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On the evidence of his reaction to Springbok tries and victories in the past, no one loves the Green and Gold more than Meyer, but there was something else visible on his face apart from the pain he felt for his favourite team. Like the sword that hung over the head of Damocles , the Springbok boss must have been aware of the impending doom that now looms over him as the man in charge.

This is a good thing. It takes a supreme knowledge of the game and an iron will to join the ranks of Sirs Alex Ferguson, Clive Woodward, Dave Brailsford, et al. The merry-go-round of elite coaching has been, and always will be, a ceaseless ride. The Portuguese manager is one of the best in the world, with a trophy cabinet decorated with two Champions League medals, as well as fifteen domestic league and cup titles from four different countries.

Despite that success, Chelsea are struggling in the English Premier League, languishing in 15th place after losing 5 of their opening 10 matches, and have just been knocked out of the Capital One Cup. This is not the form of defending champions. Stick with the current coach and trust or hope things improve, or pull the trigger and task someone else with the job.

Both options have elements of risk and reward. Both Meyer and Mourinho are quality coaches. Both have been criticised for their overly defensive approaches to their respective codes, but both have won trophies and earned their places at the top on merit. Sticking with a coach during tough times instils a confidence in him to try and get his team out of a hole.

Chelsea won the league last season and is still one of the best sides in Europe. With the players they have it is surely a matter of time before they find their groove. For Meyer, he has a core group of young players who are no doubt going to go on and become Springbok legends. Keeping a coach in charge of the national rugby team after an unsuccessful World Cup has proved to be the right decision on two separate occasions.

On both occasions there were calls for their heads but they were allowed the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and have another shot at the title. History vindicated these decisions and proved that continuity was vital to their success. Chelsea have had 10 managers including both Mourinho stints since Roman Abramovich bought the club in Heyneke bleeds the Green and Gold of the Springboks, but his results as head coach of South Africa's national rugby team have been underwhelming.

After being knocked out of the Rugby World Cup by New Zealand in the semi-finals, Meyer's future remains in doubt. Ferguson is widely regarded as the greatest ever football manager, but it could have been so different had Manchester United gone through with sacking the Scot after four seasons.

Chelsea could learn from their northern rivals and show some faith in their manager. That trust that is given to a struggling coach filters down to the players. It tells them that they are allowed to make mistakes and that their place in the side does not hinge on a handful of results. Job security does wonders for job performance. But this is elite sport where results mean money and prestige. Despite whatever feel good meme you might read, or heartfelt interview you may see, no one, least of all those at organisations like the Springboks and Chelsea, are in elite sport for anything other than winning.

Sacking a coach lets everyone know that you mean business. Fear is a remarkable motivator. Getting someone new allows for a fresh perspective.

Often a coach runs out of ideas, becomes tactically stagnant, or simply loses that bit of magic that made him an enigmatic leader. Handing someone else the reins, especially someone with pedigree, often provides that little bit of fire that is needed to ignite a team. If he tries something and fails, he can scrap it and try something else. If a battling coach tries something audacious in the hopes of returning to winning ways but fails, the failure is amplified and will surely be his final act in charge.

Before sacking a coach, an organisation needs to look at the availability of suitable replacements. For the Springboks, no one can really put their hand up above all others. Johan Ackermann has just won the Currie Cup with the Lions, winning every game in the process. He has shown faith in youth, something Meyer has failed to do, and his brand of rugby has been entertaining and attacking. For Chelsea, ousting Mourinho mid-way through the season will not solve their problems.

This is a man who has won a domestic league title 8 times out of a possible He has stated that he loves the club and there is no doubt that he will be doing his best to rectify the situation. Sport is about progress and improvement. If a coach or manager is not able to take a team and make them a better one every day then he is not the man for the job. South African rugby under Meyer has stagnated. They have lost to Japan and Argentina for the first time in history under his tenure and have routinely been beaten by Australia and New Zealand, winning 5 out 14 matches against the Southern Hemisphere giants.

