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They may not be obeying the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar. Energy generation is top priority for the government of Pakistan which is trying to ensure availability and security of sustainable supply of energy.

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Leishmaniasis, the disfiguring parasitic disease infecting a million around the world each year 11 Dec , 4: Twitter warns critics of Islamic extremism that their tweets could break Pakistani law 10 Dec , 7: Anti-India clashes erupt in Indian-controlled Kashmir 9 Dec , 2: Pakistan will no longer be America's hired gun 7 Dec , Pakistan expels 18 charities amid lingering fallout from bin Laden raid 7 Dec , 4: Red Birds by Mohammed Hanif review: Taliban leader summons envoys to consult over next round of talks 3 Dec , 6: Pakistan police arrest radical Islamic cleric who led Asia Bibi protests 23 Nov , 8: Pakistan appeals to British diaspora in ambitious attempt to crowdfund major dam project 23 Nov , 7: Four dead as separatist gunmen attack Chinese consulate 23 Nov , 3: Asia Bibi's daughter thanks mother's supporters from safe house in Pakistan 22 Nov , 7: Premium Charles Moore 18 Nov , 7: Asia Bibi may not be granted asylum 'amid fears of violence', as MPs accuse ministers of giving in to 'mob' Premium 13 Nov , 9: Doctor Who, episode 6, recap: This was made possible after long negotiations with various tribes, who reluctantly agreed to allow the military's presence on the assurance that it would bring in funds and development work.

But once the military action started in South Waziristan a number of Waziri sub-tribes took it as an attempt to subjugate them. Attempts to persuade them into handing over the foreign militants failed, and with an apparently mishandling by the authorities, the security campaign against suspected al-Qaeda militants turned into an undeclared war between the Pakistani military and the rebel tribesmen.

By this time, the militants had killed around rival tribal elders in the region to consolidate control. More specifically they single out an October strike on a madrassah in Bajaur that was run by the Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi as a turning point. In December , the existence of the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan was officially announced under the leadership of Baitullah Mehsud. On 25 August , Pakistan banned the group, froze its bank accounts and assets, and barred it from media appearances.

The government also announced that bounties would be placed on prominent leaders of the TTP. TTP spokesman Ehsanullah demanded the Pakistani government to sever relations with Myanmar and close down the Burmese embassy in Islamabad, and warned of attacks against Burmese interests if no action was taken. While the TTP has been conducting an insurgency in Pakistan, its ability to expand operations to other countries has been questioned.

This was a rare occasion in which it warned of violence in another country. In August , a missile strike from a suspected U. The TTP soon held a shura to appoint his successor. While Pakistani news channels reported that Hakimullah had been killed in the shooting, Interior Minister Rehman Malik could not confirm his death. Omar, who had denied the death of Baitullah, retracted his previous statements and confirmed the leader's death in the missile strike. He also acknowledged turmoil among TTP leadership following the killing.

He also maintained that Baitullah had not been killed, but rather was in bad health. Faqir further elaborated that decisions over leadership of the umbrella group would only be made in consultation and consensus with a variety of different TTP leaders. Two days later Faqir Mohammed retracted his claims of temporary leadership and said that Hakimullah Mehsud had been selected leader of the TTP.

Under the leadership of Hakimullah, the TTP intensified its suicide campaign against the Pakistani state and against civilian particularly Shia , Ahmedi and Sufi targets. In July , the Canadian government also added the TTP to its list of banned terrorist organizations. The breakaway group was unhappy with the various activities of the TTP, saying in a statement "We consider kidnapping for ransom, extortion, damage to public facilities and bombings to be un-Islamic. Tehreek-e-Taliban Mehsud group believes in stopping the oppressor from cruelty, and supporting the oppressed.

In the same month, Asmatullah Muawiya, the commander of the Punjabi Taliban , announced that his faction was ending their armed struggle against the Pakistani state.

The TTP differs in structure to the Afghan Taliban in that it lacks a central command and is a much looser coalition of various militant groups, united by hostility towards the central government in Islamabad. He was followed in the leadership hierarchy by Hafiz Gul Bahadur as naib amir, or deputy.

Faqir Mohammed was the third most influential leader. In the aftermath of Baitullah Mehsud's death, the organization experienced turmoil among its leading militants. Reuters, citing a report from The Express Tribune , indicated in July that Hakimullah Mehsud's grip on the TTP leadership was weakening after the defection of Fazal Saeed Haqqani, the Taliban leader in the Kurram region, from the umbrella militant group.

Haqqani cited disagreements over attacks on civilians as reason for the split. The paper quoted an associate of Mehsud's as saying that "it looks as though he is just a figurehead now He can hardly communicate with his commanders in other parts of the tribal areas Only a few people within the TTP know where he is. Video clips are made in Pashto with Urdu subtitles. In a May interview, U. David Petraeus described the TTP's relationship with other militant groups as difficult to decipher: And it's very difficult to parse and to try to distinguish between them.

They support each other, they coordinate with each other, sometimes they compete with each other, [and] sometimes they even fight each other. But at the end of the day, there is quite a relationship between them.

Blair , told U. The Afghan Taliban and the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan differ greatly in their history, leadership and goals although they are both predominantly Pashtun. We have sympathy for them as Muslims, but beside that, there is nothing else between us. They may not be obeying the Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar. Gilles Dorronsoro of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace believes that "[t]he fact that they have the same name causes all kinds of confusion.

