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Die Mittel für das Vorhaben HDFC IV/1 in Höhe von 10,2 Mio. EUR wurden der Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) als Zuschuss zur Verfügung gestellt, während die Mittel für das Vorhaben EUR wurden der Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) als Zuschuss zur Verfügung gestellt, während die Mittel für das Vorhaben.

I cringe to remember what we wore in the90s! To measure total profit, we use operating gross income67 which does not include loan provisioning as provisioning rules differ from one country to another one in Europe.

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“So looks like the Housing Bail out bill is stalled cause some Senators tried to sneak in some other crap into the bill. ”Unfortunately, the reason they chose that bill to sneak in their cr*p was that it is the bill voted Most Likely to Pass.

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Nikolaus von Bomhard said: HDFC is one of the leading financial services conglomerates and the premier housing finance institution in India. We will bring excellent insurance product development and underwriting expertise to the new joint-venture and together with our partner HDFC we will be able to offer competitive and innovative products in line with market requirements.

Both parties have agreed that the purchase price of the transaction will remain confidential. Axel Fuerderer, Chief Representative Contact: Delhi, 30 October Upon receiving this discouraging report, Hitler abruptly left the meeting.

The nerve gases would not be used, for the time being at least, although they would continue to be produced and tested. On the scale of the single Kurdish village of Halabja within its own territory, Iraqi forces did expose the populace to some kind of chemical weapons, possibly mustard gas and most likely nerve agents.

A small Japanese sect made and used Sarin several times on other Japanese, most notably the Tokyo subway sarin attack. In the Gulf War , no nerve agents nor other chemical weapons were used, but a number of U. This and the widespread use of anticholinergic drugs as a protective treatment against any possible nerve gas attack have been proposed as a possible cause of Gulf War syndrome.

Sarin gas was deployed in a attack on Ghouta during the Syrian Civil War , killing several hundred people. Most governments contend that forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad deployed the gas; [36] however, the Syrian Government has denied responsibility. On 4 March , a former Russian agent who was convicted of high treason but allowed to live in the United Kingdom via a spy swap agreement , Sergei Skripal and his daughter who were visiting from Moscow were both poisoned by a nerve agent.

They survived and were subsequently released from the hospital. He was one of the first to respond to the incident. Twenty-one members of the public received medical treatment following exposure to the nerve agent. Despite this, only Bailey and the Skripals remained in critical conditions. In , the United States Congress banned the practice of disposing chemical weapons into the ocean.

According to a report by William Brankowitz, a deputy project manager in the U. Army Chemical Materials Agency, the Army created at least 26 chemical weapons dump sites in the ocean off at least 11 states on both the west and east coasts. Due to poor records, they currently only know the rough whereabouts of half of them. There is currently a lack of scientific data regarding the ecological and health effects of this dumping. In the event of leakage, many nerve agents are soluble in water and would dissolve in a few days, while other substances like sulfur mustard could last longer.

There have also been a few incidents of chemical weapons washing ashore or being accidentally retrieved, for example during dredging or trawl fishing operations. Laser photoacoustic spectroscopy LPAS is a method that has been used to detect nerve agents in the air. In this method, laser light is absorbed by gaseous matter. Sensitive microphones convey sound waves that result from the pressure changes. Scientists at the U. Army Research Laboratory engineered an LPAS system that can detect multiple trace amounts of toxic gases in one air sample.

This technology contained three lasers modulated to different frequency, each producing a different sound wave tone. The different wavelengths of light were directed into a sensor referred to as the photoacoustic cell. Within the cell were the vapors of different nerve agents. However, it was predicted that specificity would increase as additional lasers with unique wavelengths were added. Citation LPAS technology can identify gases in parts per billion ppb concentrations.

The following nerve agents have been identified with this multiwavelength LPAS: Other gases and air contaminants identified with LPAS include: Non-dispersive infrared techniques have been reported to be used for gaseous nerve agent detection. Traditional IR absorption has been reported to detect gaseous nerve agents. Fourier transform infrared FTIR spectroscopy has been reported to detect gaseous nerve agents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is not to be confused with Neural gas.

Adamsite Chloropicrin Diphenylchlorarsine Diphenylcyanoarsine Diphenylamincyanoarsine. PAVA spray Sleeping gas. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

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