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Canada, UK, Australia, and several other jurisdictions all offer either segregated accounts or insurance against brokers misusing client funds or in case of broker insolvency PFG Canada clients aren't going to lose a dime, according to the most recent report. Pubblicato da alex63 a 7:

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But don't believe any blanket statement and always do your own due diligence. If watching the futures volumes, depth and spread is an issue then all you need is the data.

Data varies between cheap and free. I can chart a futures market and its data with Sierra Chart while trading a futures or forex market so that really becomes a non-issue. The real issue then becomes spread, costs, moves and how much you trust your forex market or distrust it but understand and enjoy any games played. The depth, spreads, and slippage of the IB forex ecn are excellent; much better than futures at the edge of market hours so as someone who trades short term in the 6am GMT to 9: If you are not sure about your fx broker reliability, trade futures.

Personnally I trade both Fx and futures and, actually, more and more on forex directly rather than futures. Because my broker saxobank uses very tight spread often no more than pips on major pairs, so no difference with futures. Because, and that might be my main reason, with forex I can really have a better entry and exit management: I can't do this with futures: For those willing to "bet" large it is ok but I tend to definitely avoid news release time for trading both Fx and Fx futures Very good points Kiwi!!

They have no need to "play games" because they make their money through commission. Yes, there are bucket shops out there that play games through their quotes and software, but you aren't required to trade through them. ScottB - how do you deal with the evening shutdown on CME?

If the issue is how to avoid price gapping over stops when it reopens, I guess not trading something that needs a tight stop through the shutdown would make sense? Also, with my broker Velocity futures , the overnight margin kicks in if you hold over that gap in time. Their day trading margins are always in effect as long as you do not hold open positions during that period.

While I would never magin myself to that point equivalent to As I said, if you are going to hold a longer term position, you should probably be in the cash market. Of course some of this depends on your system -- I have another approach that has less trades triggered so on it I'd likely use a tick to get a faster chart and enough trade opportunities.

I don't know which country you trade from. One of the tax benefits in the states is futures are a contract. Forex spot is straight up personal income and not investment income. I ask because if you trade spot in preset lots how do you adjust to get similar trade sizes in the futures?

I wonder if anyone has ever done that and reliably reported on it? I gotta put that on my 'to-dos' if not since it would be fascinating to see in the end which ended up being preferable. I trade both and i think they both have their pluses and minuses. Depends on what you prefer and what you are looking for when trading. The key though is to get good charting when trading futures and Spot.

B oth offer really good charts,. That might be a deciding factor for some as well. Are you kidding me about USA forex brokers? If you have been following the PFGBest debacle , both futures and forex clients initially stood to lose everything. Of course, futures had mandatory segregated accounts but forex accounts didn't.

During the bankruptcy proceedings, it was discovered that PFG has some 40 Million of forex and metals customer funds that were actually in tact in one of PFG's client assets accounts designated for forex customers. However, the trustee in charge of the bankruptcy asset disbursal doesn't care, and wants to begin distributing that and other assets solely to futures clients, who legally had segregated funds and therefore preferential creditor standing.

A small group of forex traders are not taking that lying down and are now suing the trustee to halt those payments and return them to forex clients. Yes, it's that deep. The CFTC has been avoiding this issue for some time now, despite a very large outcry from the forex trading community.

The CFTC must really think retail forex traders will just 'get over it'. Canada, UK, Australia, and several other jurisdictions all offer either segregated accounts or insurance against brokers misusing client funds or in case of broker insolvency PFG Canada clients aren't going to lose a dime, according to the most recent report.

It had a lot to do with speculation in retail currency, not 'protecting the trader'. In futures, a broker can in fact lower leverage to whatever they want to give the client.

The broker can post the minimum to the exchange, but agree to give you a lesser requirement. I think there were several things going to keep retail forex unattractive. CME and other exchanges being threatened by an overtake of competing, more flexible product is one. Certain gov't forces wanting to prevent over-speculation against the USD currencies is another. Stopping the flow of money from going overseas is a 3rd Frank-Dodd scared off offshore brokers. Retail forex is definitely having its growing pains in the USA right now.

That pending court case is going to be precedent-setting. Keep an eye on it if you are interested in retail forex in the USA. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By freetrading Started November 14, By SonicTrader Started January 13, By blazejohnny03 Started March 2, By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.

Posted September 30, edited. I'd appreciate any comments on how accurate or otherwise the current info below I've picked up is: This leads me to prefer the Futures - is this a fair view? If so, which please?

Thanks, Max Edited September 30, by maxr. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted September 30, Different strokes for different folks, but i know what i prefer Posted October 1, Posted October 2, Is depth of market really an edge? I found it distracted. I only care about the spread.

Sent from my PC using Tapatalk. Posted October 3, I hope this helps. I thought I would quickly add my two cents since I started day trading in Forex Posted October 4, Because my broker saxobank uses very tight spread often no more than pips on major pairs, so no difference with futures 2. Posted October 4, edited. Thanks for all that info guys: Max Edited October 4, by maxr.

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