While the past few years have seen a surge in popularity of orchestral music used in video games, there are 11 pieces in the chart, compared to 12 in Jones' first identifiable issues 45worlds were with Mitchell in for Dee Gee: Another artist guaranteed to get the crowd on their feet is Jax Jones. One of Van Morrison's best-known songs gives Blakeley his first chance at the mic, his voice a pleasing contrast to Fyfe's deeper tones. There's jazz blues flavours here on the musically flirty Occasional China where she slips into scat backed by Amy Geddes providing gypsy fiddle, the breathy No Smokin with a percussion rhythm that sounds like the bellows of an electronic lung, and the skittish Dented with Tom Lyne's double bass groove.

Only the best ;)

All in all, a quiet delight. For his latest release, Jeff Talmadge has gathered some of Nashville and Austin's top musicians and produced an album that is as gentle as it is deep.

Texan Talmadge has a rich experience to draw on for his poetic songs and has worked as a janitor, a Capitol Hill Congressional press secretary, an associate scout for a major league baseball team and a board-certified lawyer.

Country and very easy going. Let Her Go showcases Talmadge's velvet voice and is some more easy going Country. Wrong Train sets me to thinking that it is going to be gentle sounds all the way through the album.

This guy is so laid back and the idea for the song came from a time that he caught the wrong train in Groningen in the North of Holland. He says that he enjoyed the journey even though he was going in the wrong direction and sometimes in life we have to go in a different direction to reach our destination.

Austin When It Rains has an obvious drumbeat! However, it picks up only slightly from those that have gone before but does have a sense of melancholy. Talmadge says that this is one of his favourite Dylan songs and that he'd always wanted to record it.

He should be pleased with the result as the band plays as one. Because Of You gets him out of first gear - almost. Like the others, this skirts the area between folk, Americana and Country.

Train From Amsterdam slows things back down again and is just so easy to listen to. This song came from his thoughts about how much his life had changed whilst on another train in The Netherlands. White Cross remains firmly in the slow lane and mixes Americana with Country.

In the US it is common practice for people to place small white crosses at the scene of road accidents and it was spooky that both Talmadge and his friend, Claudia Russell, were both working on a song on this topic at the same time.

They thought it would be best if they collaborated and the result is here. Scrapbook is an almost seamless transition from its predecessor and keeps up the gentle theme. This idea came from Talmadge thinking that every place he visits is like turning the page of a scrapbook. The slightly jazzy Chet Baker Street closes the album and Talmadge doesn't crank it up, even for the last song. This album is perfect for when you have a few friends around and don't want the music to completely drown out the conversation but still want to raise a few talking points.

Texan singer-songwriter Jeff writes strongly and powerfully, much in the tradition of Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark those especially called to mind - well at least that's on the evidence of Blissville , which would seem to be Jeff's fifth CD release. I was very much taken with the warmth of Jeff's idiomatic, honest, intimate, sometimes half-spoken vocal style, and by his plain-speaking and simply evocative lyrics.

He cloaks his stories of regret and oblique reminiscences in attractively homespun and often decidedly ironic philosophy, a fetching combination that yields as much intellectual as pure listening pleasure. Examining the liner notes, though, Blissville would also seem to be, at least in part, an anthology of sorts, for it's stated that of the album's thirteen tracks, three had originally appeared on Jeff's album Bad Tattoo , whereas a further two are from 's Secret Anniversaries and two others from 's The Spinning Of The World the versions here differing in that they benefit from remixed vocals, it says.

That leaves just six tracks having been newly recorded in But whatever the provenance or vintage of the songs here, Jeff's output is heard to be mightily consistent and always better than likeable, with the more recent tracks in particular really characterful in a soft-edged alt-country mode that's often reminiscent as much of the rootsy mid-period Band albums as anything else.

Blissville sure makes you want to hear more of Jeff's work; indeed, I can't quite fathom why he'd never appeared on my own personal radar before. Jeff Talmadge - The Spinning World Bozart Records Singer-songwriter, acoustic guitarist Jeff Talmadge is an impressive talent from Austin, Texas who we haven't heard of this side of the pond for the usual reasons: We are privileged at NetRhythms that sometimes we get sent music that we wouldn't otherwise get to know about.