Sacking a coach is never an easy decision to make. There are so many variables that determine whether or not an individual is suited to the position. If results are all that matter, both Mourinho and Meyer will be shown the door. If they can convince the higher ups at their respective organisations that they can turn things around, we all might look back on this time and marvel at their resilience and determination.

Remember your first day at a new job? Were you eager to impress straight away? Every decision you made, every experiment you attempted was scrutinised by millions of strangers. Now you get a sense of what Jürgen Klopp, the newly appointed manager of Liverpool FC must be feeling.

New Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp poses after the press conference. He comes to Anfield with a weight of expectation and faces a difficult challenge as the new manager of a prominent club. These humble comments will do little to ease the pressure on the German. Things were neither spectacular nor disastrous in the draw at Tottenham Hotspur and so we are no closer to predicting with any certainty whether or not Klopp will shine or flop. What is certain is that for all his experience, character, and guile, one of the most likable managers in world football will be feeling the pressure of being a new manager at a massive organisation.

One man who understands what Klopp must be feeling is Gary Kirsten. No one loves cricket more than the people of India and for a foreign coach, it can be a hostile environment. Aware of this, Kirsten opted for a bullish introduction. With a lengthy powerpoint presentation, the normally quiet Kirsten was going to wow the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, and Mahendra Singh Dhoni into believing that he was the man that was going to turn things around.

His plan failed spectacularly and the future World Cup winning coach learned a hard lesson on his first day in charge. Patience is important and I made the mistake of trying to move things too quickly. The presentation flopped as this was not something that these guys were interested in.

It was a massive wake up call. Klopp will be all too aware that Liverpool FC is more than just a club. It is a proud organisation with a history that is the envy of most teams in Europe. What Klopp needs to do is ignite the passion in the players that has appeared absent recently. As the new man in charge, he must reinvent the club that was stagnating under former boss, Brendan Rodgers.

In Jordan Henderson, Lucas Leiva, James Milner, and Philippe Coutinho, he has an experienced and potentially well organised midfield that can adapt and implement a new strategy. What he needs is time. Klopp will need results to go his way while he is establishing his own philosophy. That is why a shift in strategy is needed.

Unfortunately, there is a chance that the new coach will be trying to fit square pegs in round holes and mistakes will be made. No coach, no matter how many titles he has won, is going to come into a new team and find the perfect formula immediately. It is in these moments that big players need to help the new coach or manager as he tinkers with the way the team plays. Kirsten initially faced challenges as the new coach of a team with great expectations but found his feet after establishing himself with senior players.

Liverpool lacks a genuine superstar. Daniel Sturridge is a quality striker but his fitness is a worry. Coutinho has shown that he can pick a pass and score the occasional spectacular goal, but these are not players who are going to single-handedly steer Liverpool to a Premier League crown.

The odd game here and there will require something special from an unlikely source and Klopp will look to the next transfer window to bring in star quality. This is why Klopp, like all new managers and coaches, needs to manage the expectations of the club, owners, players, and most importantly, the fans. Realistic goals will keep morale high during this transitional period.

Kirsten advises that focus should be directed to the way the team plays rather than results on the field. Unlike cricket, football is a low scoring sport and one moment of magic or mayhem can undo 90 minutes of hard work. For impatient fans a win is the better option but sustainability and marked improvements in performance are what all new coaches should be striving for.

If Liverpool were to finish in the top four and qualify for the Champions League this season, it would be a remarkable coup for Klopp. The truth is that Liverpool are in a league where the teams above them have better resources and players and a top four finish seems unlikely. A more realistic target would be fifth or sixth while laying a foundation for future seasons. That expectation is exacerbated if the incoming manager has had success in the past.

Kirsten felt this extra pressure when he was appointed as head coach of the Proteas after winning the World Cup with India. When Klopp took over at Dortmund in , they had just finished 13th in the league.

Three years later they won the Bundesliga and followed that up with a domestic cup and league double. But it took time and patience and those are two luxuries he must be afforded at Liverpool. It is also important to realise that the German Bundesliga is less competitive than the English Premier League with Bayern Munich being the only club with huge financial muscle. The big four of Chelsea, Arsenal, and the two Manchester clubs, United and City, are a level above the chasing pack in terms of funds and their ability to attract big names.