Although the TTP has claimed allegiance with the Afghan Taliban in the Afghan Taliban's insurgency in Afghanistan, the two groups have no direct affiliation. State Department report stated that "20—40 percent of [regular] Taliban soldiers [were] Pakistani. In , Pakistani militants loyal to Baitullah Mehsud created the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and killed around rival Pakistani leaders.

They officially defined goals to establish their rule over Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas subsequently engaging the Pakistani army in heavy combat operations.

Intelligence analysts believe that these TTP's attacks on the Pakistani government, police and army strained relations between the Pakistani Taliban and the Afghan Taliban. In February , the three dominant Pakistani Taliban leaders agreed to put aside their differences to help counter a planned increase in American troops in Afghanistan and reaffirmed their allegiance to Mullah Omar and to Osama bin Laden.

In early January , TTP spokesman Ihsanullah Ihsan announced that rival Taliban groups had made a new attempt to unite under a five-member council called the Shura-e-Murakeba at the behest of Mullah Omar. The TTP, he said, had agreed to Mullah Omar's demand to end suicide attacks, attacks against the Pakistani military, kidnappings for ransom, and the killing of innocent Pakistanis so that they could help focus on US forces in Afghanistan. In July , after Pakistani missile attacks against Afghan provinces, Pakistani media reports alleged that senior Pakistani Taliban leaders were operating from Afghanistan to launch attacks against Pakistani border posts.

Faqir Muhammad, who claimed responsibility for a 4 July attack on a paramilitary checkpoint and for similar attacks in June on several border villages in Bajaur, stated during a radio broadcast, "Our fighters carried out these two attacks from Afghanistan, and we will launch more such attacks inside Afghanistan and in Pakistan. In June a spokesman from the TTP's Malakand division revealed to The Express Tribune that TTP militants "regularly move across the porous border" to stage attacks against Pakistan but had only been in Afghanistan for a few months previously, contrary to Pakistani claims that the TTP had long used Afghan territory as a staging ground.

Both governments blame the other for harboring Taliban militants along the shared border. Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan has close ties to Al Qaeda , sharing money and bomb experts and makers. John Brennan , President Obama's chief counterterrorism adviser, said: They train together, they plan together, they plot together. They are almost indistinguishable. This mutual cooperation gives T. Given the proximity of the two groups and the nature of their relationship, T.

Prior to this meeting the Pakistani Taliban answered to the Afghan Taliban and pro-Pakistan militant commanders. At the time Pakistani authorities believed that Mehsud was in fact an al-Qaeda operative. In the Ghazi Brigade worked closely with the TTP during military operations in the Swat Valley, and the two groups jointly planned attacks on western targets in Islamabad.

At one point prior to his appointment as TTP chief, Baitullah Mehsud lived with Tohir Yo'ldosh , the IMU's former leader, who became an ideological inspiration and offered the services of his 2, fighters to Mehsud.

The group was disbanded in September and is no longer active. The term "Punjabi Taliban" is politically sensitive among Pakistanis, [19] given that Punjabis are the largest ethnic group in the country and have historically been disassociated with the Taliban, an organisation that has Afghan and Pashtun roots.

Although the Punjabi Taliban are claimed and believed to be an established militant group, the Government of Punjab has denied and rejected their existence. Christine Fair writes that "the movement is composed of Pashtuns and Punjabis, among other Pakistani and even foreign elements. The Lahore police accused them of being responsible for the 3 March attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. The group also claimed the Lahore bombing shortly after the attack, although the attack was also claimed by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan, [] and the May attacks on Ahmadi mosques in Lahore which were aimed at the Ahmadi minority sect.

Pamphlets found at the scene of the March assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti implicated the Punjabi Taliban. On 24 August , a spokesman for the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan claimed that the head of the Punjabi Taliban faction, Asmatullah Muawiya, had been stripped of his leadership for welcoming the Pakistani government's peace talks offer.

Muawiya responded by saying that the Taliban central shura council did not have the capacity to remove him because the Punjabi Taliban is a separate group. He added that his group has its own decision-making body to decide leadership and other matters. He urged other warring groups to end violence in Pakistan.

US officials admitted to The New York Times that they found it increasingly difficult to separate the operations of the various Pakistani militant groups active in the tribal areas of Pakistan. The Pakistani military and civilian leadership have repeatedly alleged that the Indian intelligence agency RAW has been funding and training TTP members using a network of Indian consulates in Afghanistan along the Pakistani border.

Pakistan claims that NDS Afghanistan's intelligence agency officials have openly admitted to their involvement with Tehreek-e-Taliban.

In December , after the Peshawar school massacre in which children were killed, the Pakistani authorities again alleged that there was significant proof of Indian support of TTP to destabilise Pakistan and to counter Pakistan's Afghan policy.

At the time, Karzai's spokesman told the Washington Post that Mehsud was traveling with a convoy of Afghan intelligence officials who wanted to recruit him for peace talks, and that the U.

Taliban have limited aims and focused objectives. Media reported the visit and setup of a Pakistani Taliban base in Syria to assess "the needs of the jihad". Edit Read in another language Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan. Not to be confused with the Afghan Taliban. Flags used by the Tehrik-i-Taliban [1]. Roots and development Edit. Overview Edit The TTP differs in structure to the Afghan Taliban in that it lacks a central command and is a much looser coalition of various militant groups, united by hostility towards the central government in Islamabad.

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