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Bianca was introduced in season one, episode twelve. Pancholy exists within the 30 Rock universe independently of Jonathan, being mentioned by Jack in " The Ballad of Kenneth Parcell " during that period; Alec Baldwin likewise exists independently of Jack who mentions the actor in " Hogcock!


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The cumbersome name was changed the following year to the Edinburgh Philosophical Society. With the help of University of Edinburgh professors like Joseph Black , William Cullen and John Walker , this society transformed itself into the Royal Society of Edinburgh in and in it issued the first volume of its new journal Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh. As the end of the century drew near, the younger members such as Sir James Hall embraced Lavoisier 's new nomenclature and the members split over the practical and theoretical objectives of the society.

This resulted in the founding of the Wernerian Society —58 , a parallel organisation that focused more upon natural history and scientific research that could be used to improve Scotland's weak agricultural and industrial base. Under the leadership of Prof. Thus, for the first four decades of the 19th century, the RSE's members published brilliant articles in two different journals. By the s, the society once again unified its membership under one journal.

During the 19th century the society contained many scientists whose ideas laid the foundation of the modern sciences. From the 20th century onward, the society functioned not only as a focal point for Scotland's eminent scientists, but also the arts and humanities.

It still exists today and continues to promote original research in Scotland. In February , Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell was announced as the society's first female president, taking up her position in October. The Royal Society has been housed in a succession of locations: Fellowship of the Royal Society of Edinburgh is an award in its own right [8] that entitles fellows to use of the initialism or post-nominal letters FRSE in official titles.

The Royal Medals are awarded annually, preferably to people with a Scottish connection, who have achieved distinction and international repute in either Life Sciences, Physical and Engineering Sciences, Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences or Business and Commerce. The Medals were instituted in by Queen Elizabeth II, whose permission is required to make a presentation. Past winners [9] include:. It is awarded annually to a person who has achieved distinction nationally and internationally, and who has contributed to wider society by the accessible dissemination of research and scholarship.

Winners receive a silver medal and are required to deliver a public lecture in Scotland. The award is named after William Thomson, 1st Baron Kelvin — , who was a famous mathematical physicist and engineer, and Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Glasgow.

Senior Prize-winners are required to have a Scottish connection but can be based anywhere in the world. The Keith medal has been historically awarded every four years for a scientific paper published in the society's scientific journals, preference being given to a paper containing a discovery.

Felcher is Kenneth Parcell's boss while he works in Standards and enjoys using profanity and obscene gestures. Dennis Duffy Dean Winters was Liz's boyfriend for three episodes during the early part of the show's first season; he has also made appearances in each subsequent season. Liz had a relationship with him that ended prior to the series, and she briefly resumes a relationship with him only to break it off after discovering that he has been featured on To Catch a Predator.

Dennis later claimed that he knew the girl was actually eighteen because, "She said her last boyfriend was Asian, and that crap doesn't start 'till college. He is generally disliked by most of the characters, most notably by Liz, Jack and Jenna, with whom he once had sex behind Liz's back.

Dennis claims to be the love of Liz's life, which she disputes. The few good memories she has of him are mostly food-related, but she admits he makes her laugh.

His nickname for her is "Dummy. In his last two appearances on the show, Dennis has married an obnoxious Irish-American woman named Megan whose maiden name is also Duffy and they have adopted an African-American baby boy whom they call "Black Dennis".

While Dennis is worthless, he did inspire Liz to finally declare her love for her new boyfriend Criss Chros and, later, to marry him. Dennis also is convinced that Liz converted to Judaism for Criss, despite the fact that neither he nor Liz practice any religion.

Dennis is immature for a man his age, often exclaiming like a teenage boy. In one episode he sits on Liz's bed, playing Halo 3 ; then, he throws the controller down and yells that the controller is "defective" because "that grenade was right next to him! His other plans are similarly moronic, including a make-your-own coffee station, copying DVD movies onto LaserDisc , and the participation in a Balloon Boy -like stunt after being assigned to a program that pairs talented kids with troubled adults.

