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28/10/ · However, my very recent pregnancy is currently miscarrying at: 16 dpo with an HCG at 37 and then 56 HCG at 18 dpo. I have another test today, but I know that this is not a viable pregnancy. I am just beside myself with sadness, I am 41 and this is probably it for ineedhack.pws:

Gross Profit, FY —. Your doubling time of 37 is a little faster than the average as well, but again, not unreasonably so.


IVF beta hCG levels calculator: scatter chart and doubling time Beta hCG database, levels chart, scatter plot and doubling time calculator by days after ovulation, IVF embryo transfer and missed period in early pregnancy.

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Average Volume 10 day —. With so many variables in the early stages of pregnancy - when implantation will occur, what your starting pregnancy hormone level is, and how quickly it will double - this calculator is an excellent way to view the possibilities, as you wait to see if this is your BFP cycle. This calculator estimates possible implantation dates based on either predicted ovulation date or on the actual ovulation date you specified.

These are predictions only, and we make no guarantee that if you are pregnant, that implantation will occur or has occurred on any of the dates calculated, since these calculations are based on general time-frames of when implantation typically occurs after fertilization: Doubling values and rates can also not be guaranteed and are intended for general information purposes only.

Implantation Doubling Simulation Calculator WhenMyBaby's implantation doubling simulator easily shows how when you implant and how quickly the pregnancy hormone doubles corresponds to when a home pregnancy test may accurately work for you if you are pregnant! Today's Date Jan 5 Last period start date: Calculate use my last period, cycle and luteal length. Same goes for 25, at 24dpo. Can you get another scan in a week or two? I have found this article ver helpful!!

I was wondering if you could make a prediction for me. I have had a gut feeling that there might be two in there. However, I got pregnant with a very small chance — my mature follicle was on the side of my blocked tube! The ones on my right were all around mm on my last scan a couple days before I ovulated. Your numbers are pretty average for a singleton pregnancy, with the exception of the last beta test, which is higher than average but still within typical range.

This is such a great resource! Thank you for taking the time to collect all that information! I thought it would be fun to throw my numbers out there and see what you thought of them.

If I did the math correctly that gives me a doubling time of a little over 33 hours. Did that second follicle mature in time? Hi Laura — Your doubling time is indeed a little over 33, and your numbers are on the very high end of a singleton pregnancy.

I wanted to update you. I suffered a retro placental blood clot. Due date now January 17th. We are praying for a healthy successful journey! I know you bring peace to many. Oh wow, Karla, what a traumatic experience. Hopefully your bed rest is exactly what your twins need to keep growing and thriving, and that will make every moment of it worth it. Hi Juliet — I think in most likelihood your single embryo implanted and did not split. Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy.

Thanks for comparing all of that data! This was a great read. This has been a very helpful article So far my numbers have been: Any guesses for me?

My nurse said she was expecting under so the number came as a shock to us both! My ultrasound is next Friday. As a side note, I think your nurse was being very conservative in her expectations. The median hCG level for BetaBase women at 25dpo is Love your website and this study was wonderful!

So we just did a 5 day embryo blast fet on June 1, My numbers- 11dp5dt — 18dp5dt — So do you think those numbers point to a single or twins? I would love to see what you think! Just wanted to let you know that one of the smaller follicles was apparently mature. Still somewhat in shock, but it just means we get our family of 4 all at one time. No second pregnancy for me. I have been reading a lot about the high levels in the Internet and I got scared.

I would love to have a twins since this is my first pregnancy and we have been trying to conceive for a year. If we assume the first day of your period was May 7, and you ovulated two weeks later, then ovulation date would be May 21, and then your June 17 hCG test would be on 27dpo. I transferred two blasts on June 7th. One perfect graded and one that was an intermediate blast. Had positive hpts at 9dpo. Thank you for the web site. Excited to finally be able to make a post after 8 years of trying I got a BFP.

We used a donor and transferred 1 five day blast. The embryo was PGS tested and hatching at transfer. Curious to hear what you think, I would be shocked it the embryo split but looking at the numbers I guess it is a possibility. Any inside on the P4 levels? Mine dipped a but from 26 to 20 and they said to increase my progesterone 1. Still seems to be in the range of normal not sure how to interpret that result.

Go back a week from today, hope we can see the heart beat. Any chance you know what the data is for 22 dpo? Looks like those first two tests fall in both singleton and twin ranges, but that last one seems a bit high… What do you think? I saw the heartbeat today. It looks like there is just one little bean in there. My beta numbers after transfer 2x5day blasto FET 7dp5dt: I go for ultrasound june Your numbers could fit both a singleton pregnancy and a twin pregnancy, as does your doubling time which tends to be faster very early on.

The fact that you transferred two makes it even more challenging to call. Your numbers are on the very high end of the range for a singleton pregnancy, so I probably would have guessed twins anyway, but knowing you transferred two just makes me more bullish on my bet.