Who is Jeff Talmadge? His website gives a little background information about the man, ' Associate Baseball Scout for a major league baseball team, Capitol Hill spin doctor, award-winning poet, practicing lawyer Jeff Talmadge is a man of multiple talents and many hats.

The Spinning World is an album of polished songs which I've found easy to play again and again and hard to chose a favourite from. Care and craftsmanship are evident throughout - the lyrics are sharp and insightful, wry and witty, the musicianship with the assistance of Stephen Bruton on slide guitar, mandolin and mandola is excellent and on the twangy side of folk, and the backing vocals from Iain Matthews and Eliza Gilkyson are a joy.

Throughout the collection of eleven songs the professional production by Bradley Kopp is bright, full and warm with acoustic guitars, gentle bass and percussion, strings cello and violin and touches of accordion and harmonica. His latest release, Bad Tattoo, which I've yet to hear, brings back several players from The Spinning World plus and she's always a ' plus ' Annie Gallup on backup vocals. Want to hear more? You may download soundclips from his website before clicking on to Amazon.

We may live in a spinning world but Jeff Talmadge's albums are for those important ' time out ' moments - lay back and enjoy! Singer-songwriters of the Saharan desert, the Touareg ex-rebels Tinariwen, birthed distinctive blues grooves - intense and enthralling - now taken up by the young seven-strong Touareg blues-rock band Tamikrest.

Their name "Tamikrest" is Tamashek the Touareg language for "union" and "knot" - a symbol for the desert, language and culture which unifies and binds them. And unified they are. A western band might be considered "tight" but Tamikrest are another thing entirely. The slow-paced caravan of bass-driven rhythms, electric guitars, tunes layered with claps and harmonies punctuated by the ululation of female backing singers and even echoes of the Eagles and a few reggae beats , become trance-like.

The words of lead vocalist of Ousmane Ag Mossa in the Tamashek language seem totally comprehensible to the Western heart, even if to the ears they aren't. It's the universal voice of pain and passion of struggle, of war, the beauty of the desert, of travelling grooves and - ultimately and hopefully - prayers for freedom. If you need an actual translation, the sleeve notes are also in English and French.

John Tams - The Reckoning Topic. John Tams rocks - oh, yes he does! You don't believe me? You think he's all songs of desolation, Napoleonic adventure and industrial turmoil? Think again, my friend. Just as it was surprising to realize that Unity , the album before this, was Tams' first solo outing, it's still a little shocking that, with more than 30 years' experience and a hand or two in at least one of folk-rock's seminal albums, Home is only the second collection to carry the Tams monicker.

And, as might be expected, he's learned a thing or two with all those years under his belt. One of those lessons is to keep your material varied, for that way is the path to holding the attention of your audience.

Thus, possibly with that thought in mind, he's penned some stirring uptempo firecrackers and sprinkled them, like hundreds and thousands, across his latest home-baked offering. The first of them, to draw the punters in, is track number one, You don't know me anymore. With telling, hurting observations, it concerns a man's realization that the relationship with his lover has lost its spark. But, though the song brims with sadness, it's sung to a strident beat pushed along by Keith Angel's drums, swollen by the lovely rich tones of Alan Dunn's Hammond organ and lifted by the first of many fine lead guitar breaks from Graeme Taylor.

In stark contrast to the superficial happiness of the album's opener, track two is like a damp, overcast afternoon stood among the ruins of a derelict northern mill. Featuring just Tams - singing and playing guitar, bass and keyboards - and Angel, it's dark and doomy, with the percussionist really coming into his own. His marimba soaks through the melody with all the persistence of a relentless drizzle at the same time as his staccato drums seem to mimic short, sudden downpours.

The song has a bleak beauty that's hard to ignore. In The ballroom , Tams slips into his pumps for the first of two songs marking the lure of the dance.

Littered with characters looking for something they'll not find in this palais de danse, the song's filled with a sadness not entirely bereft of hope.

Dunn again shines, initially on piano accordion and then with a delicious Hammond organ pattern filling the latter half of the song. Red gown starts with Tams' acoustic guitar and vocals, and the organ, this time played by Barry Coope, before Taylor lets rip with a perfectly measured lead break.

Unlike The ballroom , the lyric is filled with the excitement and expectation of an evening's fun: But it's historical ballads at which Tams excels and Home has a belter right at its heart.

She was an angel all in my eye, which made me from my colours to fly". He is eventually betrayed, court martialled and executed with a timely warning to all young men who fall in love.