In his final appearance, he brags that he has found success selling "suicide insurance". In the episode " ", it is revealed that his ancestors were kicked out of Ireland, then kicked out of America, sent back to Ireland, then set adrift on a log. Patrick's Day ", " Mazel Tov, Dummies! Floyd's first appearance is when he accidentally sends flowers to Liz for Valentine's Day , which he actually intended to send to his girlfriend, Liz Lemler.

Liz, who doesn't know his name, calls him "flower guy" and develops a crush on him. In " Fireworks ," Liz follows Floyd to an AA meeting in order to get close to him and discovers that rules are important to him. When Liz lies about being an alcoholic so Floyd will confide in her, she discovers that members of the same AA group cannot date; therefore, she confesses she was never an alcoholic and merely had a crush on him. Floyd eventually seems to want to spend more time with Jack than Liz.

Despite seeming perfect for each other, Floyd and Liz break up. His wedding eventually takes place in the fourth-season finale " I Do Do ". He graduated from Columbia University medical school ; Disney used a photo of him from his high school swim team as a model for Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid. His name is a play on Dr. He first appears in season three episode " Generalissimo ", when Liz accidentally receives his mail.

After going through the contents which includes a warranty for his ice cream maker and his Netflix rentals: The Muppets Take Manhattan , Caddyshack , and a documentary on how pies are made , Liz decides he is perfect for her and creates a false persona so he will like her.

Liz's scheme unravels, and Drew is disappointed in her; however, he reads her mail and tells her he feels Liz would have been someone he would have wanted to know. Eventually, they agree upon a fresh start.

He is recently divorced from Mandy and has one daughter from the marriage Bethany, a rebellious teenager who drinks wine and starts fires. Liz and Drew's first date was on Valentine's Day , during which Bethany ended up at Liz's apartment and Drew's mother died in the hospital.

On her deathbed she reveals to Liz that she is not actually Drew's mother; the person Drew thinks is his sister is, in fact, his mother. She asks Liz to tell him the truth and Liz reveals this to Drew later in the episode. In episode 15 of season three, " The Bubble " , Liz is concerned about the way others treat Drew; he is so handsome that he unintentionally causes others to fawn over him. He was a professional tennis player in college even though he is terrible at it.

Despite being horrible at everything from cooking to sex to not knowing how to perform the Heimlich maneuver , no one tells him the truth because he is so good-looking. Calvin Klein in a cameo stops him on the street and asks him to be an underwear model. He never has to wait in line at restaurants; when Liz blocking Drew's face from view orders his request off the menu and is berated by the waitress, he is mystified by her response and wonders where their complementary appetizer sampler is.

Jack, having firsthand knowledge of the situation from his younger days, describes this as "The Bubble. Eventually he apologizes for his behavior but prefers living in "The Bubble" to reality, asking Liz if she wants to take a ride with him on his new motorcycle. Liz declines and Drew rides into the sunset, careening incompetently down the street. When Liz goes back to her ex-boyfriends in " Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land ", Drew appears with hooks on both hands: Drew later reappears in a cameo in season five episode Live Show , having received one replacement hand from a death row inmate.

The hand has a mind of its own, however, and begins to strangle him In the West Coast version of "Live Show", Drew received a female hand transplant that constantly tries to seduce him.

Liz later sums up Drew in the phrase "So handsome Wesley Snipes Michael Sheen is an Englishman whom Liz meets at her dentist's office while recovering from a root canal operation. Being under the effects of nitrous oxide , they seem to hit it off and list each other in their phones as "Future Husband" and "Future Wife".

When sober, they immediately realize that they have nothing in common and dislike each other intensely. However, when they keep meeting each other by chance around the city, they continue to date believing that it is their destiny to "settle" for one another.

Wesley is displeased that the actor Wesley Snipes has his name, saying that the name is better suited to a "pasty, un-athletic British man". He frequently uses fictional British English phrases, such as "foot cycle" for bicycle and "film pod" for video camera , which annoys Liz. He is rude to her, mocking her disastrous romantic history and at one point compares her life to a " Cathy cartoon that just won't end".

He believes they are "settling soul mates" and sets the stage for another meeting during "Sweeps", which Liz assumes refers to television sweeps week , but which he claims is what the British call spring cleaning.

After a tour of her abysmal past relationships, she decides Wesley is her only alternative and reluctantly agrees to get engaged to him.