While we heap praise on Klopp for his work with Dortmund, the task he faces with Liverpool is more difficult. Kirsten cites three main attributes any leader worth his salt must possess: Like any new coach, Klopp will be establishing himself in his new environment while stamping his authority on a club that has a proud tradition.

He has the backing of the owners and fans at the moment but there are no guarantees in football. Should too many results go against him; the new manager will soon find this honeymoon period short-lived. In the closing stages of the Rugby World Cup quarter-final between Australia and Scotland, it appeared, against all odds, that the brave Scots were on their way to be the Northern Hemisphere's only representative in the semi-finals.

It was not to be. Minutes later, South African referee Craig Joubert awarded Australia a penalty that Bernard Foley duly kicked over to give the Wallabies a dramatic victory. Since then the rugby world has been divided into those who are calling for Joubert's head and those staunchly defending the ref. What is not up for debate is that the sport needs a good long hard look in the mirror as this could have easily been avoided if players had the power to review a decision.

Craig Joubert R looks on as the Scottish and Australian packs wrestle for control in their quarter-final clash at the Rugby World Cup. Joubert has come under fire for his controversial decision to award Australia a penalty in the dying seconds of the match. A penalty decision was awarded to Australia as the clock started ticking towards closing time.

The kick went over and Australia snuck into the semifinals, slightly by crook. The decision was hotly debated. World Rugby later issued a statement saying referee Craig Joubert made the wrong call in applying Law South African referee Jonathan Kaplan weighed in on the debate, saying: To have this much conjecture is not good for anyone, least of all the integrity of the game. Is this good for the game?

He makes a valid point, but there is also the issue of technology. But this brings us to the crucial point. Why is there not room for interference in a situation as crucial as this one? In situations where a decision could decide a game, surely the TMO should be allowed to intervene and relay to the on-field umpire what he has seen?

If that sounds far too complicated then perhaps a simpler solution is in order. Why not allow captains to review certain decisions?

It is perhaps the one instance in which rugby can actually learn from cricket. As with the decision review system DRS , why not allow captains one review per game — for any decision — to solve problems like this? Through the middle of the season, the white card had a But the system was not without its challenges. Each team was allowed two challenges per match, one in each half, but it was found that these reviews often slowed down the game quite significantly as players reviewed decisions somewhat haphazardly.

Limiting the number of reviews will help curb this 'willy nilly' approach by players. Tennis, too, allows for a challenge without too much fuss. Yes, rugby matches can feel too stop-start, but surely officials will want the correct decision to be made at all times? Rugby has a pretty good track record when it comes to implementing and trusting technology and it is streets ahead of other sports like cricket and soccer. If ruby truly wants to embrace the wonders of technology and its effectiveness then it has to be all or nothing — chance should simply not play a role.

No one loves cricket more than Indians. The same could be said of New Zealanders and rugby. Ditto for Canadians and ice hockey. Certain nations have forged a part of their identity around a particular sport that it's impossible to mention one without the other.

But how would a new sport wriggle its way into the psyche of a population and forge its own identity in a community besotted with a particular pastime? CONQA Sport explores this conundrum by finding out whether this is done through success in competition, the formation of a community, social upliftment, youth development, or an amalgamation of different variables. Majora, real name Marwan Elgamal demonstrates free-running in front of the London Eye.

Freerun, is based on the theory of Parkour, which uses the body to get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible, but its practitioners place greater emphasis on individual expression, creative flow and artistic merit. The goal stood and Argentina would go on to win the match on route to their second World Cup triumph.

Today, over members worldwide worship the retired athlete like a deity. Football in Argentina is literally a religion and is ingrained in the collective identity of the Latin American nation. The game was introduced to South America in the late s by British workers who came to the continent to drive industry during a time when Britain was the great trading nation of the world.

By , 40 British expatriates were living and working in Buenos Aries. They set up English style schools and sporting clubs and in , Alexander Watson Hutton, a Scottish school teacher, formed the Argentine Football Association.