Other top-notch tracks on a top-notch album are: Right on time - Tams solo with his acoustic guitar - The traveller and Bound east for Cardiff. It may say John Tams on the front of the package but due credit must go to his fellow players, each of whom more than earns his crust here. In addition to the already mentioned Taylor, Dunn, Angel and Coope, Andy Seward 's bass is bang on the money throughout.

Home is an album that reveals new treasures with each play. It's a natural progression, and a more than worthy follow-up, to Unity and it's stating the obvious to say that any who enjoyed Tams' first album will love this.

JT call Home sorry! Music Of The Good Hope T2 The recent National Theatre production of the play The Good Hope , relocating the tale in Whitby, provided the vehicle for a new musical collaboration between Messrs Tams and Taylor reunited in an echo of former Home Service and Albion Band glories , providing a telling 17 minutes' worth of soundtrack that's recorded here.

They've roped in the talents of Chris Coe, Alan Dunn, Charlie Hart and Clare Taylor; Chris Coe's is certainly the dominant presence, contributing some extraordinary vocals, hammer dulcimer and even some clogging!

Personally, I could easily have done with three times as much music, but the absorbing and riveting nature of what there is proves a sufficiently poignant and effective tribute to the fishing communities around the tragedies of which the play is based. Named for a favourite hiking spot in the Adirondacks region of northern New York state, this is the new project by Mike Ferrio, the former frontman of Tandy which came to an end with the death of multi-instrumentalist fellow member Drew Glackin.

Deciding to start over rather than continue without Glackin's integral input, Ferrio assembled a collective of musicians who played with names such as The Silos, Ron Sexsmith and the Guthries plus violinist Eleanor Whitmore to put together what he describes as 'an artistic project for a lost friend.

Recorded live on vintage analogue equipment, the songs inevitably deal with the big issues of death, friendship, life and love, the music embracing elements of soul, rock, folk, gospel, and Americana with instrumentation that includes organ, horns, harp, strings and, notably on the wide open prairie skies ambience of More Than A Feeling no, not that one , harmonica.

With tracks clocking in between two and a half and six and a half minutes, it's clearly a work born of great personal emotion, Ferrio's dusty timbre leaking wistful reminiscence and sadness but also, as with the uptempo The Seven Sisters, alight with hope. Lyrically there's much religious imagery alongside that of mortality and transience with, as on the sparsely arranged The Perfect Circle with its otherwordly background ambience, calls to make the most of the 'diamond days', before 'your deal goes down.

One to let wash over you as things like Requiem For Andrew, On Faith and Heaven In The Haze with its gospel choir seep into the soul, it's both a poignant, reflective elegy and the birth of a new future. You know you're good when such an august figure as Steve Earle is in your corner.

Just how good is demonstrated by the fact that yours is the first music he featured on his radio show. Rarely has a set of songs contained such an impact and achieved it so deftly. Tandy draws you into an intimate and personal world until you're not so much a listener as a welcome confidant. Ferrio's voice sits squarely in the middle of some gossamer delicate melodies and, throughout both albums, tracks build thoughtful layer upon thoughtful layer until they become utterly irresistible.

Ferrio is joined on his endeavours by kindred spirits Ana Ege and Malcolm Holcombe. While both Ege and Holcombe are talented musicians, it's the combined spirit and determination of the three to cosset and comfort the music that provide the albums true delights. Tandy may not shout from the rooftops but its music is deafening in what it has to say.

Ferrio and co display an unerring accuracy in getting to the root of every note and word, there is not a wasted second on either album. Musicians like Ferrio, Ege and Holcombe don't deserve labeling, leave that cheap trick for lesser talents. Two for the price of one - with a bonus track on each! There's two ways of looking at this. Either Tandy's publicist is pursuing the 'less is more' line of thinking or the band prefers to let its music do the talking because biographical details are scarce.

The other members of the band are: Whether they are roots rockers, rock n rollers or something completely different, I'm A Werewolf hits with the force of an express train. A malevolent harmonica stalks it, like some unseen predator in the night, you can almost taste the fear. If you have a gravelly singing voice and write the kind of deep, dark songs that fit that voice perfectly, then there are certain people you must expect to be compared to. Tom Waits is one, Tom Ovans and Warren Zevon are a couple of others and Ferrio slots right in with them, however this is an album that has as much light as shade.