However, in the Season 4 finale Liz meets a pilot, Carol Matt Damon , whom she likes a lot and sends Wesley a break-up text. He stupidly thinks they're getting past their first fight, but Liz tells him she's realized after meeting Carol that she can do much better than Wesley, and says goodbye to him. He leaves the room in defeat and has not been seen since.

In a Season 6 episode, a flashback scene has Liz outright telling her tax accountant "I'm having a go at cycling thanks to my boyfriend Wesley, whom I hate. Astronaut Mike Dexter John Anderson is Liz's fantasy boyfriend, to whom she compares all other men; Mike often appears when Liz is either alone or involved in disastrous relationships, and is no longer seen once she develops a relatively normal social life.

Liz mentions Dexter in several episodes, and he appears in her imagination throughout Season 4. In a fantasy sequence in " Dealbreakers Talk Show ," Dexter tells Liz he has to go back to space, but "enjoyed the kissing followed by [his] genuine interest in that TV dance competition". Liz meets an attorney named Mike also played by Anderson at Floyd 's wedding in " Emanuelle Goes to Dinosaur Land "; this Mike describes himself as a " plushie " who enjoys having sex " yiffing " with people in mascot costumes at state parks.

Anderson also appears, as a nod to Liz's fantasies of Dexter, in an episode of Jack's "Porn for Women" which features handsome men asking women about their day , which Liz buys.

Liz ends her idolization of the fictional astronaut after learning of her mother's premarital relationship with Buzz Aldrin recreated in Liz's fantasy flashback by Fey and Anderson and discussing the matter with present-day Aldrin in "The Moms".

Carol Burnett Matt Damon is an airline pilot who begins a relationship with Liz in the season four finale. With an identical name to the television comedian's , he is her second consecutive boyfriend with the same name as a celebrity after Wesley Snipes. Their first date takes place after he learns that Liz is the head writer of TGS with Tracy Jordan, and she finds out that Carol is an enthusiastic fan of the show, often showing episodes on his flights.

Liz enjoys their relationship at first because his frequent absences for work gives her freedom. Carol, however, is eager to settle down and pursue a more normal relationship, since every relationship he has had as an airline pilot were intermittent affairs due to his constant travel for work. Initially, Liz believes their similar personalities make them soul mates after they repeatedly share the same responses to games of " Would you rather ".

However they eventually realize that they are too similar, and in " Double-Edged Sword ", their equally controlling personalities come to a head after a heated argument while being stuck for hours on the runway on a plane piloted by Carol.

Criss is the third of Liz's boyfriends to share a name with a celebrity although there is a difference in spelling.

He dropped out of law school, but holds a degree in ethnomusicology. He and Liz met somewhere between the end of season five and the beginning of season 6 at Riverside Park after Liz made fun of his turtleneck shirt. He runs a hot dog stand which sells organic hot dogs. Liz, assuming the fight is a breakup, frantically calls Criss to apologize and beg him to reconcile, only to discover that he never wanted to break up in the first place and is at home happily making dinner.

Patrick's Day ", a surprise visit from Dennis makes Liz finally admit that she is in love with Criss after an argument. When she tells him that she loves him, something she has never done to anyone, Criss responds by quoting Han Solo 's response to Princess Leia , "I know," thereby proving his suitability to the Star Wars -obsessed Liz.

Jack sets up Liz on a "blind date" with Kevin, a man Jack actually hates, but his true purpose is to introduce Liz to Kevin's "awesome" Lemon-esque young daughter Bebe Wood. After realizing that having children might be a good thing, Criss and Liz subsequently "put a pin" in this idea and decide to "just have some fun".

Still, Criss is insecure in their relationship, believing that Liz might eventually bail on him. Unfortunately he sells the van to "a really nice young guy on meth", who later steals money from a bank. Liz sees what she thinks is still Criss' van on a TV news report on the robbery, and thinking that Criss stole the money, tells him she will go to prison in his place. Criss considers this a sign that Liz will not bail on him, and later in the episode, when Liz observes that the room Criss is renovating will make a great nursery, they both realize that they are ready to try for a baby, whether biological or adopted.