What started as a pastime for foreigners and the local elite soon became a part of the identity of the masses. Today, the sport is synonymous with Argentina itself. According to Hawkins, without success, there is no fan base. Minogue has a different perspective. Consequently, the sport has adopted a modern philosophy based on non-competitive principles. For a sport to take hold of the psyche of a large proportion of the population, a sense of community needs to be established.

Within that community, individuals need to feel a sense of belonging and share a unified vision or goal. Traditional sports like rugby or football drive communities along linear lines in tournaments and leagues where winning is the desired outcome. The success or failure of the team is felt by the fans who identify with the athletes and team they follow.

Subsequently there was a massive rise in youth participation in the sport. That youth grew up with an affiliation to the game and today, Major League Soccer MLS matches are sold out shows featuring some of the biggest names in the sport. The US have won one match in the last three World Cups, losing all four games this year.

Hawkins is certain that with sevens rugby included in the Summer Olympics in Rio next year, the sport will enjoy more attention, but is once again adamant that success is vital. Japan has surpassed the USA on the global stage and has developed a strong rugby identity in their nation.

Without a World Cup or Olympic participation at the sharp end of the sport, parkour has been able to market itself without the burdening weight of expectation. Parkour UK drives programmes and initiatives that use the sport to tackle crime, antisocial behaviour, and mental health issues. Minogue argues that whenever a non-traditional sport tries to establish itself in a new environment, it is easy to get distracted by competition.

He says that sport is about changing communities and giving people something to participate and belong to. Social media is a massive driving force behind this. YouTube videos shared on Twitter and Facebook expose the sport to a global audience.

But that is not to say that a non-traditional sport cannot win new fans that already identify with an existing traditional sport. As Hawkins says, sports fans love sport, and there is no limit to how many disciplines an individual can identify with. Hawkins himself is both a fan of the National Football League NFL and rugby and believes that all it takes to create new fans is exposure.

He cites the way Japan has developed the game of rugby as an example. Creating an identity around a sport takes time which is why driving young people towards the sport is vital for sustainability. Parkour, with its strong ties to social media and the fact that there are set no rules and regulations, has managed to create an avenue where young people can forge an identity. Rugby in America however, struggles to bridge the gap between young people participating in the sport and adults who have no outlet.

Athletic youngsters gifted in an array of sports will almost always choose a traditional sport such as baseball or basketball over rugby. College tuition is expensive and the allure of scholarships offered to athletes in traditional sports is often too enticing.

What matters is the product. No one is going to try a new sport and go so far as making it a part of their identity if that sport is not entertaining and enjoyable.

The US's victory on the Sevens World Series can't be ignored and might prove the catalyst that is needed. Parkour as a spectacle is breath-taking and documentaries and videos demonstrate the captivating acrobatic ability of professional practitioners.

This video has over 7 million views. In fact, parkour and freerunning videos had over million views worldwide and the numbers continue to grow. Certain nations and communities are so inexorably tied to the games they play that it is hard to imagine how a new sport could penetrate their collective psyche. We take it for granted that Indians love cricket, that Canadians love ice hockey, or that New Zealanders love rugby. But there are so many ways to find an outlet in this world and so many people looking for something new.

All it takes is a sense of community, a level of success, and a willingness to try something new. If only he could see them now. As the years have gone by, particularly after the injection of professionalism in the late '90s, those missiles have become nuclear warheads. Monsters crash into monsters for 80 minutes and the pace and force of the game has become relentless.

And we love it. But what are the ramifications of the ever increasing forces rugby players exert on each other? Should we, as sports fans, be concerned? How has it affected the way the game is played and is there a warning from the NFL that rugby should be taking seriously? Tackles like this have become more common in rugby but could be causing long term negative affects.

A giant brute of a man who brushed off would be tacklers like a dragon would knights. If anyone was unlucky enough to come between him and the try line, he simply ran them over. This was no lumbering ox, but a rampaging rhino and the world had no answer. Improved training regimes, controlled diets, strength and conditioning experts; the game could become more selective in the type of athlete it wanted.