Without cooling the white-hot intensity of the rock 'n' roll, the album moves into Bait. To describe it as 'lighter' would be wrong but it's certainly airier than its predecessor. Listening to Tandy is akin to being caught in a vice-like grip, even if you wanted to escape there's no chance. All you can do is sit tight and listen intently, the effort is rewarded by the tender Evensong. After the maelstrom to hear a heart being poured out is a startling moment. It's brought into even starker relief by the almost operatic feel to Misery Boys, a song of distinct parts - neither the lyrics nor the melody are there merely to support each other - which come together to produce a much grander whole.

Singer-songwriter Mike Ferrio is occasionally joined by Ana Egge, their duets creating the sense that he's Gram, and she's you-know-who! Incidentally, in terms of packaging this CD ought to be regarded as the benchmark against which all self-released albums are judged. The package includes a lyric booklet, sticker, personally signed band photograph and the video for Girls Like Us - all mightily impressive for a release limited to a mere five hundred copies.

This would, of course, matter not a jot were the music not so captivating. To A Friend is an album as intimate as it's title suggests, a mature, crafted meditation on the past, which is destined for 'buried treasure' status in the future. Tandy - The Lowdown Gammon Fronted by gifted songwriter Mike Ferrio who has a voice somewhere between John Prine and Steve Earle, the New York quartet have been making the rounds now for some six years, totting up three self released albums along the way.

With a rising awareness of their brand of Americana and now signed to a proper label, they've taken the opportunity of gathering together the best of the old tracks with a couple of new numbers for good measure. The presence of tabla on Becky California is indication that they're prepared to explore beyond the usual roots rock fence without sacrificing their distinctive rural mood, and if more recent numbers such as The Truth Is Better Than A Lie or the Byrdsian pedal steel driven Sister Golden Hair are stripped down, the more musically fleshed out likes of The District Doctor, Shine and Ted are no less convincing testimony to the band's keening charms.

Their Lichtenstein's Oriole album pricked up ears when they played the UK a few years back, and it's good to revisit their lollopping bluesy collaboration with the late Dave Von Ronk on Lorna and be reminded of the Steve Earley I Signed A Circle and the simple but complex storytelling childhood reminiscences of Pictures of China. Tandy's latest album ' Lichtenstein's Oriole ' is an ornithologist's delight: Artwork out of the way, the music is pure joy: The album drives along with acoustic and electric guitars from Ferrio and Jay Sherman-Godfrey, aided by Dobro and lap steel from session man David Hamburger, fiddle from Miss Darlene, Sibel Firat's cello, cajun accordion from Charlie Giardano and Ferrio's harmonica.

It's a fine, fine album with hidden depths and secrets beneath the instant pop appeal. At the Bar Club and a pub gig, Rosie O'Grady's in Camden, in May, they produced as perfect a sound as a band can make, even with a slightly changed line-up, without losing any of the vitality or magic of the album.

Maybe it's the other way round - the album perfectly captures the ' live ' Tandy. Well, the album was mostly recorded ' live ' in the studio and they have at least three elements working perfectly together in both album and ' live ': Tom McCrum's acoustic sticks drumming on tour he used just brushes and acoustic sticks on snare and never missed a beat. Virginian Miss Darlene's fiddle was a smoothly mellifluous constant. Mike Ferrio controlled the whole with his songs: Language can be percussive in its own right; here the words roll rhythmically along, as much an instrument as his harmonica.

And there were no jokes or wisecracks between songs - just straight into one great song after another. An album to hug to death and buy for special friends. I hope they come back to the UK soon. Rochdale's Will Tang hasn't exactly taken the conventional route to gaining UK recognition.

He made his name in Hong Kong by starting off in the burgeoning blues and jazz scene before going on to be a highly rated session harmonica player playing for, amongst others, Jackie Chan. From there he went on to his first record deal and paling 10, seater stadiums. After a further four albums he decided to come home to the UK, settle in Manchester and release his debut UK album. Opening with the eponymous title track, Will sets about realising the boast of the album's title.

There is certainly a big change from his last album, The Other Side although eight of the thirteen tracks on offer are from that very same album.

The title track is acoustic rock that has him in the same class as Paulo Nutini and David Gray. Troubles Down, one of the new songs, is sedate country rock with well executed slide guitar. On My Way, another of the new tracks, stays in the acoustic vein and sees him straying away from the blues.