As of Season 7, he and Liz are actively trying to have a child. Liz's unusual libido starts to make things a bit difficult, but they eventually find what works for them both. After a failed pregnancy test, Liz and Criss decide to get married in order to make an adoption process easier.

Liz and Criss eventually adopt a pair of elementary-school aged twins, Janet and Terry who are highly reminiscent of Tracy and Jenna. Criss briefly goes to work as a dental receptionist, but discovers he much prefers being a stay-at-home father. Bianca Isabella Rossellini is Jack's first wife.

Jack's mother disliked her from the beginning and their marriage was troubled. Bianca was introduced in season one, episode twelve. She is engaged to Vincent Foley, and in episode 13 her divorce with Jack was finalized although they were legally separated since Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him, which is why they divorced. A point of contention in their divorce was an Arby's restaurant outside of Telluride, Colorado.

Jack also insisted on keeping the box they had trained their dog to poop in. Condoleezza Rice portrayed by herself was one of Jack's shorter-lived relationships.

Their relationship and eventual break-up was alluded to in the episode " The Break-Up ". Among their disagreements concerned her lack of time for him during her tenure as Secretary of State [24] and whether or not Jack was as talented a flautist as Condoleezza is as a pianist. Phoebe Emily Mortimer is an art dealer and auctioneer, who works at the Christie's branch in Rockefeller Center.

She reintroduces herself to Liz each time they meet, and asserts that her parents were poets. She accepts, stunning Liz. When Liz finds Phoebe holding hands with an older man, Phoebe tells her that he is a former lover. Liz tells her that either she will tell Jack the truth or Liz will; while arguing with Liz, Phoebe drops her English accent and reveals herself as an American. When Liz tells Jack he refuses to believe her, having been warned by Phoebe that Liz was making things up about her.

When Jack's mother Colleen appears in " Hiatus ", she instantly dislikes Phoebe. When Colleen visits Jack in the hospital, she discovers that Jack's heart rate monitor functions as a polygraph , and takes advantage of this discovery by asking Jack a series of personal questions. Phoebe catches on and asks Jack if he loves her. He claims that he does, but the machine indicates he is lying.

Phoebe slinks away in defeat; their wedding was subsequently canceled. She meets Jack at a cocktail party honoring Robert Novak , and the two end up sleeping together. Soon after, Jack discovers her identity and the fact that she is trying to sue NBC's fictitious parent company, Sheinhardt Wig, for dumping Auburn Fantasy Dye into the Chickatagua River which turned the children of Chickatagua orange.

Despite Jack and C. She returns in " Cooter ", approving the development of a gay bomb ; this gets Jack fired from his position in Washington, so he can return to 30 Rock and repays a favor she owed him. Elisa Pedrera Salma Hayek is a Puerto Rican nurse , who is deeply religious and places a high value on family.

She was introduced as a love interest for Jack in season three, when she cared for Colleen who had injured both hips. While nursing Colleen, Elisa begins a romantic relationship with Jack. She also cares for another patient: Colleen hates Elisa and Jack's relationship; he accuses her of hating every woman with whom he has ever been involved. Elisa's grandmother initially dislikes Jack because he resembles an actor playing a villain on her favorite telenovela ; she becomes fond of him after Jack has NBC purchase the rights to the show, and changes his doppelgänger's part to appeal to elderly women.

In "Larry King", Jack proposes to Elisa. She accepts, informing him that she is going to Puerto Rico and promising to call him. When she returns, Elisa and Jack begin planning their wedding; however, it is revealed that Elisa is notorious among Puerto Ricans for killing her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her.

She flies into a homicidal rage when she believes Jack and Liz are having an affair; after being dissuaded she calms down, agreeing with Jack to cancel the wedding and end the relationship because she cannot control her jealousy.

At some point thereafter, while back home in Puerto Rico, Elisa is incarcerated. She is married with two sons, though it is clear her marriage is unfulfilling. She and Jack were in the same German class where Jack was called "Klaus" and Nancy "Greta" ; Nancy's voice-mail code stands for "Klaus", indicating that Nancy has feelings for him.