It has been a long road. I apologize if I missed your 1st reply. Hi — I just got my HCG levels taken 15dpo and they came back at which in my opinion is super high for a singleton. My husband and I are so nervous. We already have 4 children and this was kind of an oops.

Hi Karina — is way high for 15dpo. You mentioned that this was an oops pregnancy — is it possible you may have gotten your ovulation day wrong? Great interpretation of the data. It is definitely interesting and fun to think about the possibilities of what it could mean.

We have conceived naturally and the following are my numbers.: Hi Kristina — Your numbers are higher than average for a singleton pregnancy, but still within typical range. One lil baby with bpm! Thanks for your insight and what you do! Thanks for the update, Rees!

Thanks for all the great info! Trying to get my head on straight whatever that means! Hi Rees — Your numbers are on the very high end of the singleton range.

Very curious to hear what your scan will reveal tomorrow! Thank you so much for your reply! It looks like I had twins and lost one. The good news is that there is one healthy little bean growing and we saw a heartbeat of bpm at 7 weeks along. What a great site you have created. Your doubling time between 1st and 2nd beta is 33 hours, which is faster than usual, but then it slows down a bit between 2nd and 3rd beta.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy! HI there, I am 42 with a prior history of a vanishing twin pregnancy. I can confirm O by temps. My levels on 12DPO were At 14 DPO it was My twin pregnancy at 14 DPO was My first successful transfer ended up in miscarriage at 6 weeks in February However, this pregnancy the numbers sky rocketed! Day 12 post transfer my first beta level test was This number needed to at least double by day 15 when I got tested again.

The second beta test result was ! Hi Hayley — From to in three days is indeed fast, around a 25 hour doubling time. On the other hand, your beta levels are more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. Hi Eli — I understand your concern. Your doubling time between 18dpo and 20dpo is 16 hours, which is extremely fast. Hi Olga — So let me recap: Are you by any chance getting another beta test soon?

One was a 5 day blast and one was a six day blast. The numbers above are counting using the 5day blast. Hi, Thanks for compiling this information and sharing it! I was hoping you might give me your insight on my pregnancy? In Sept , I had an ectopic pregnancy and lost the baby and my right fallopian tube.

Fast forward to May and we are pregnant again naturally with just the left tube! My hcgs have been pretty high. Hi Katie — Congratulations on your pregnancy! Hi there, came across this site and thought how awesome!! I had beta hcg today at 19dpo which was , going for uss in 5 days as have had brown spotting. Of course I will update after uss on Friday too xx.

I very much enjoyed reading your post and was impressed with all the research you put into it. I came across it while freaking out over my HCG results. Last year I was pregnant with twins after a 3rd IVF, but lost them to premature birth at 22 weeks. I was being induced for my 4th IVF cycle, but only 4 eggs grew. Because of my previous dismal embryo survival stats, we decided to cancel this cycle and converted it to IUI.

Why not… I had 10 IUIs previously and was not holding my breath, but then the pregnancy test came back positive. But now I am terrified that it could be higher order multiples and I might be facing a reduction. But I feel like I would even be relieved at twins, as long as it is not three or more. Here is my info: With three mature follicles, I was also at risk of higher-order multiples and I was terrified before my ultrasound scan! Betabase does have information about triplet pregnancies, but there are much fewer data points, naturally.

In general, I find that the ranges for twins and triplets are closer together than the ranges for singleton and twins. The numbers you reported would put you on the high end of the range for both twins and triplets, so I think multiples are quite likely, but not necessarily more than two.

Hi Stephanie — Your numbers put you in the gray area. My HCG 9dpo — 10 10dpo — 21 11dpo — 58 16dpo — 19dpo — 2, 24dpo — 10, 26dpo — 15, I hope it went well and you got good news! I am eagerly waiting for your guesses. Please do answer me… I had a miscarriage last Dec. Then i took clomiphene. My hcg were 13 dpo …. Hi Anzi — I think your numbers are more consistent with a singleton pregnancy. Just wanted to follow-up and post our latest Beta.

I did a doubling time calculator and it said 1. These numbers look to me like they trend to singleton…not totally sure though. I am a little concerned that these numbers are high and that the embryo could have split….. Hi ShoMars, 11dp5dt is equal to 16dpo, so an hCG level of at that point is not unusual for a singleton. Just got my betas back. I had my fet transfer on May I feel like these numbers are on the higher range. These doubling times, more than the beta hCG levels, are what makes me suspect you may be having twins.

I had FET transfer on 2nd May Two embryos were transfered. I am taking lonopin injection, susten gel, progynova, dupaston etc. My Beta hcg was on 17th May and on 19th May. Today is 28th May. Gradually my symptoms are fading away. My ultrasound will be held on 3rd june. Based on the numbers you shared with me, you sound very pregnant, so I do hope and believe everything is fine.

