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Forex handelszeiten ostern 2016

Opening times for the crude oil futures and options, natural gas futures and options, heating oil futures and options, and gasoline futures and options markets would change to 9: The close of the trading floor will remain 2: The crack spread markets and financially settled options markets will also adopt these new trading hours. Newsome said, "We believe the expansion of open outcry trading hours will benefit market participants as a whole as the bulk of energy trading still occurs during trading floor hours.

Before the proposed change can become effective, it is subject to a consent process that includes a day notice to the owners of Class A memberships. Skip to main content. Log in or register to post comments. Log in to vote. Wo liegt da mein Denkfehler? Nymex erweitert Handelszeit im elektronischen Handel am Freitagabend Wo muss ich das genau einfügen?

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