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Chase has credit cards that can help you earn points on the things you love most, including travel. Read reviews for Chase Sapphire Preferred to learn about travel ()

You would have to do the math, daily interest, and actually overpay to have a zero balance, therefore resetting your account. So I ask to have my last name corrected. My frustration is that Chase has outsourced this department which handles sensitive information to a call center in India.

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Types of Chase credit cards. Chase offers a stellar collection of credit cards in multiple categories, from travel to cashback to business. While browsing the bank’s products, weigh the fees and features of each card before you make your decision.

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More business cards from Chase. All reviews are prepared by CreditCards. Opinions expressed therein are solely those of the reviewer and have not been reviewed or approved by any advertiser. The information, including card rates and fees, presented in the review is accurate as of the date of the review.

Check the data at the top of this page and the bank's website for the most current information. Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of any bank, credit card issuer, airlines or hotel chain, and have not been reviewed, approved, or otherwise endorsed by any of these entities. If you want a credit card with superior travel rewards, excellent cash back or a waived balance transfer fee, Chase offers that and more.

While part of a full-service national bank, the company also issues about two dozen cards with a host of features and benefits. Here, we look at:. That means the company grants cards to qualifying consumers. It partners with two networks, which process charges made at retailers. The primary networks are Visa and Mastercard. Chase credit cards are best known for their generous sign-up bonuses and boosted redemption travel rewards. I'm extremely cautious with anything related to my credit score.

Another manager said that when you apply you can get any of the offers going on at the time so I just didn't get the one I wanted. It is unbelievable and deceitful what they are doing. That affects my credit score and I'm being charged interest.

This is not something I take lightly. I waited for the whole 3 days. I didn't get any. I call back on Monday to ask them about it and I was told I'll get it by Friday. Well up till now I've not gotten it yet and I'm pissed off right now because you lied. I bought into using a Chase Marriott card and earned 81k points which my statement indicated was transferred to my Marriott Rewards Card.

However I then closed the acct and without my knowledge Marriott at "their discretion" wiped out all the earned points, including bonus points. It amounted to a type of scam about "bonus Points". Very very opaque business practice. DO NOT obtain this credit card! Online access regularly fails with accurate I write my user and passwords down user and password information.

Password reset link does not work. Customer service phone access has a greater than 30 min wait time. Every time my password fails and after waiting on hold for 30 minutes, the customer service representative apologizes for the link issue and regular password failure issue.

Capital One is my preferred card now. I never, never have a problem logging in or reaching customer service. I have been a Chase customer since I experienced a billing error in June , and immediately notified Chase through their Secure Messenger service.

Chase acknowledged my dispute and stated they needed more time a form reply. After 5 months of politely reminding Chase of the unresolved matter without any substantive response only acknowledgments — the same form letter.

Yesterday I cancelled six 6 Chase credit cards, and received the same form reply. Not once did Chase attempt to help me, only form letter acknowledgments, hence the cancellation of 6 credit cards. I recommend not applying for Chase Business cards, even elite ones. Poor, poor customer service caused by Chase management not controlling tekkies, nor caring.

Our company has held Chase Business Cards for years. Today we discovered that Chase will not dispute an unauthorized charge on our behalf. Come to find out the merchant in dispute uses WePay, a Chase owned company, to collect money due on a bill, at the rate of 2.

This is a huge conflict of interest. We are a small contractor company. A subcontractor billed us and the bill was in dispute between ourselves and the subcontractor. The next thing we knew the bill was paid in full on our Chase card. When we called Chase they could not tell us who authorized a payment and told us to take it up with the merchant. At no time were we notified that the bill collector in fact was Chase itself. I have been a cardholder of Chase Slate since I have always paid my bill and in fact had a zero balance for quite some time.

I get a letter stating that they plan to close the account if I do not use the card. I make a purchase and had a pending hotel purchase on the card which was approved and a few days later they close the card. Now, I was planning to pay for a hotel for my vacation that is scheduled to take place within 7 days and I am not now able to pay for my hotel with the card due to its newly defined closed status by Chase Slate.

I thought I was a valued customer since I had an active account with them for over 24 years. I primarily used the card for emergency purpose only and thought that this was a reliable company. In fact, Chase was the only credit card that I ever had.

Do not get a Chase Slate credit card!!! I have three "excellent" credit scores. I have three credit cards, one I've had for twenty years. I never carry balances. I never come near maxing them out. My home and car are paid off. The Chase letter cited one of my credit scores Equifax, as a reason I was turned down, and gave me advice on how to improve it.

On the phone, somebody named Natalie told me it was a problem that my home was paid off and I have no ongoing loan payments. She told me one of my accounts had a balance. I explained to her that all of my accounts have balances until I zero them out once a month. She had no other answers about the content of the letter, and finally hung up on me, though I was consistently polite. I called again and somebody named "Sara" told me I didn't have enough credit cards.

I explained to her that too many cards can adversely affect credit score. She told me to consult a financial advisor.

Who in their right mind would do business with these people? I've been using this card for 2 years. The card itself is pretty good for cashback offers and points redemption. And based on my personal experience this is a deception.

My luggage was delayed by airline for 5 days. I've provided all the proofs of it, but the process of proving me right took about 2 months and they basically old me that I'm not eligible for ANY compensation. Be mindful, that not ALL benefits which this card provides are completely true.

There are a few similar cards on the market which customer service is not a joke. I went to the bank to deposit a check that was sent to my husband who died this year. In the past, I was told by the bank that I would have to provide documents from the court that would allow me to deposit checks written to him.

This I did and presented them to a banker. The banker deposited several checks in my account. The other day I went to the bank to deposit another check written to my husband and fell into the hands of K. My husband and I before his death had a joint account at this same bank, She refused to speak with the other banker who had originally handled the matter for me.

I told her that this situation would no doubt occur again and if they wouldn't help me then I would have to close my account. She replied, "I can do that right now", in a very dismissive manner. I told her that I would appreciate it if she did not speak to me in such a condescending manner. I took one of her cards and told her that I knew how to close my account, and left the bank. I drove less than a mile away to my other bank and the check was deposited in a few minutes without any hassle.

I am an year-old widow who has been a customer of this bank when it was called NBD, that is over 50 years a customer and to be treated in such a nasty and demeaning way was unbelievable.

Just called Disney Chase inquiring why my account has been closed. Isn't that what the card is for, emergencies?? I pay more than the minimum every month and intend on paying this account in full by the end of October.

I always refuse the increase in my available credit by the bank, I don't need it. The recent purchase was not unreasonable. Is it unreasonable to expect a credit card company that I have be with from its conception, to be loyal to its longtime customers?

So now an inquiry will need to be made, it's not worth it! I'll continue with my one other credit card, Goodbye Disney! I wanted to get more 'bang for my buck' at Amazon so I signed up for the Chase Prime card.

They have my name misspelled on the web account but correct on the card. So I ask to have my last name corrected. You need to go to a Chase brick and mortar.

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