We are using a gestational carrier. Beta today was Repeat will be Tuesday. Non injectable cycle, only Femara.

I stumbled across it while searching for high hcg levels. Wondering if I could get your thoughts on my situation. I had an IUI with 1 mature follicle at 20 mm. However there were 3 smaller ones at 15 mm or less.

My first beta at 16 dpi was and 48 hours later it was Approx 39 hour doubling time. Thank you so much! If this is indeed the case, I can think of two potential explanations: Hope this message finds you well. You are so nice and I appreciated and thank you in advance for my questions. I appreciated and would like to get your advise how likely will I be having twins split from one embryo? Is that too early to tell or if there is any indication of having twins at this point?

Of course, I understand it will tell when the ultrasound day comes. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for your attention and time. Your explanation and clarification are greatly appreciated. Hi Mila — sorry for not getting back to you earlier! Assuming you transferred a 5-day embryo, your first beta test indeed happened at 14DPO. The numbers of that test and the one following it are pretty consistent with a singleton pregnancy. The last test, at 23DPO, is where things go to the higher end of the singleton range.

Yes the Doctor appointment was today and you are right!! I am 7 weeks pregnant of one baby!! At 9 days past a 5 day transfer my Beta was At 14 days past My beta is We used donor eggs due to my age and previous losses. We did an IUI with Menopur and had two mature follicles when we triggered. Hi Andrea — wowza, at 17DPO?! Your numbers are consistent with a singleton pregnancy, but you transferred two embryos and your doubling time is faster than average, so it can go both ways.

Hi M — Cool that you got to have so many beta tests! Your numbers are consistently high and you have a good doubling time, so I think the likelihood of twins is relatively high. Thank you for your excellent article. How did your ultrasound go?

My first draw was actually just due to a large panel of tests my dr ordered did not know I would become pregnant! Your numbers are very high especially 18DPO , and your doubling time is fast. I think multiples are quite likely. Thank you for your guess! I hope your right I would love twins it took us 18 months to conceive this or these little babes!!

Hi-Well your hunch was right. I wanted to update everyone. I had an ultrasound at the 5th week of pregnancy and there were two sacs, one was empty, the doctor told me to go in two weeks to check if there are two heartbeats or just one. Hi Carla — Based on your numbers, I think singleton is quite likely.

Looks like I got to your question too late, though, since your doctors appointment was today. How did it go? Moreover, the fact that you are still replying to comments more than a year after the fact really impresses. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. I found updated posts to be so much more fun and interesting than just providing counts.

You got the DPOs right, and I agree that your second beta result is more extreme than your first. I had some bleeding this morning, an incredibly scary situation especially given my 8 year, 4 major surgery history with infertility and went in to get it checked out.

Before they did the ultrasound, my doctor told me given everything going on with the numbers, he anticipates twins and there can be bleeding with twins though should always have it checked out regardless. The ultrasound confirmed his suspicions and ours! He gave me some instructions to calm the bleeding, and he believes everything should get back on track.

Gotta wrap my mind around that. One was even hatching! I did a fresh 5 day transfer with my first child, and 14 days later my HCG was They also implanted 2 embryos for this cycle. And you are right, women with higher betas are more likely to be searching because they are freaking out!

Ok, so let me recap, and correct me if I got anything wrong. You had an FET with two 5-day embryos on the 1st, and 9 days later the equivalent of 14dpo your hCG level was Then two days after that 16DPO it was , which represents a 30 hour doubling time. Your hCG levels are high but still within range for a singleton pregnancy, but your doubling time is quite short, which is the main thing leading me to think that you have a high likelihood of having twins.

You got the calculations right. Two strong heartbeats and a nice thick lining between the two. Let all hell break loose! We only transferred one, but it was ICSI and hatching and people keep telling me they bet it has split! Thank you so much for responding Modern Belly. I noticed I did calculate wrong. I had no idea what I was doing. Thank god we have you helping!

Hi, trying to get your input. I was in femara 7. Your numbers are quite high. I loved this article! I was definitely googling for this type of information. My hCG levels seem to be a little on the high end. I have my first ultra sound on May 16th and will know how many babies are in there. My one concern is that the doubling time is rather slow, which could indicate a higher likelihood of a singleton — did 96 hours pass between the two tests or was it less than that?

Sorry I should have written that the bloods were 13 days post transfer and 15 days post transfer HI I just wanted to let you know the outcome of my ultrasound. Just wanted to update you. I was on 7. Sounding like there may be twins?!

So blessed after secondary infertility 35! Impatiently awaiting our 7 week US! Hi wondering what you think. Your numbers are all consistent with typical ranges for singleton pregnancies.

