State Street’s ‘Fearless’ Advocacy for Board Diversity

The SPDR Russell US Small Cap UCITS ETF is a large ETF with m GBP assets under management. The ETF is older than 3 years and is domiciled in Ireland. The ETF is older than 3 years and is domiciled in Ireland.

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The Center Square/Hudson–Park Historic District is located between Empire State Plaza and Washington Park in Albany, New York, United States. It is a block area taking in both the Center Square and Hudson/Park neighborhoods, and Lark Street on the west.

We are taking voting action and engaging with companies. More companies are clearly aware of the need for greater gender diversity in boardrooms. Some of the biggest changes are in Canada and Japan. We will take voting action at Japanese companies. We voted against directors in the U. Environmental issues such as climate change and water, and executive compensation. We are looking at how companies are incorporating sustainability in their long-term strategy, at how that ties in with overall compensation and incentives.

To understand compensation we need to understand strategy, and within strategy we want to understand sustainability. What do you think has given rise to an increasingly proactive stance among large investment management firms in recent years? First there is the rise of stewardship codes. We have been part of the group that led the effort to establish the U. Investors are more sophisticated and the idea of risk has also evolved. What has led to some ESG [environmental, social and governance] factors becoming more important is the understanding of the low-probability-but-high-impact nature of these factors such as climate risk, health and safety.

But when they manifest themselves the impact on shareholder value is significant. There are some macro reasons such as the [U. We redesigned our entire program in to align with who we are as investors.

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