This shows a level of sensitivity and vulnerability. He beefs it up a bit for The Other Side, which heralds the return of the electric guitar and, more importantly, the harmonica.

This gritty, blues influenced rocker is a welcome addition. Red City Blues returns to an acoustic setting and is not a blues, as such, but rather a slinky rocker. Something Special is a new one and although it is upbeat, it is unmemorable. Stories is more soft acoustic rock but Love Bites is a bit harder and his voice suits this. He gives the harp another airing on Time Of Day and the fuzzed vocal adds to the overall stormy effect. Drifting is not the blues classic as you may have expected but another acoustic rocker, this time much in the style of the aforementioned Mr Nutini.

The last official track is Sun Down, which is a harmonica blues which is short, sweet and cuts the soul. There are two bonus tracks, remixes of Travellin' Man the normal mix of which is not on the album and Love Bites. The former is a contemporary acoustic blues and the latter adds snappy drums from Geoff Holroyde to give another gritty modern blues.

They say that a change is as good as a rest so Will Tang must be completely rested for his next charge for widespread recognition. A Hong Kong harp player, you've got to be kidding?

Well, I'm not and William Tang has as much right as anyone to express his love of the blues. The opener, Walkin' Round is excellent and a song that any U. It is a very good introduction to the playing of William and he has surrounded himself with good musicians.

This is a 'live' studio album and gives us a feeling of how the band would sound in an intimate club - fantastic. It's Alrite rocks - it's another Tang song and guitarist Murdoch produces some good slide guitar before William goes almost apoplectic at the end.

Sweet Little Angel is a B. King song and he has done the right thing by not trying to sound like the great man and there is some more strong guitar work from Murdoch.

The Thrill Is Gone is the song made famous by B. King but William's voice is not really suited to this but the interesting use of harmonica redeems it. It is an instrumental finish to a good album and, like the other tracks, is held together by the tight drumming of Mark Menezes. Canada's Tanglefoot have become one of that country's most popular exports, with a loyal following in the UK largely due to their storming, swashbuckling appearances at festivals. In the flesh they've an almost overwhelming, distinctly larger-than-life presence which draws you into their stirring and passionate music: One special thing about Tanglefoot is that even though the band's always had a strong "corporate identity" as a performing unit, each of its members is a more than capable front-person when taking the lead role on a song.

There's a wide gamut of emotions on display, from Al's deliciously menacing theatrical portrait of the Bishop on Boot Soup and guitarist Steve Ritchie's charming swing-idiom retelling of When Dad And Uncle Archie Lost The Farm, both of which contrast nicely with Tanglefoot's tremendous, lively take on the traditional Paddle Like Hell done in authentic French-Canadian dialect, naturally! The band's newest recruit, flamboyant fiddle player Sandra Swannell, contributes loads more than just a pretty face and some spirited musicianship, and not just in the vocal-harmony department but in the shape of a fine song, the story of Maggie, which fits in really well with the rest of the group compositions.

Steve's anthem For The Day another well-harmonised acappella item forms an ideal closer. Maybe you'll feel that the brief sequence of slightly silly extraneous outtakes tacked on at the end should have been left on the cutting-room floor, but at least you can exit before they start.

Any mild sense of underplay at moments during the set is only apparent while memories of the band's massive live presence remain in your mind; what's important is that Tanglefoot still make a suitably big sound even on disc and they're on splendid form both vocally and instrumentally here.

After five studio albums and even more UK tours, the big hairy ones have finally got round to releasing a live CD. Captured Alive brings right into your living-room or bedroom, car or privy! Recorded in Toronto over three nights in May last year, and following hard on the heels of the release of their successful Agnes On The Cowcatcher CD, this minute selection of definitively passionate, full-frontal Tanglefoot performances marks a watershed in the band's development.

It acts as both a swansong for the retirement of original member Joe Grant from performing with the band although he continues to write for them and as an introduction to new recruit, fiddler Terry Snider they appear together on the set's finale La V'la M'Amie..

If you don't already know Tanglefoot from their many riotous UK festival appearances thus far, take heart: I need to come clean myself, for during the early years of their career I was wondering what all the fuss was about. I couldn't deny their energy, passion, musicianship and artistry, but somehow their larger-than-life presence, at least on CD, seemed overly concerned with maximising the impact with over-the-top delivery and a certain amount of posturing, which, although designed to impress, left me somewhat cold in the end.

