous of these cases is Near v. Minnesota , U. Roosevelt and compared the New Deal to Communism. For a period in , he protested Rhode Island 's Democratic judiciary by displaying a 47 star flag outside the Tribune building , with the 13th star representing Rhode Island removed; he relented after he was advised that alteration of the American flag was unlawful. The publication was on December 4, , only three days before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

The controversy it stirred died off quickly after the December 7 attack. In June , the Tribune published an article that indicated that the Americans had broken Japanese codes, the Chicago Tribune incident.

As a publisher he was very innovative. McCormick was a 25 percent owner of the Tribune's 50, watt radio station , which was purchased in ; he named it WGN , the initials of the Tribune' s modest motto, the "World's Greatest Newspaper".

He also established the town of Baie-Comeau , Quebec in and constructed a paper mill and a hydroelectric power plant there named McCormick Dam to generate electricity for the mill. McCormick carried on crusades against various local, state, and national politicians, gangsters and racketeers , labor unions , prohibition and prohibitionists, Wall Street , the East and Easterners, Democrats , the New Deal and the Fair Deal , liberal Republicans , the League of Nations , the World Court , the United Nations , British imperialism, socialism , and communism.

Some of McCormick's personal crusades were seen as quixotic such as his attempts to reform spelling of the English language and were parodied in political cartoons in rival Frank Knox 's Chicago Daily News.

Knox's political cartoonists, including Cecil Jensen , derided McCormick as "Colonel McCosmic", a "pompous, paunchy, didactic individual with a bristling mustache and superlative ego. In he told an audience he helped plan a defence against an invasion from Canada at the end of World War I. In June , he gave a year birthday party for the Tribune that included a fireworks show called "the most colossal show since the Chicago fire. Time magazine editorialized that "the Tribune has been made into a worldwide symbol of reaction, isolation, and prejudice by a man capable of real hate.

As a result, she resigned from the Times-Herald. That control was not given me There is some difference in our political beliefs. I have broader Republican views than [McCormick] has. I am for the same people as the colonel, but I am for some more people.

McCormick tried to run the paper himself, but lost money on the venture, and sold the Times-Herald to The Washington Post in She could not raise the money to do so. Upon the purchase of the Times-Herald , the Post consolidated its market position by discontinuing the rival paper. McCormick married twice, but had no children from either marriage. She was born in , the daughter of decorated soldier Bernard J. Starting in November , a bitter family dispute developed. In September , Adams filed another lawsuit.

The opposition press made the most out of the scandals. It was hinted that McCormick had promised to forgive the loans if Adams dropped his suit to reopen the divorce. Following the settlement, on March 10, , McCormick married Amy Irwin Adams, after waiting the year after the original divorce decree as was required by law at the time.

The wedding occurred in London, in the registry office of St George's, Hanover Square , with only two witnesses present. After Amy died in , McCormick became a near social recluse. On December 21, , he married Mrs. She lived until July 21, McCormick considered Tankersley to be of unsuitable social status for Bazy because "Tank" was from a poor Lynchburg, Virginia , family.

McCormick was regarded as a "remote, coldly aloof, ruthless aristocrat, living in lonely magnificence, disdaining the common people The Colonel received us in his rather feudal office, high above Michigan Avenue at the top of his Gothic tower.

He was a tall, erect, distinguished-looking man, who, with his white hair, blue eyes, ruddy complexion, white mustache, and in his manner and dress, conveyed the impression that he might have come from the English landed aristocracy.

He was perfectly cordial, but gave us clearly to understand that our rather similar views on such matters as foreign policy and the administration in Washington were no basis for familiarity. The New York Times said:.

But if he was one, he was an aristocrat, according to his friends, in the best sense of the word, despising the idle rich and having no use for parasites, dilettantes or mere pleasure-seekers, whose company, clubs and amusements he avoided. With an extraordinary capacity for hard work, he often put in seven long days a week at his job even when elderly, keeping fit through polo and later horseback riding. In his seventies, he could still get into the war uniform of his thirties. In failing health since an attack of pneumonia in April , McCormick nevertheless remained active in his work until the month before he died on April 1, He was buried on his farm, in his war uniform.

Bob said they he rarely gets a call from a Bush backer or a Bush basher. We know there a lot going on in Sacramento and Washington, DC that can affect our lives, but I keep Money out of the political area and leave the hard news to the frequent news updates. His two most frequently asked questions? As far as juggling tv and radio, Bob wishes he could do more. I have the most viewers on Channel 5 between 7 a. I have the Cyber Guy on talking about airfares and what Web sites have the best fares.

I know that a lot of people who watch me who also listen to me. Byron McGregor was doing the news at CK when he was only 19 or 20 years of age. While at Oakland University Rochester, Michigan majoring in business administration, he was caddy for John DeLorean, which probably explains his fascination for unique cars. Everyone had the same station on. But it was Watergate that provided the impetus to stay in the news arena. And the news departments in those days were big. He always made it a mission to get me to make a mistake.

I loved San Francisco. I thought how lucky I was. That can make you complacent. I should have tried for news in New York but I lost my zeal for that. From time to time he would visit L. But he had to go to Dallas first. But he was running ragged. He ended a year romantic relationship when he moved to Big D. All of a sudden these gorgeous Texas beauties were interested in the new and popular morning man at KRLD. Somehow I had to start over again. He met his now-wife, who was a public relations expert dealing with the media.

The timing was perfect because the OJ Simpson trial was going on. At one point Tom Leykis called trying to get on board. That was my shift.