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Wie sieht die Prognose für den Silberpreis aus und welche Aktien können the latest live information about todays aktienkurse deutschland yahoo Gold rate in Raipur and Silver price gold silver price ratio today in Raipur on Live Gold Rate. Of contracts.

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Live Silver Spot Price - Euro (EUR)

Ice Benchmark Administration Limited makes no warranty, express or implied, either as to the results to be obtained from the use of the LBMA Gold or Silver price and/or the figure at which the LBMA Gold or Silver price stands at any particular time, on any particular day or otherwise.

These prices are for spot two day delivery of London gold. They are OTC Over the counter as opposed to exchange traded prices that relate to the London market for good delivery physical gold. The gold price is published in US dollars, Sterling and Euros. While these prices may not be available from actual bullion dealers, they should provide a good indication of where these gold coins are trading. Below the LBMA and coins prices and the summary live gold price charts, we present a large array of global gold prices organized by region, including European gold prices, Asian Gold prices, Middle Eastern Gold prices and gold prices from the Americas.

We recalculate these gold price cross rates live in our systems whenever we receive an update of the relevant FX rate or of the underlying gold price in US dollars. At the bottom of the page, we present some other important gold market data. Firstly, we calculate a series of live ratios and premiums that relate the price of gold to other precious metals. These ratios are used to observe trends in the historical relationship between the metals. Up to this point, all of the gold price information has been concerned with the spot market.

There is however also a thriving forward market in physical London gold to meet the needs of producers and consumers who want to buy or sell gold forward. Unfortunately not much information about the OTC forward market exists in the public domain.

These rates for periods from 1 month through to 1 year are the swap rates that relate the spot gold price to the forward price. These rates are set daily in a process that sees a number of market makers submit the swap rates at which they are happy to lend gold on a swap basis against US dollars.

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