But more recently I've been a bit of a convert even though it's still the case that not all of their material totally convinces me , and not only because experiencing the band live is a whole different kettle of fish. Quite simply, Tanglefoot are a top-flight live act, working hard, giving value aplenty with their supercharged, upfront performances of folk-tales that veer credibly from the good-natured and cheekily witty to the tragic and highly poignant, counterpointed by a true instrumental versatility and a hell of a stage presence.

Tanglefoot are true showmen, who know how best to present their uniformly strong material and how to please an audience and keep their interest throughout a set. Leslie is a reporter on immigration issues. Robert now works in environmental documentaries as a writer-producer.

He still does narrations for marketing videos, EPK's and network "sizzle reels. Jeff worked mornings at Dial Global's Adult Standards format. He's also a councilman in Verona, New Jersey. Nick left the all-Jazz station in March following the elimination of the news department. Nick had been news director for almost 13 years. Lina, who sang with Xavier Cugat orchestra in the early s before beginning a decade-long career as a film, radio and tv actress, died December 17 of natural causes.

For a decade during the s, Lina was the race track call girl for Hollywood Park. MGM announced plans to do a remake of their Academy Award winning Grand Hotel and combine it with a musical version of a recently published novel titled Weekend at The Waldorf. He joined KFWB, the Beast and was there until the station was sold to a foreign language broadcaster.

Mission and many more. He continues to look for ways to help the city he loves and all the people in it. Danny loves that he is working in the city in which he was born and raised. Besides the benefit of seeing all his family and getting the occasional home cooked meal from his mom, he has the opportunity to help.

He is always looking to be involved in the neighborhoods of his early years. Since his family moved around so much, Danny considers all of L. He especially loves helping kids in those neighborhoods. He wants them to know that no matter where you are born, the circumstances you are raised, you can be anything you want to be. Danny is living proof of that.

In his minds, Danny is still that little kid running around the streets of East L. But when he looks at where he is, he feels that his is the luckiest man in the City of Angeles. They've got an A-team in place, so I just fill in some holes once or twice a week.

They're real pros when news starts to break! New radio and tv studios being built, fundraising is up and working on an interference mitigation plan with KCSN to clean up I love public radio and working with future broadcasters at Saddleback College, so it's the best of both worlds. Yes, it sounds like one of those phony press release quotes, but I'm incredibly thankful for all the opportunity. The very successful radio programming consultant during the s and '80s was born October 9, , in Chillicothe , Ohio , and raised in Chadron , Nebraska.

He died March 1, , at the age of After high school he came to the Southland in the mids and studied acting at the Pasadena Playhouse with Sal Mineo and Natalie Wood. Following bit parts in several motion pictures, his best friend, Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame legend Eddie Cochran, suggested John consider a career in radio. He's a real pro, super fair and up front and honest. Within a year, KHJ went to a Country format, the end of an era.

Until his death, John lived on his Idaho ranch complete with satellite TV and the Internet where he stayed in touch with LA radio and tv daily. He sold his radio stations in Jim worked for CNN Radio for many years.

He's now with KABC news. Starting out as a programming coordinator at STAR He was promoted to fm apd in early fall of He left the station in the summer of He now hosts DarrenRose.

She was born and raised in Sacramento. Dianna began her radio career in Los Angeles after receiving her master's in broadcast journalism from USC.

She is now a voiceover artist. She is the daughter of Hilly's brother, hence she is his niece and Judd's first-cousin. Doyle is a consultant with Emmis Broadcasting. Rose , "Big J": Jim owns a digital on-hold company in Grants Pass, Oregon.

He was on the road as a backup band to J. Jim co-wrote the tribute song, Seven Years to Glory , for the Portland Trailblazers in when they became champions. Judd was intelligent, unassuming, unflappable and a great friend. He will be missed. Over the past year he delved into the entertainment business, going behind the scenes in Hollywood to report on a variety of topics related to film, television and music.

Recent reports have included a look at the film studio "junket" system, damage control publicity for stars in crisis and profiles of Sir Ian McKellen, Francis Ford Coppola and Frank Sinatra, among others.

Judd won four Emmys, including one in for his contributions to Nightline's coverage of the fall of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos and most recently for his coverage of the funeral of Princess Diana.