Your 17dpt is a little higher than the average, but still well within the typical range for a singleton. You first three results were really consistent with a singleton pregnancy, then the last result got a little high but still within range.

Your doubling time is pretty short throughout. What do you think??? My husband is a twin and I have twins that run in my family. Between the high hCG levels and the history of twins in your family, I think twins are definitely a possibility! Your 20dpo results are a little more than double your 18dpo results, so it actually took your numbers almost two days to double 44 hours , which is pretty average.

So it can really go either way. I hesitate to offer an opinion based on just one beta test. Your hCG levels are high, but we need to see your second beta to know your doubling time and see how the numbers are trending.

When is your next test? My last numbers were at 5w3d 24dpo so still doubling sooner than 48 hours but time will tell. I just received my HCG levels of I had iui on April 9 and trigger shot on April 8. The blood test was taken April This seems high or is this in the normal range? This is my Third pregnancy too so not sure if that is a factor as well. Ultrasound will be in a couple weeks but curious if your thoughts here. Have you gotten a second beta test since?

Hoping you are still giving predictions! Are you sure about your ovulation date? If you are, then I estimate you have a higher likelihood of twins than usual. Two days later it was 1, and two days after that 3, Was this an FET of a day 5 embryo? Your numbers are high-ish but still normal for a singleton, and your doubling time is not super fast, so I think you probably have a singleton.

Thanks for this thread. Anywho, my levels thus far: Do my numbers look like I have a little one hiding? Your numbers are definitely high, but keep in mind that some women just naturally have high hCG levels in their singleton pregnancies. The ultrasound tends to know best though. Your numbers are extremely high for your DPO, even for a twin pregnancy.

Are you sure you have your ovulation date right? Was wondering what your thoughts were on these HCG results: I had 4 days of bleeding in week 3 around missed period date not sure if that was implantation or a miscarriage or eptopic. I would eagerly await the scan too, if I were you. Your numbers are indeed high, especially the second beta, but your doubling time is pretty normal 37 hours , so all is good there.

I had a 5 day frozen embryo transfer April 7 and had a 14 dpt beta of Last month I had a positive beta of 15 dpt 5 day embryo and then lost two weeks later. Do my high betas indicate multiples or could I just be one that has high hcg levels? Do you need a second beta to give more accurate prediction? I will have another test Monday. Thank you for your thoughts in advance! My beta hcg are: So glad to have found this. I have been reading studies on pubmed, and am happy to find someone else who is looking at this similarly!

Yes, I love to geek out! Ultrasound at 20dpo showed one gestational sac. I definitely ovulated 2 follicles. Your 15DPO numbers are right around the median for singleton pregnancies, and your 22DPO numbers are high but still within normal range for singleton. I am 39 and pregnant no fertility assistance after two very early losses I also have a healthy month old. My betas have been:. Can I be honest with you? Was wondering your thoughts on twins or sibgleton.

Have three sets of twins on my moms side and my doubling rate is around 36 hours. Thanks for this site! Had 2 large follicles and tested positive at home 10dpo. I am thinking that both embryos may have implanted!

They were pgs tested and normal. Does it seem high enough for twins? Typically, when I hear that someone has transferred two blasts and subsequently had high hCG levels — like you — I tend to think that the likelihood of twins is relatively high. Thank you for this great information! I had a beta of 2, on 14 dp 5dt and then 10, at 18 dp5dt.

We transferred two embryos. Any insight for me? I am so glad that I found your blog, it has eased my mind! Here are my levels, any advice would be greatly appreciated! Stop by if you get a chance and update me on the new numbers you get — maybe they will push my assessment one way or the other.

You are twin predictor of the internet! Haha, nobody has ever called me that before! However, seeing such high numbers makes me suspect you probably ovulated later, in which case your numbers might not be as high as it seems. How long does your average cycle usually take? This can help me estimate your DPO more accurately. Hcg levels 14dpo, 16dpo, 23dpo, Thanks for your input. So I have been having the premonition that I am pregnant with twins and feel more nauseous than my first pregnancy and had to start researching.

At 3 weeks 5 days, my HCG showed 33 or 36, one of them. Although the doctor said he would love for me to have another scan just to rule out molar pregnancy. WHat are your thoughts on this, The modern belly? If you can get a second beta test now that a few more days have gone by, this could definitely help me make a more educated guess. I came upon your awesome blog post while doing some research.

I struggled for two years to get pregnant with my daughter, and a week before IUI was scheduled, we fell pregnant. I had her in September of My first beta with her was taken on 12 DPO and that was My repeat Beta was We tried for another in December and sadly that pregnancy ended with a miscarriage at 7 weeks.

My progesterone was My progesterone is I am very curious what my chances are of twins. I see my nurse on the 28th, which by then I will be exactly 6 weeks along.

Once you go through a loss, it is so hard to not be anxious at every little thing. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog! Thanks for your kindness, Allison!