Players got bigger, faster, and stronger until every team had a freak. Rugby people love big hits and big athletes.

TV shows create segments around the biggest tackle of the week and stadiums fall silent then erupt in applause whenever a player is waylaid by a monstrous collision. We love to see these incredible athletes smash each other. At the World Cup, the average weight of a forward was between kg.

Today, many backs tip the scales at over kg with forwards expected to comfortably reach three figures. That means that the force involved in each collision has increased over time. Put another way, Dr Simon Foster, an astrophysicist from Imperial College London, has equated the modern forces involved in a rugby collision to being hit by a fridge freezer dropped from a height of 2 metres.

With increased fitness levels, and the ability to replace half a team with fresh recruits, the number of tackles that each player is making per game has increased over the years. At the World Cup, the average number of tackles per game was That increased to In the recent match between England and Wales, tackles were made between the two sides with Dan Lydiate personally making Notice how the tackler is leading with his head.

This technique has been directly linked to concussion injuries and is why the NFL is attempting to make the chop tackle technique more prevalent in the sport. Players are getting bigger and stronger and faster and the field is staying the same size; the problem is that the power is there the whole game. Teams have become a lot more even in terms of fitness and strength. As a result, tactics have changed and space is seen as a luxury that is not vital for success. There are now 3 players involved in a tackle instead of two.

This has resulted in more concussive and whiplash injuries, often inflicted on the second tackler. If we made it a law that everyone has to chop tackle, which would really help smaller players, we would make the game safer for everyone.

No longer are large athletes using their heads as battering rams. Anson is certain this will see an increase on the 3. These are real people with families and livelihoods. Coaches and trainers need to treat them with respect. This arms race has put pressure on strength and conditioning coaches to create the perfect athlete in as little time as possible. Unfortunately this mentality creates casualties as rugby players are grown too quickly.

It might take a little longer for naturally smaller athletes, but pushing a human body beyond what it is capable of can cause damage. Paddy Anson, Head of Strength and Conditioning at Gloucester Rugby, feel very strongly about the well being of athletes and their longevity in the game.

But the perception that bigger is better is still prevalent. As the game grows in popularity, so too do the big hits and big players. Owners, fans, and the media all desire a bigger athlete and recent results the Springboks upset to Japan the exception have shown that bigger teams generally come out on top. In a study published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport , results showed that post-match fatigue is lower in larger players, despite having greater internal and external match loads.

Over the course of a season, larger players are more equipped than their smaller contemporaries. Anson believes that by changing the rules, the game might not only see fewer injuries, but might open the field up and create a more exciting product. This would not only alleviate pressures on athletes to be as big as they can, but also on strength and conditioning coaches who often have to choose between pushing a player too far and risking injury, or playing it safe but fielding a weaker team.

Defences are more organised and are filled with athletes that are as strong and fit as any attack they face. But it is important to consider the ramifications of growing rugby players. But if the price we pay is a war of attrition between athletes that are only able to perform at the elite level for less than 5 years, perhaps something needs to change.

Japan celebrate one of the famous upsets in sport's history after they beat South Africa in their opening game at the Rugby World Cup in Brighton, England. Since the Boks joined in , they have won 2 of the five World Cups they have competed in and 25 of their 29 matches for a win rate of The Boks had never lost their opening fixture, and were certainly not expected to do so in Brighton last week against second-tier minnows, Japan, a team that had only won once in the history of the tournament, against Zimbabwe in Coach Heyneke Meyer fielded the most experienced Springbok team in history, with Test caps, against the Brave Blossoms, and played like a side who expected to bag an easy victory by merely showing up.

They lacked imagination on attack and were out-muscled by their smaller opponents on defence. Japan lived up to their name and pulled off an astonishing victory that no one could have honestly predicted. Meyer and his Springboks have been labelled as arrogant and technically poor, while others have chosen to shower Japan and their coach, Eddie Jones, one of the greatest minds in world rugby, with plaudits and adulation. But can we draw anything from this result that might explain why upsets like this happen?