Roger was an original VH-1 vj and is an actor. Bob is editor-in-chief of CruiseNet, a bi-monthly travel magazine. Since , Bob has been living in Palm Springs. She continued to provide traffic reports at KFWB until the station was sold and flipped to Spanish format. After radio, Leo became a teacher in Long Beach. Randy is with the Digital Sports and Entertainment Network. Jessica was a weekday reporter and weekend anchor at KFI.

She's now with Fox News Radio. He retired in San Diego and worked on his art work. Don passed away in Eva anchored the news at KHJ from to Last heard, Frankie was working in the Antelope Valley. Kevin left radio for good in He publishes All Radio News. Kevin was a judge of the Inglewood Municipal Court District. He now hosts the syndicated America's Court. Neil lives in L. In the fall of , he published his memoir, Vocal Recall. Phil co-hosts a nationally syndicated, weekly half-hour radio program called Ambassador Express Talk.

He's now vp of Spoken Word at Westwood One. Jack is working voiceovers. Michelle is a therapist in West Los Angeles and hosted an evening relationship show at "Lite She also filled-in at "K-Earth.

His wife and business partner of 49 years, Barbara Rounds, was at his bedside when he passed away. The program was popular in large markets and also allowed small market stations to present a three-hour national music chart countdown show at nominal cost that nevertheless produced good ratings and helped generate advertising revenue. The period of hours awake was attained while Rounds was sitting in a department store window display. Before he left KPOI, he became program director.

While at KFRC in San Francisco, Rounds began promoting large multi-act concerts to benefit charity and gain publicity for the station and the bands it featured.

Featuring Jefferson Airplane, the 5th Dimension, The Doors and many other acts, the event drew nearly 60, attendees. The Fantasy Fair produced by Rounds is considered the first rock festival in history, preceding the more well-known Monterey Pop Festival by one week. He was best-known for producing and co-hosting Sam Yorty's television show when he was mayor of Los Angeles. Jack died October 14, , at the age of Jack and Jackson Wheeler were very successful on L. Jack was a very funny talented man, it was an honor and pleasure to work with him.

Jack worked in radio in the New York and New England markets before landing a job as an announcer for bandleader Horace Heidt. After World War II, Rourke started his own business packaging radio and televisions shows as well as writing, producing and hosting them. He became well known as host for a variety of tv fundraiser telethons in the s and '60s. He unsuccessfully ran for mayor of L. He died on September 23, , in Littleton, New Hampshire, after a month battle with cancer.

Bob did fill-in news and sports. I did that right up until when the station was sold to CapCities. Despite my 28 years at the station, the new owners never gave me the courtesy of an interview before they bought the station. The project won a Golden Mike award for best documentary.

Nobody ever explained why. Bob was born on October 5, , in Los Angeles. Bob served his country from to He particularly liked classic movies, including Sunset Boulevard. In he met his wife, Nancy Angerstein. They were married on October 31, They celebrated their 30th anniversary in , at their favorite resort in Northern California.

KNX , and He went on to program chores for Froggy He returned to KNX in the spring of In the fall of , he moved to Arizona, a place he calls home. In the s he hosted a tv show called Panorama Pacific.

Born July 1, , died August, He grew up in Dallas Center, Iowa. Red arrived in California in the fall of after a successful radio career in the east and midwest. In he switched into television and began the Panorama Pacific show on CBS-Television, which stayed on for 14 years. He has logged over 12, hours of Television Broadcasting. In he was the movie host on KTTV. In , he did did a Country music show on KFI. Red has been the receipient of service awards by numerous community and national organizations.

Mike Roy's Kitchen was a tv and radio fixture for years. Mike died June 26, , at the age of His longtime announcer, Dennis Bracken said: He retired in and went sailing with layovers in St. Petersburg and Washington, D. Salinger's book in the early 90's and sails when the weather is good. The former director of engineering owns and operates his own firm, Remote Possibilities, that consults on emergency public information.

Lee was the midday jock at "the Mighty Met. Andy died of a heart attack, apparently related to a pulmonary embolism, on May 17, I will be playing some of his air checks for my students at Mt. He really loved his profession and the people he met along the way. He was always the brunt of his own jokes, which were hilarious, kept everyone laughing. Two years later Andy discovered his passion for radio. I spoke into a condenser microphone when the green light went on and stopped as the red one came on.