By the time Nancy decides to divorce her husband, Jack is already involved with Avery. He dates both women, unable to decide. Nancy meets Avery and finds out she is pregnant, which Nancy tells Jack before leaving. She begins their relationship after a one-night stand during season four, after Jack is convinced that Nancy will never leave her husband. He dates both simultaneously, and later chooses Avery over Nancy after being told by Nancy that Avery is pregnant.

They attempt to marry during season five, between " Christmas Attack Zone " and " Mrs. Donaghy "; however, due to a language-based mishap, Jack is accidentally married to Liz the matter is resolved offscreen.

Gordon Liddy and Jack's martial-arts instructor, Li Di. However, things do not go well; she is detained in North Korea by Kim Jong-il , and forced to participate in the spread of North Korean Propaganda by reporting news of the free world being conquered by North Korea. Despite Jack's attempts to get her back including getting help from his ex, Condoleezza Rice she is stranded in Korea and forcibly married to Kim Jong-un.

Jack has a hard time dealing with her absence, as well as his intense feelings for her mother, Diana. Shortly after Avery's return, Jack discovers that Avery has fallen in love with another detained reporter, and the couple spontaneously divorce at the altar while trying to renew their vows in the last episode of season 6.

Like Liz, he grew up in White Haven, Pennsylvania , where he still lives. Outwardly supportive of Liz, Dick secretly disagrees with, and is embarrassed by, many of her decisions. Born circa , [29] she "repeatedly lost her virginity" at or about the age of 15 [30] to the love of her life, Buzz Aldrin whom she called "Ed" because there were already five "Buzzes" in Montclair , while Waldo the town perv watched from the bushes.

After she graduated from secretary school and Ed was joining the astronaut program in , he asked her to marry him, but Margaret had just started a job with Sterling Cooper and did not feel she could just pick up and leave, being an "old maid" of Accordingly, she later settled for Dick Lemon and bore him two children: Mitch Lemon and Elizabeth M.

She still believes computers to be the size of rooms. She attempts to disabuse Liz of the belief in a "Mr. Right" and encourages her to settle as she did.

Aldrin, meanwhile, is grateful to not have put Margaret through his years of alcoholism and depression. In addition to their genders, races, and names, their personalities are immediately revealed to be nearly identical to those of, respectively, Tracy and Jenna. Upon meeting them at the airport, Liz muses happily that gaining miniature versions of her two 'problem children' just as TGS is cancelled "seems about right" and she embraces the pair. As an adult in the early 22nd century , she develops a sitcom based on those stories, which she pitches to NBC's receptive and strangely immortal and ageless president, Kenneth Parcell, while flying cars zoom through the sky past his office window.

Kenneth only addresses her as "Ms. The sequence is an homage to St. Elsewhere ' s famous closing scene - complete with a model of the series' namesake building within a snow globe stared at by a mentally challenged male - and implies that the series 30 Rock had been a period piece of Eliza's creation in the distant future, as St.

Elsewhere had all been a daydream in Tommy Westphall 's autistic imagination. He is a female-impersonator most often dressed as Jenna who often refers to himself as a "she-man" or "shman. They began a relationship characterized by many unconventional sexual practices. Paul takes Jenna's first and last names. A domineering, bombastic person, she is demanding of her husband financially and sexually. It is revealed in " The Ones " that Tracy has actually never cheated on his wife, and that his supposed "affairs" are all for show.

Donaghy ", Angie stars in her own Bravo reality series , Queen of Jordan which figured prominently during the rest of season five, due to Tracy Morgan's medical leave. For her initial appearance in " Jack the Writer " a non-speaking cameo appearance , she was played by Sharon Wilkins. In all subsequent episodes beginning with " Up All Night " , she is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd and has a more substantial role.

Donaghy ", " Queen of Jordan ", " Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper ". According to Jack, the Murphy family are "a bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists ".

Colleen first appeared in season 1, episode 21; she is critical of Jack's abilities, and hesitant to show him affection. In season 3, episode 20, Colleen reveals that her ex-husband Jim Donaghy left her in and returned in Jack was conceived in during Colleen's affair with Milton Greene.

Colleen has nagged Jack his whole life, [33] even blaming him for John F. Kennedy 's death [34] and for his father leaving.