By its very definition, an upset is something that is not expected and throws conventional sporting wisdoms out the window. Upsets are one of the reasons we love sport, as scripts are torn up and the drama of the human condition ad libs its way to an astonishing crescendo. But by looking at other upsets throughout history, there are some interesting parallels.

Whenever an upset occurs, we are always reminded of the Biblical tale of David and Goliath. David, a small shepherd boy, slew the giant Goliath with a sling shot against all odds. Goliath, like the Springboks, assumed that his size and strength would be enough to overcome his smaller opponent. The arrogance of Goliath was his downfall and for any upset to occur, the favourite almost always underestimates the weaker opponent.

Japanese based Springbok scrumhalf, Fourie du Preez, said he tried to warn his teammates that Japan were not to be underestimated. It shows a lack of professionalism and respect for the occasion.

Shockingly, they lost thanks to a first half goal by Joe Gaetjens. Entitlement is all well and good if transferred into confidence, but disdain for preparation on the assumption of victory, and the arrogance of assumed superiority, meant the Boks, like the English of , were found wanting against an opponent who wanted it more.

The Japanese did indeed outsmart their more illustrious opponents. Eddie Jones is a master tactician and targeted the Springboks strength of powerful athletes and turned it into a weakness. They were especially dominant at the breakdown and in the tackle, positioning their bodies low down and supporting the tackler effectively, resulting in seven turnovers and five penalty goals for the brilliant fullback, Ayumu Goromaru.

They kept the game narrow, a ploy that might seem to favour the larger forwards of the Springboks, but condensed them between the 15m tramlines and created a bottle neck where they were unable to find space. This sent ripples throughout the South African pack who suffered the indignity of conceding a rolling maul try.

This victory is regarded as one of the greatest upsets of all time as the Patriots were chasing a perfect season and were expected to win the final comfortably.

It was a bold strategy by Jones and shows that for an upset to occur, risk is required. They state that one way for an underdog to achieve victory is to increase their points variability. On average, better teams score more points than their weaker opponents. If that is the case, it is often worth smaller teams increasing their chances of getting a thumping if they also increase their chances of victory. They could play it safe and hope for the best or they could conclude that losing by 50 or losing by 5 is still losing.

Rather take that risk than be left wondering. They weren't, and were therefore able to stick to a plan that few saw coming.

Another important theme prevalent in most upsets is that the underdog played up their status as the weaker force. It is important not to overplay the underdog card as a negative mind-set will most certainly result in poor play, but athletes often run on bravado and the chance to prove doubters wrong can be a strong motivator.

Jones talked up his players before the tournament and even stated that his side were capable of reaching the quarterfinals.

Not many people took this seriously and, though we can only speculate, it's a fair assumption that Jones and his coaching staff fired up the Japanese players and used the opportunity to prove the world wrong as a great motivator. The Patriots were chasing a perfect season and were trumpeted as one of the best teams the sport had ever produced. They also had superstar quarterback Tom Brady dictating play. Not one expert backed the Giants and this fired up the alpha-males in the room.

The Patriots were chasing a perfect season, just as the Springboks were looking to maintain their perfect record in opening matches of the World Cup. Another theme that Keating and Brenner touch on is the concept of a vulnerable giant.

Famous upsets often accompany a favourite chasing a particular record or winning streak. She stumbled at the penultimate hurdle despite being in the form of her life. Success breeds success but it can often breed expectation. In elite sport, nothing should ever be taken for granted.

The beauty of sport is that we can never fully predict what is going to happen. These are real humans and the variables are infinite.

Sure, over time, the cream rises to the top, but in a once off encounter, underdogs are able to pull off an upset. In what is one of the greatest upsets of all time, a group of college students and no-namers from the USA took on the seasoned professionals of the Soviet Union in the Winter Olympics for the gold medal in ice hockey.

An upset like the one the Japanese were able to pull off is without doubt a sporting miracle. We believe in miracles, and have proof that they exist. The European Players Championship was not the richest event on the European Tour and it was not played close to the Tour's headquarters.

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