Within 10 seconds, it played back for you. A visitor to the Exposition suggested that I should get into radio broadcasting. Los Angeles Broadcasters as a teacher. I spent two years there, earning half as much as I could being on the air, but getting more satisfaction from it. A longtime friend, Barbara Bassett, said: Antoinette left KOST in the early fall of Aundrae was made pd at KJLH in the summer of KABC, and The former Celtic led Boston to 11 championships in 13 years.

He was a program director. Robby and The Nurse's Garage Mania Show, which is a mid 60s garage, punk psychedelic and frat rock show, which aired on the Internet at wpmd. He was known as Moon Dog. Ken is one of the most broadly-informed and connected people in the media, entertainment and technology, according to a posting at the KFWB website.

He enables clients to understand market dynamics and consistently out-maneuver their competition. Combining technology, rigorous research, in-depth analysis and a firm grasp of the competitive marketplace, his business intelligence team provides the information and insight that helps you craft strategy and identify opportunity.

He is now principal, managing director at Raygen Inc. Lori did traffic for a number of stations. She now lives in Arkansas. Mike is in the financial industry in Texas. Nick went on to become a celebrity in Fresno radio and tv. In , he was sentenced to 78 years-to-life in prison for sexually molesting young boys.

Turi began working latenight on WGN-Chicago in early In addition to making a living doing fill-in talk from her Bay Area studio since , she has been heard on the CBS Radio Network since with three, weekly, short humor features called "Turi Ryder's Exception to the Rule"?

Born in North Dakota , he grew up in Seattle. In John graduated with a divinity degree from Pacific Lutheran University in Washington and became an ordained Lutheran minister.

John was one of the first people to use rock music in religious radio programs. He began his radio work in Minneapolis when he taped a Christian rock show called "Silhouettes" from a church basement. The show became so popular that it was nationally syndicated, and he was chosen to direct the American Lutheran Church 's national tv, radio and film department. He moved to L. In , John suffered a debilitating stroke while on the air, which left him with a form of dyslexia, forcing him to relearn reading and speaking from the third-grade level.

Doctors predicted that he would never be able to talk again. However, with therapy he rejoined KRTH in Randy Gardner talked about the opportunity to have worked with John: He had come full circle.

He had to voice track his show between records during his relearning period. Beasley Broadcasting's Allen Shaw said that John "was unusual during the cultural revolution of the late '60s. Malcolm got a degree in radio and tv at Arkansas State. Growing up he listened to z-Rock in Dallas. Malcolm is a member of La Jolla Lutheran Church. Fascinating fact from Malcolm: I am a radio lifer. She's now working in England.

Barry, aka The Reazar, is a major music consultant to radio and records. Now ski reporter for Mountain News Network Orinda, California, and freelance voiceover commercial production from his home in Florida. Bill is senior vp of programming for Premiere Radio Networks.

Jim is president of Vallie Richards Consulting, based in Atlanta. Mark is currently producing a weekly local tv game show in Las Vegas. Ronni has an active VO career. Jimmy is one of radio's outlaw characters. Soon he was on nightly, and Gordon McLendon spent a fortune putting psychedelic lights in the KLIF studio windows, visible from outside.

When the station tightened its playlist in , Jimmy, looking for a way out, contacted his buddy Doug Cox , who was programming KRLA. He left the station less than a year later. In , the LA Times named Jimmy rock dj of the year.

When times got tough, Jimmie rode horses in Topanga Canyon. Riki, a recovering alcoholic and former drug addict according to a profile in the LA Times , refers to his own experiences with much empathy as the host of "Loveline.

In a issue of Playboy Riki was one of the participants in a feature on "sex talk radio. He snowboards, is a stock car racing fanatic and has a "43" tattoo for Richard Petty.

On September 8, , Riki was terminated by KLSX for punching fellow personality Doug Steckler three times in the face, injuring Steckler badly enough to keep him bed-ridden for a week. Last heard, Riki was living in Mooresville, North Carolina. In the summer of , h e became the chief revenue officer at Spanish Broadcasting System.

The Ted Rall Show aired weekends from late through late summer of Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in , Ted achieved early success as an artist. His first cartoons were published in Ohio newspapers in In , Ted was expelled from Columbia for disciplinary and academic reasons.

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