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TurboTax 2018 - 2019 Launch Date

For more major tax issues, like picking the right filing status or figuring out if you can claim a dependent, TurboTax offers EasyGuides to go through all the details to determine what is best for you.

You will like TurboTax's ability to import data, which can help cut down on data entry. Plus, TurboTax can import W-2s and s from participating employers and financial institutions.

All the online TurboTax software versions include one free electronic filing of your federal return. Compatible with the following Web browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari Mac only. Choose the TurboTax Online program that looks like it will suit you best and TurboTax will prompt you if another edition will work better. Helps you maximize your tax deductions.

Extensive tax support resources for complex returns Import financial data from employers as well as Quicken, Quickbooks, MS Money, and your previous years tax return.

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